Video: Somali Muslim kids in Minnesota assault gay guy

Yet another video of Muslims harassing non-Muslims. Watch this video carefully, and listen. The majority of people in this video are kids – young kids. Also notice some of these kids try to turn it into a racial incident. Who is the coward now Attorney General Eric Holder? Will you hunt down each of these punks? Should be pretty easy to find if you’re not too busy freeing terrorists.

hat tip Religion of Peace, from the video description:

My friend and I were leaving the Gay Pride Festival in Minneapolis, MN (6/27/09) and came across a group of kids who asked my friend if he was gay. When he answered “yes”, they proceeded to harass him and me with verbal threats and even throwing rocks at my friend at one point. Sad…

***NOTE*** The Minneapolis Police Department has contacted me to let me know that the two guys in the video who look like police officers are NOT police officers and were in fact private security for the apartment building we were walking next to.

Great, did the Minn. police say anything about capturing the perpetrators? Or, like in Ft. Lauderdale, NYC, and elsewhere, do Muslims have freedom to harass and verbally assault anyone they choose while Americans can’t say boo about Islam without a pending lawsuit or DOJ investigation? CAIR? Where are you? ISNA? ICNA? MAS? MSA? Where are all the ‘moderate’ Muslims? Holding breath…

Remember, in several Muslim countries, homosexuality is a capital offense.

Video: Gay man injured in new D.C. bias attack by Muslims
Video: Muslim at ‘Islam on Capitol Hill’: “Homosexuals Must Be Killed”

40 thoughts on “Video: Somali Muslim kids in Minnesota assault gay guy

  1. Islam: “religion” of ignorance, hatred, intolerance. Come out of the 6th century BC, you low-life morons. (Of course, we know that the kid yelling the anti-gay invective is gay. He protests too much and needs to protect himself in advance against Shari’a law, which the state of MN will no doubt enact in the near future.)

  2. OMG…. this is terrible! I’m sorry that this happened to you and your friend. I live in Minnesota too and I have a few gay guy friends myself… happens to them all the time by those God damned Muslims. I really do hate Muslims. They play with their pee at work when it’s lunch time… it’s gross. And they always clog up the bathrooms too. So they shouldn’t be saying shit to homosexuals! Assholes!


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  4. you guys just seen a video and after two minutes you open your big mouth and saying you hate muslims bunch a fucking ingnorant bitches. you talking about over 1 billion people in this world.

    • You stupid donkey! In your haste to bully and badmouth others, you’ve COMPLETELY MISSED the point, ya daft pillock! Actually muslim numbers are declining globally. In any case your remark simply means there are 1 billion+ misogynistic, chauvinistic, subjugated, brainwashed morons wandering about out there. :shrug:

  5. Great blog entry. Well obviously Islamic fanatics do NOT recognize the First Amendment. It’s time that someone sue these guys wearing robes (lol) who harass a gay rally for hate crimes. It’s time perhaps that everyone who isn’t whining starts to WHINE like the Muslims too. Let’s whine against those who think women should be walking covered; let’s whine against ANYTHING… how dare they say my bacon is evil? how they they say my dog stinks? how dare they say women should be wearing blankets; how dare them say that gays will all go to hell along with us charming infidels.. let’s all whine they way they do…. the whole “Islami ideology” is a hate crime! They’re racists when they call Jews pigs.. whining is the answer!!!

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  7. I used to be a city bus driver. By far the rudest group of people who rode the bus were the Somalis. This video is no surprise, what I can’t understand is why we have not deported all of them. We are so concerned about Mexicans coming here, on the whole they were some of the most polite and quiet passengers on the bus. But we invite these Somali assholes here in droves…WHY? My partner is blind, half of the taxi drivers here are somali and he has to give them directions to whereever he is going, because they can’t find their way out of a paper bag. I am so sick of Somalis and islam, when will we learn the leasons of 911…never trust them, never forget, never forgive!

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  9. THis is fucking horrible! just another reason on top of many pushing the idea trhat Somalis are bad….

    On the bright side, this guy has never had so many boys following him before!!

