Video: Risks of Female Masturbation According to Islamic Teachings

Ladies, before you convert, watch this. And if you already converted, you better know your halal from haram. It might get you killed according to this influential, Al-Azhar (Cairo) educated sheikh.

9 thoughts on “Video: Risks of Female Masturbation According to Islamic Teachings

  1. what exactly is wrong in this appart from the flogging? christianity says the same. All this warns about is not giving into your own personal desires which lead you to sin. Stop fear mongering, and spreading lies about other religions. Jesus taught us to get along and love one another even if the love is not returned, or have you forgotten. shame on you.

  2. Response to Chris.
    You’re right Chris, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this or even with the flogging. Flogging is probably a good thing especially for those who make inane comments like yours…….allah!
    Even Jesus did not recommend flogging….so stop telling lies about Christianity and just where do you get off suggesting that people stop showing what moslems are actually saying in public? How exactly is that spreading lies?

  3. All those religious fundamentalist should leave us people alone. What has this old man to tell girls and young women?
    It’s ok for the boys to please themselves but the girls be “good girls and do some housework”?
    The man should give it a try and leave the Middle Ages.

  4. Another response to Chris….Did Jesus also say that masturbation is ok for boys and not girls??? And by the way, it is a FACT that women are being killed by their relatives, NOT fearmongering. Yet another Islamic apologist, completely dhimmified.

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  6. Screw religion.
    It is the cause of all real badness in the world.

    People who claim they speak for “god” are simply deluding themselves, and that is a dangerous thing for us all.

  7. It doesnt say its ok for boys to do it? he says women doing it is even worse! did you actually hear what he said? He says because women insert things.. blah blah blah and men do not so that is why! good point he raised

    secondly if you commit a crime (and just because its not a crime in your country doesnt mean its not a crime, look around the world, every place has different list of what constitutes a crime!) do you get a pat on the back or do you get punishment?

    Thirdly: you know its a crime & you know the punishment for it so why do it?

    Fourthly: we all know where all this fornication has done in the western society? All the STDs, unwanted pregnancies, termination etc!! keep it up

  8. Personally, I don’t think this old man has any business directing anyone to do or not to do anything. I guess he must be a proponent of genital mutilation of girls. Anyway, this is a religious matter how?

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