Cool Muslim convert creating an Islamic community in Pittsburgh

PBS is getting ready to air several specials on Islam, and as we previously reported they’ve started using al Jazeera as a news source so this should not be surprising (although public broadcasting is partially tax payer funded). This particular special coming in June is entitled Muslim Cool. Apparently if you mix rap music and Islam that is “cool”.

Other than another glamorization of a convicted drug dealer, rap music, and Islam – in this case converts to Islam – it’s hard to tell what this special offers, if anything. What stood out in the promo however, was a statement around the 1:40 mark of the video:

“We all had a community in Massachussetts, musta’ been more than fifty five (55) people that became Muslim, and then we all moved here to Pittsburgh [Pennsylvania] to create a Muslim community.”

Did he convert in prison? If so, who did he learn about Islam from and what is he teaching his “community”? Will they be embracing sharia law in their Islamic community? Polygamy? Teaching jihad against the unbelievers? Did PBS delve into that in its special? We’ll see.

5 thoughts on “Cool Muslim convert creating an Islamic community in Pittsburgh

  1. All you people bashing islam are a bunch of loosers who cant do anything worthy than bashing a revised coursebook ( sharia ) coz u made no attempt to understand it

    and at the same time u feel no shame in following creepy old man made testiments which contradicts modern science anyway

    which sharia law contradict established science fact ?

    Shows to me how poor your reasoning is

    just be more western
    and more open minded
    and less biased

    are westerners bised and prejudiced ?

    So be a good westerner first , then talk about islamic finance and your fears

    and if i smash porsche gt agaisnt the wall
    would you bash porcshe engineers ?

    You may will

    • Bro – you are a misogynistic pig. Honor killings, selling female children to pay a male’s debt, mutilation of a females gentility because a Muslim male is THAT insecure, no females are allowed to go outside their home unless accompanied by a male family member, females under Sharia Law aren’t allowed to have any say about their lives, including education, employment, children, clothing, groom. Sharia Laws belittles the females, making them more a slave owned by the males in their family. They are allowed no attorneys to represent them in a Sharia Court if they are accused. They stone or behead a female just on the word of a male Muslim whether she’s innocent or not! It is you who are ignorant and only wish to be able to control helpless females under Sharia laws!

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