Sharia rears its head at Purdue Univ (Video)

From Amy Alkon at Mens News Daily:

“She Has No Right To Be Speaking.” Those are the words of Muslims or Muslim supporters shouting down Nonie Darwish as she spoke about the dangers from Islam (which she knows firsthand as an apostate and the daughter of a Muslim was considered a martyr for Islam) and about the evils of Sharia law.

And frankly, the “religion of peacers” gave her the perfect setup for her message:  “No right to be speaking? In America. That is Sharia,” she responds.

Previous posts from Nonie Darwish here and from Indiana here.

Update: University defended Palestinian group, refused to do same for conservative group:

Conservative Coalition for American Values (CCAV) representatives said that while the University administration showed concern over the rights of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) to hold their event without protesters, the Associate Dean of Students “stood quietly as the students’ behavior escalated out of control.”

After the event, Nonie Darwish said, “I have encountered some of the most radical students at the audience at Purdue who said that I should never be allowed to speak… all they cared about [was] defending the indefensible and denying any kind of violation for human rights done in the name of Islam and Sharia.”

Even after living under Sharia Law for 47 years, Nonie Darwish was shocked that, “Not one [SJP] student said that [he or she] was offended by the stoning of women and by the violations of human rights by both Muslims and non-Muslims who live under Sharia Law. I see the culture of hate and anti-Semitism that I grew up with in the Muslim world moving to U.S. campuses.”

The Dean of Students Office was unavailable for comment at the time of publishing.

8 thoughts on “Sharia rears its head at Purdue Univ (Video)

  1. The Mohamadans in the audience resorted to the typical tactics employed by other advocates of totalitarianism: disrupt speeches of opponents and deny the right of opponents to speak freely.

  2. These tactics are precisely the same as those used these days by Leftists to disrupt or shut down conservative speakers and events.

    I expect we will see an increase in alliances between these interests. They will be united in their hatred of the Right, which will overcome some of their differences. Hopefully this will act as accelerant to bring us to the point that enough average Americans will finally be convinced they must speak out against and vote down the tyranny of both sharia and modern liberalism.

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  4. Human being are where we are today because of logical questioning, change and reform. Not because of unquestionable, illogical submission to some bloodthirsty deity conjured up by some desert nomad seeking to justify his sexual depravity and propensity for mass murder. Thank heavens cavemen were not Muslims, or else we would still be living in caves, eating raw food, raping females as a divine injunction for procreating, and of course thanking Allah for his blessings.


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