Jihad on Horseback: The Darfur video banned by Al Arabiya


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“It’s unbearable. Because you know it’s a shame when we see Tony Blair stand up or George Bush and say, “Stop this massacre now!” And we are the Arabs, and they are our people turning our face.”

Dar Al Fur, the land of Al Fur—do you know the real meaning of “Darfur”? “Dar” it means in Arabic, “home”, of Al Fur—Al Fur it’s the biggest black tribe in Darfur. So this is their lands—it’s named after them.

Read the interview with the director/producer of the documentary at EuropeNews:

Pintak: Tell me what happened with the documentary. You produced it, and then?

Kassem: I did direct it and produce it, and then they didn’t air it because of too much pressure we cannot resist. We couldn’t resist that much pressure on us. So Omar Bashir he told me that because of me I did something not balanced, but you can’t be balanced with more than one million people have been thrown away, you can’t be balanced. And I always asked Musa Hilal and this interior minister and I don’t know who in Khartoum, “Please give me some documents that proves the Africans did that to the Arabs—burned their villages, killed Arab people, raped Arabic people from your tribe,” and they didn’t give me. But the African gave me all what they got. All of the documents and the show-real and you can see this in the documentary—you can see with your eyes the proof, the evidence about what the Arab people did to them. And because of this it is not balanced. Because he didn’t provide me documents. And he just refused. He’s always saying, this is what I know, and this is what I’m telling you and this is the truth. But prove it!

If it is a truth how come there is more than 1 million outside their villages—how come?

Why I didn’t find one Arabic from their tribe in the camp? In Chad or in Darfur? Why? Why there is not one Arabic in any camps, of the camps I visited. I visited all the camps in Chad. Why there is not one Arabic person? Why?


The video can be seen in two parts here if it doesn’t load above  http://www.arabmediasociety.com/videos/index.php?item=6


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