NYPD’s Muslim chaplain seeks new policies for Muslim cops


He’s young and articulate. He is Khalid Latif, the Muslim chaplain for the New York City Police Department (NYPD). All good.

*But Khalid Latif is also on the Board of Directors of CAIR-NY, where Latif’s sister is also a key player. CAIR, is the unindicted co-conspirator to the largest terror-financing conviction in U.S. history, and currently shunned by the FBI and both Democrats and Republicans alike for its connection to, and support of, Hamas.

In the video below, Latif states he wants to institutionalize new policies for Muslims now that there is a Muslim presence in America and the NYPD. Creep creep. He also happens to be the person who forced New York University (NYU), where he is also chaplain, to restrict freedom of expression over the Danish cartoon controversy. His network includes radicals such as Yvonne Ridley, who praised his standoff with NYU, and the Muslim Brotherhood-connected Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

If Khalid Latif looks familiar it’s because he was pictured in one of our Sharia Quiz posts, and may have helped usher in Islamic foot baths at NYU, although his preference was getting more sharia compliant halal food on campus. Could the NYPD be next?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Militant Islam Monitor previously reported on Khalid Latif’s veiled threats of violence in a letter to NYU’s President if he were to allow a student organization to display Danish cartoons of Muhammid:

I am writing to you in regards to an event that is scheduled to take place next Wednesday at New York University. This event is being sponsored by the Objectivist Club, an OSA club, and its purpose is to analyze the issue of free speech with an emphasis put on a series of cartoons recently published in a Danish newspaper that depicted the Prophet Muhammad , peace be upon him, and Islam in a highly offensive manner. These cartoons have lead to riots, protests, beatings, and even deaths on an international level and now the idea is being discussed whether or not they should be displayed at NYU at the aforementioned event…As such, I am asking you to not allow these cartoons to be displayed in any shape or form. The event itself and the topic that the students would like to discuss is not problematic in any way, but the pictures themselves are just hatred and there is really no justification in preaching something that breeds that kind of hate. One of the images shows what the author claims to be a rendering of the Prophet Muhammad wearing a turban that is shaped like a bomb, making it seem as if Islam is a religion that can be equated to terrorism. If ideas like that are not enough to keep these images from being displayed, the potential of what might happen after they are shown is something else that should be considered and not taken lightly.

As Chaplain for the Muslim community at NYU, my primary concern would be for those undergrads, grad students, faculty, staff, and admins who are Muslim and what kind of state displaying these cartoons would leave them in

Aside from that, the repercussions that would take place outside of the university setting are potentially huge. All over the world Muslims have been coming together over this issue and in New York they would not hesitate in doing the same thing. New York itself is also one of the most metropolitan cities in the world and media attention that would be acquired would not limit itself to the city, but could go across the nation and even around the world as it already has with issues pertaining to these cartoons. NYU has facilities all over the world and Muslims also live all over the world

The report continues:

The circulating list also contained an endorsement of Latif’s actions by Yvonne Ridley a Muslim convert who is active in left-wing UK politics and has distinguished herself as a vile anti-Semite as well as being a supporter of suicide bombing.

“I did tell the students that I would try and rally support overseas – so let’s show the NYU administration that if they mess with our brothers and sisters in New York they mess with all of us. The following is a letter that has already been sent to President Sexton earlier by the imam of the Islamic centre.

Your sister in Islam

Yvonne Ridley http://tajdeed-list.net/pipermail/activists_tajdeed-list.net/2006-March/000055.html

Latif’s Islamist intimidation eventually won the day, with NYU crushing academic free speech in the process, banning the display of the cartoons under the guise of “security dictates.”

The decision was criticized by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education [FIRE], “The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is urging NYU’s president to reverse course and stand up for freedom of speech.”

Of note, Latif also sits on the board of the Muslim Consultative Network [MCN] which is run by Adem Carroll of the Islamic Circle of North America. http://www.mcnny.org/images/board.jpg

ICNA is tied to the terrorist groups al-Qaeda, Hamas and Jamaat-e-Islamia.

