Boston mosque opens with “haunting” daily prayer broadcast to neighborhood

…they’re going to broadcast the prayer summons (which will only happen during the day out of respect for the neighbors) by loudspeaker

The Boston Globe. At midday today, a local Muslim will clamber 185 feet up a ladder inside the narrow minaret atop the domed brick mosque and recite Islam’s haunting call to prayer, starting with the words, “Allahu akbar,’’ Arabic for “God is great.’’

The chant will mark the ceremonial opening of one of the most disputed projects in Boston’s long history of prominent religious edifices, a celebration that follows 20 years of controversy, litigation, and financial challenges.

Critics of the $15.6 million mosque in Roxbury Crossing continue to assert that it is backed by extremists and will become a breeding ground for hatred. 

The Muslim American Society, which is operating the new Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (above), has scheduled two days of events to celebrate the completion of the building. The building had a soft opening last fall, during Ramadan, and has been in use since then, but the events June 26 and 27 mark the formal inauguration as the Muslim community prepares to expand programming in the building. The major inaugural events will include an interfaith breakfast at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center, across the street from the mosque; a ribbon-cutting, call-to-worship, and prayer service at the mosque itself; and a celebratory dinner at the Boston Marriott Copley Place. The dinner will feature a speech by U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat who is the first Muslim to serve in Congress; the breakfast will feature Harvard Divinity School Dean William A. Graham, who is a noted scholar of Islam, as well as a variety of local religious leaders; mosque officials say they expect Governor Patrick to attend the breakfast and Mayor Menino to attend the ribbon-cutting.

“I see this as continuing the historic role that Boston has played in the cultural and religious history of America,” said Bilal Kaleem of the Muslim American Society. “This is where the Pilgrims landed and where a lot of the country’s first churches are, and we really see Muslim history in America having one of its key moments here.”

Looks like the Governor skipped out on the big party but Congressman Keith Ellison was there – what does this mosque have to do with Minnesota?

The mosque is being run by the Muslim American Society – a group reported by the Chicago Tribune to be a front for the Muslim Brotherhood – who seeks to destroy America from within. More below.

Leaders are extremist

LAST WEEKEND marked a milestone in the history of interfaith relations in Boston. On Friday, local Muslims, public officials, and interfaith leaders celebrated the opening of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury – a religious complex paid for largely by the Saudis and run by what federal authorities describe as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Some milestone! The city has helped the Wahhabi clerical establishment – purveyors of the most intolerant religious teachings on the planet – and the Muslim Brotherhood – genesis of all Sunni terrorist organizations – set up shop in the Cradle of Liberty, flying a false flag of moderation. And to make matters worse, this sad milestone is praised as a great victory for diversity and a boon to local Muslims.

Meanwhile, those who criticize this arrangement are branded as bigots and dragged into court, while the press and public officials ignore the links between the leaders of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center and Islamist hatred and terrorism. These claims are supported by tens of thousands of pages of evidence – much of it delivered to us by the society as a result of the discovery process triggered by their own lawsuit.

So why worry? What will the following facts portend for the future of interfaith harmony in Boston and of the venerable and moderate Muslim community of Boston?

The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center offers courses from the Islamic American University, whose vice chairman is Jamal Badawi, a trustee of the center, and headed by Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a hate-mongering preacher from the Gulf who has been banned from Egypt and the United States. As the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, he praises suicide bombers, debates the correct way to murder homosexuals, and has urged that the Jews be murdered “to the last one.’’

Trustee Walid Fitahi has claimed that according to the Koran, Jews are “killers of the Prophets,’’ responsible for the “oppression, murder, and rape of the worshipers of Allah.’’ Yet Fitahi was chosen to read Koranic passages at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

ISB records show that the organization has both received money from and donated money to organizations that were later investigated or shut down for terrorist activities. Among the recipients of ISB largesse are the Benevolence International Foundation – an Al Qaeda charity – and the recently convicted Holy Land Foundation – a Hamas charity.

These are the people who will now be ministering to the spiritual needs of the local Muslim community and bringing to the center preachers who share their views.

Case in point: The ISB invited Yasir Qadhi to speak at its Cambridge mosque in March. Qadhi is a Holocaust denier who preaches that Jews want to destroy Muslims and that Christians are theologically “filthy.’’ An earlier ISB preacher, Salah Soltan, claims that the Israelis use the skulls of Palestinian babies as ashtrays.

Are these invitations or the warped views of Qaradawi, Fitahi, and Badawi simply irrelevant to the future of interfaith relations in Boston? Or does the city’s willingness to cooperate with such people constitute a great betrayal of the local Muslim community?

While we were demonstrating against this extremist leadership outside the mosque last week, we got a chilling look at the future of diversity in Boston. One of the imams who came over to talk with us denied the existence of slavery in the Sudan and said that preaching death for homosexuals is an “opinion’’ to which Qaradawi is “entitled.’’ And an angry Muslim youth from the mosque informed us that it was common knowledge that the Jews had tried to assassinate and “betray’’ the prophet Mohammed. Consequently, he claimed that Jews could be discriminated against “to some extent.’’

No sensible person believes that this is what multiculturalism is supposed to mean – and it is way past time for sensible citizens to demand answers to questions about the leaders of the new Islamic Center in Roxbury.

Dennis Hale is a member of the Political Science Department at Boston College. Charles Jacobs is president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance. Both headed organizations that were sued by ISB.

3 thoughts on “Boston mosque opens with “haunting” daily prayer broadcast to neighborhood

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  2. As much as I hate to admit it, America as we know it is doomed. We are now a country full of BLIND SHEEPLE, who instead of meaningfully listening for one second to those TRYING TO SOUND THE WARNING and open their eyes to the imminent danger America faces from radical Islamists, WILLINGLY let themselves be DECEIVED by the Leftist media into believing that those people are racists, bigots, misinformed and just plain lying about the radical Muslims and the radical Muslim Brotherhood.
    The Leftist media just seems to be growing stronger and stronger with each passing day, and I do not believe that they can be stopped and/or defeated in their messaging. I believe that it will come down to a new Civil War to stop the Islamic takeover of our country. I consider myself a person who would willingly fight for my beliefs and for my country, but being a female approaching 56 years old, I have to face the reality of my physical limitations.
    I pray Americans wake up SOON, as I DO NOT want to spend my last days on earth answering the Islamic call to prayer 5 times a day.

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