Islamic group, ISNA, staging coup at the FBI and White House

Where to start – things are happening so fast it is nearly impossible to keep up, let alone comprehend. Please read it all and contact your elected officials IMMEDIATELY.

First, last week President Obama invited and hosted another member of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA),  Imam Mohamed Magid at the White House. We say another because Obama has been fond of ISNA – inviting its controversial president to give a Muslim prayer at his inauguration and to lead faith-based activities at the DNC.

Imam Mohamed Magid, Executive Director of the All Dulles area Muslim Society (ADAMS Center) was invited to a meeting at The White House on Friday, June 19, 2009.  This initial gathering was followed by the well-publicized Town Hall meeting on fatherhood.  Being that it was Father’s Day weekend, President Obama made it a priority to bring the issue of fatherhood to the forefront of the country’s conversations.

American Muslims must coordinate with government agencies to take responsibility of Muslim refugees in order to help single mothers be able to fulfill their responsibilities as best they can.  In this way, the American Muslim community can attempt to fulfill the role of the extended family that is so often missing from the lives of refugees.

The Justice Department continued it’s use of the Muslim Brotherhood connected ISNA when this week, it cozied up to Islamic radicals to recruit civil servants for an ISNA Convention. From the Investigative Project on Terrorism:

Jennifer Rubin of Pajamas Media (PJM) has obtained a copy of an internal Justice Department e-mail urging employees to participate in the Islamic Society of North America’s upcoming convention.

“Volunteers needed for unique opportunity. The civil rights division will be sponsoring an information booth at the islamic society of north america convention here at the washington convention center over the july 4th weekend. The division needs volunteers to work at the booth at times on July 3 through July 5,” according to the memo, which describes the ISNA convention as “a huge cultural event in the muslim community.”

According to the e-mail obtained by Rubin, the Civil Rights Division is seeking attorneys who can “engage visitors in discussion” about the division’s work, and wants “non-attorney staff, law students and student interns who would be willing to hand out literature and answer basic questions.” The e-mail concludes: “If you are willing to volunteer for this unique opportunity, please submit your contavt [sic] information along with the dates you can volunteer to the Human Resources Office email account.”

Why is the Justice Department soliciting civil service employees to work at ISNA’s convention? Rubin notes our past reporting that ISNA was founded in 1981 “by Muslim Brotherhood members who had been part of the Muslim Students Association.” Its founders included convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Sami Al-Arian.

ISNA was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Hamas terror-support prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), which resulted last year in the convictions of five former HLF officials on 108 counts.

So federal prosecutors with access to stacks of bank records, including checks and vouchers from an ISNA subsidiary to senior Hamas terrorist operative Mousa Abu Marzook, consider ISNA a co-conspirator in a plot to route millions of dollars to terrorists. At the same time, their colleagues in Washington court volunteers to work at holiday weekend at the co-conspirator’s conference.

The e-mail was right. That is a unique opportunity. Read more about ISNA here.

More from the original post at Pajamas Media:

In July 2008, [3] declassified memos provided further evidence of the connection between ISNA and the Muslim Brotherhood. ISNA has maintained it is a voice of Muslim moderation, has fought its status as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case, and with President Ingrid Mattson recently has attempted to present a benign image of the group to the public.

However, FBI documents, prosecutors in the Holy Land case, and even ISNA officials have revealed the association between ISNA and the Muslim Brotherhood. In the 1980s the FBI documented that “the annual conferences are used for both religious and political purposes. The political purpose is to further the Islamic Revolution, which includes the providing of anti-U.S. and Israel publications.”

So the question remains: what is the Justice Department doing soliciting employees through the Justice Department email system to attend a convention at which ISNA can propagate its views?

The Justice Department did not respond to our email asking for an explanation of its outreach efforts, whether it is concerned about ISNA’s connection to the Holy Land Foundation case, and whether it undertakes similar outreach to any other organizations which are explicitly religious in orientation.

If that were not troubling enough, the outreach with the Muslim Brotherhood connected ISNA has spread like a virus through Obama’s White House directly to the FBI! The Thin Blue Line sent us this information last night: (emphasis added)

FBI Meeting With ISNA – Front For Hamas

“Today, FBI Executive Assistant Director Tom Harrington is meeting at FBIHQ with Imam Majid of the ADAMS Center in Sterling,VA. Imam Majid is also the Vice-President of the Islamic Society of North America – a known Muslim Brotherhood entity and un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Trial in Dallas in which all defendants were found guilty of leading the Hamas front group. This was the largest terrorism financing trial in the history of the United States.

This meeting today follows yesterday’s official decision by FBIHQ to use ISNA as their official point of contact with the American Muslim community. ISNA is one of the largest and most prominent Muslim Brotherhood entities in the US. The Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928 with two objectives (which are their same two objectives today): impliment Islamic Law and re-establish the global Islamic Caliphate. Their creed, which is stil their creed today, includes “…martrydom in the way of Allah is our highest inspiration.”

Agents and attorneys aware of this decision believe it obligates them to violate US law by forcing them to work with a front group for a designated terrorist group (Hamas). It is worth reminding you all that the Hamas Covenant states Hamas is a Muslim Brotherhood entity, and that Hamas is a designated terrorist organziation by the US government.

I strongly encourage you all to notify your state and federal elected officials and push them to call for the strongest possible action against the FBI, to include the removal of all senior FBI officials who approved this decision. I also encourage the maximum release of this information to the American public.”

Please re-read it all and contact your elected officials IMMEDIATELY. Send them links to review – there are plenty included here.

For background read Islamist groups keep punking the FBI and how their planning appears to be working.

2 thoughts on “Islamic group, ISNA, staging coup at the FBI and White House

  1. When a nation’s government is largely of one religion as is the Palestinian government it is very difficult to keep religion and politics separated. However, when an organization such as ISNA and Hamas are primarily religious then there needs to be a clear separation.
    Especially our government should not be cozying up to supporters of Hamas!

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