MIM: The listserve for Khalid Latif’s letter was sent by “bmujahid” and is a clearly incendiary call for jihad.

Latif and Ridley were lauded by the radical Islamist Muslim Action Committee for joining their campaign for “global civility” aka dhimmitude.

We’d like to congratulate NYU Muslim Chaplin Imam Khalid Latif, Sister Yvonne Ridley, Stop Political Terror and everyone who joined our email campaign to advance Global Civility at NYU.
All Praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds and may his blessings be upon our beloved Master Muhammad, his family and companions.



Sun Mar 26 18:45:38 BST 2006

13 thoughts on “NYPD’s Muslim chaplain seeks new policies for Muslim cops

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  3. If they are so damn religious don’t work in places where you can’t follow the rules- we don’t care if you dress covered, need a beard, don’t eat pork etc but dont expect us to change so you can take part in our culture. IdF they are so damed faithful to ALLAH and Koran observant why aret hey even taking part in Dar el Harb. Koran tells them not to be friends with us. TWO FACED HYPOCRITES – now we see how NYPD blew a terror investigation by trusting them and how dangerousit reallyis for them to have infiltrated ALL OUR intstituions- I thought Michelle Malkin was being extreme to say they should be in internment camps, but I am seeing she was right.

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  8. I was disappointed to learn that this guy, Khalid Latif, just gave a seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 26 to young muslims. Its quite frankly worrying. Hell would be lose with criticism and boycot by the same group of attendees was this Irshad Manji or such a person. Such inividuals would not be invited to speak. Thats says volumes.


    Then on December 3-6, the infamous Khalid Yasin was brought in to give a lecture on Womens role, rights and ambition in Society according to Islam. A man who has said that equality is nonsense made up the evil West and nothing to do with Islam and that men are allowed to beat their wives as per the Quranic verse. The audience was all female. No questions asked, no scrutiny to this speaker.


    Similarily the local Muslim organization, Muslims in Dialogue (in danish, Muslimer i Dialog) arranged a seminar in 2005 inviting Yvonne Ridley (a convert ti islam following being taken as a hostage by Taliban and released) to speak. She spoke on key issues at the time and spoke passionately about how it was important for muslims to have videos of beheadings by Muslim fundamentalists and Islamists hostages and people, as an opposition to to the “propaganda” Western media. At least 500 Muslims attended this gathering and applauded her. No objection.


    I find such statements grossly worrying personally. And I find the highh lighted passsages relating to the the omnious references to Muslims being present around the world and the reprecussions.

    This does not exactly contradict the images of Islam/Muslims being equated to terrorism and I can’t understand why violence and threats is the only way for these people to counter what they percieve as offensive. If you resort to threaten with violence, can you then blame such images?

    Similarly a lecture by German academic Matthias Köntzel on anti-semiticm in Islam was censored and cancelled at the University of Leeds due to complaints by Muslim students. Would it not be easier to simply not attend? It is not like it is mandatory attendence.


    I don’t understand why the same amount of scrutiny, objection and opposition is not levied at the speakers invited in various contexts? This cherry picking and submission by threats and violence is becoming restrictive and unfortunatel the left win appear but deaf and blind to it. The right wing shout out and are called bigots and haters. How about a balance where both sides listen and give due value to concerns presented? In this case valid concerns which are shared even by those inbetween.

    I while googling found a Danish cover of your story in this thread:


    They however refer to a gather of Khalid Latif back in 2009 but more or less says what you say,

    All of the above mentioned gatherings were arranged by or/and endorsed and sponsered by Muslim youth organizations.

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  10. We all know by now that Muslems are obligated to follow Islam or face death. This is the nature of this satanic cult. In the light of that knowledge we should remove all Muslems from any public sector position because they are the enemies of America .How can we win the war on terror when the terrorists loyal to Muhammad are in charge?

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