  10. what i see in this video is haters from Somalia, and thats not right. but saying all Somalis or Muslims are like this is stupid. i lived in this country since 93 and i have seen a lot. just becuse KKK go around being stupid does not make me hate every white person i see… or some dumb red neck saying some stupid shit does not make me hate every white person. yes i am a Muslim. and Islam is a religion of peace, so are the Christian, and all the other religions. every body from Americans to Arabs need to stop hating and saying its for god or white power or any stupid reason… FYI every Muslim believes in the three hole books { Torah, Bible, Qur’an } and its the word god…

    • These are just kids from the hood, just you average kids in the area. They had to of learned this from someone in their household.
      islam is not a religion of peace when it’s leaders say that anyone who is gay needs to be killed and that Infedels, which I am, needs to be killed and if you believe in three holy books then you are not a true muslim as they only believe in the quran.

      • Yeah but theres 2 korans one from mecca wich is peaceful and one from medina wich promotes JIHAD.If war is deceit then the koran of mecca is a lie.

  11. abderraman – last time – if you can’t stay on the topic – don’t bother

    this blog is not about race – the fact that you do not like white people and want to paint all whites as racist is completely unrelated to this specific blog post and to the blog in general

    if your only point is to defend Somali Muslims who attack helpless little black kids and old people, or simply to defend the intolerance in Islam…that’s your choice…but if you can’t stay on topic and stop spamming this blog with unrelated propaganda to fit your agenda

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  13. We need to start coming down on these assholes. I’m tired of their sexism, their homophobia, their refusal to assimilate…hell, I’m tired of everything about them. Don’t want to come here and learn to live with those who are not Muslim…then go the hell back from whence you came!

  14. Republicans Hate Gays!!
    Conservative Christians Hate Gays!!
    US Supreme Court Hate Gays!
    Hindu & Budhist theoritical believes Hate Gays!!
    So do Muslims!!

    Guys wake up: Marriage is between man and a woman.

    Homosexuality is disease!
    go head and ask republicans.. they are christians and their platform says that…

    so, don’t just blame muslims only… blame the other groups that hate this horrible social life.

  15. This is what you get from muslims. They cry when anyone says anything about them but it is ok to insult others. Actions speak louder than words and you can see that muslims are hateful people.
    Stop bringing these low life somali people into the USA just to spread their hate. If you don’t like the people of the USA then go back to where you came from. Americans are getting tired of the people and those that promote hate.
    I will defend myself from idiots like this and so should you.

  16. What kind of human are you nothing haveleft inside you just like animals such disgustingkind of if you feel so proud of your selfthen not everyone with your fucked mouth you call it freedom kkkkk!!!! If Ihad that chance I would do much wost than that I hate gay guys.

  17. Being gay and muslim … no such thing as that you cannot be gay and muslim only gay and kafur . and not all muslims hate gay they just dont want to be gay

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  21. yes i was a christian ,im a convert to islam and this is an unislamic act that they are doing it doesnt say in the quran that you are suppose to harass people and make them feel low in which ever case we dont agree to that ,but you have to know that alot of people are against homosexuals (im not just talking religion wize but even them that dont have a religion , adults ,young adults , children of any race background or religion could have done that ! but what i dont understand it how you would generalize and discrimate towards the all muslims :/ .

  22. i mean any yobs or a group of kids would or could have done the same thing it isnt right to do so because it unislamic we should treat everyone with respect regardless of which background,religion , sxuality or whatever you .but all im saying is you shouldnt generalize and make it seem we the worst in the world just because of a group of kids.pure ignorance this is and so much stupidity

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  26. You hit the nail on the head man. This whole website is based on a hate but unfortunately they’re blaming particular group to be the haters which makes no sense at all, look at this 5th grade kids was deceived to get a support to falsehood and discrimination against a part on our people this is reminding us what such haters did to the African American communities in those painful past days. Iam saying HATERS has NO place in the American communities !

    • sadly, you can’t bring yourself to say that Muslim haters have NO place in American communities

      we see how far African American communities have come in the video above

      and we know how Saudi clerics feel about blacks:

      • African Americans? Oh yeah, we know your non-sense evil lies more than these 5th grade African-kids, does that makes you feel worst?

  27. If they hate gays he should have asked why some of them are wearing dresses.Misogynistic as their culture is, I can bet that down low sex is rampant among them, but they have to display this hyper masculinity because the death cult they belong to would kill them if they showed any traits that might be perceived as weakness

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