U.S. radio host target of Islamic death threat meant for anti-jihad blogger

“First it was Michael Savage who was banned from traveling to the U.K. for his views. Now death threats to me [Rusty Humphries] for my views? What will it take to reawaken America?”

Where is that bastion of civil liberties and protection – CAIR? The intended recipient of the death threat by Muslims was Rusty Shackleford of the Jawa Report blog, read it all there, excerpts below:

Frequent Jawa commenter, nemesis, and RevolutionMuslim.com contributor “Musab” has issued yet another death threat against me and radio talk show host Rusty Humphries. Long time readers will know about “The Jew Report”, also known as “Stop Jewish Internet Terrorists”, which is a parody of The Jawa Report and an antisemitic hate website.

We’ve known for a long time that Musab was a moron, but not until this odd death threat against Humphries and myself did I understand just how idiotic he is. You see, he seems to be under the impression that I am Rusty Humphries!

Aaron Klein, over at WND, has an article up about the death threats:

Alongside a dated picture of Humphries posing with commentator and star blogger Michelle Malkin, the threat begins: “Yes this Fat descusting (sic) pig you are looking at is the boss of the website Jawareport.com but their are many fat kafirs like him you might ask why are we talking about him here’s why.” …Continued the blog: “The Shaabab and muslim Leaders have said enough is enough he has to go and they dont mean move….Inshallah we will see his Fat rottan (sic) torso dumped in the side of the road or in some Florida swamp.”

Read the rest to see both Rusty’s (Shackleford and Humphries) response.

You can listen to both Rusty’s on Rusty H’s radio show here.

3 thoughts on “U.S. radio host target of Islamic death threat meant for anti-jihad blogger

  1. U.S. radio host target of Islamic death threat meant for anti-jihad blogger

    Dear Creeping

    You are surprised that a muslim is STUPID!? come on!

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  3. Buy a gun. Take lessons.
    If he shows up on your doorstep, put him in the ground.

    One less muslim. I ain’t gonna cry.

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