Kansas City YMCA segregates pool for Muslim women, so does MIT

No pool catering to Muslim women? Anyone see the irony here?

The Kansas City area has no pool catering to the Muslim community; therefore, Muslim women have been paying to use area pools.

One group uses a YMCA pool at 1101 N.E. 47th St. every two or three weeks. About 20 women and girls usually come, said Susan Lynn, who makes the arrangements with the help of a neighbor, who is a member of the Y.

The cost is $8 each, and $5 for children under 5; boys under 5 are permitted. The next swimming date is Sunday. Participants should arrive by 6 p.m. because the doors are locked at 6:15.

“We are always looking to expand the group to bring down the price,” Lynn said.

One does not have to be Muslim to come. She said any woman looking for a ladies-only swim or whirlpool is welcome and can e-mail her at susanlynn26@hotmail.com.

Jaime Banyalmarjeh is trying to book a pool in the Raytown area and in the past has reserved a pool in the Blue Valley school district.

“Basically, we have to reserve pools outside normal operating hours so that there are no men present,” she said. “We also have to request female-only lifeguards. It is not always easy to pull this off.”

In the area Jewish community, officials at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park said it does not have any swimming programs specifically for women.

via KC Muslim women rent pools in the area – Kansas City Star.

The Jewish community there? Do they mean the retirement home? Conversely, the Muslim community in Overland Park says this:

The Qur’an in its scope is the full and final divinely revealed constitution for mankind. It is also the textbook of the Muslim Iman (Faith) and the source book of Islamic laws, rules and regulations for the Muslims.

The Islamic Center of Johnson County, Inc., unequivocally affirms the Qur’an and the Sunnah as its eternal and ultimate constitution.

So much for the United States Constitution. What will happen if a man does see one of the Muslim women swimming? What happens if her husband finds out and determines she has dis-honored his family?

In a related story, a Muslim woman from Ontario, Canada went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and forced female only swim times so not to break Islamic sharia law.

Update: When MYNA had to rent a YMCA for its Islamic youth camp, some Muslims were not happy having to pray under foreign flags or near the Christian cross – even though they place the swords of Islam on the YMCA’s cross.


25 thoughts on “Kansas City YMCA segregates pool for Muslim women, so does MIT

  1. I have read this article and find it to be baseless, insensitive, and to be flaming the fuel of islamophobia. “Swords of Islam” there is no such thing. I am a Muslim-American, Muslim first. What does that mean? Do I not support the constitution of the United States? As a Muslim I respect the law of the land; this is what the Qur’an, the last revealed guide for mankind, teaches us. As an American service man I also support and defend the constitution of these United States against all enemies. If you researched you may find that most of our domestic enemies are not Muslim.

    Islam does not teach honor killings. What you have heard about is culturally. Read Surah An-Nisa (Chapter 4) in the Qur’an for enlightenment. I have five daughters and they are all a blessing.
    In Islam women are protected. Our community also protects non-muslim women, creation in general, because it is the rightthing to do. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said to save a life is to save all of humanity, to take a life is to kill all of humanity.

    This society claims to be a judeo christian society yet at the same time it is all about sex, sex, and more sex. High School freshman volleyball players wear snug fitting clothing for uniforms revealing their shape all in the name of athleticisim and performance. In everything we (society) do the women wear less and the men wear more. It is not just Muslims that have a problem with this. The all woman gym “Curves” didnt happen by accident. And women dont need to be gawked at the swimming pool. They want to swim in modesty and in peace. What is your problem with that? Let go and Let God.

    • Islamics only talk about modesty and peace when it suits them.
      We, nonbelievers, who are naturally modest and peaceful don’t need a totalitarian ideology to preach to us about their harmful ideology.
      This is about respecting our nonbelievers right to swim in comfort and in peace without interference from islamic totalitarian ideology.

    • there were always different days for me & women @ my gym plus one coed day. this worked for years in NY. we also had all womens gyms. its the way to: FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

  2. Jabir,

    Are you intentionally lying or are you really that ignorant of your own way of life?

    The sword is so prominent in Islamic history and imagery that it’s a key component of logos and flags of the most prominent Islamic countries and organizations. You know that as well as anyone.

    Maybe you should talk to the Muslims at ISNA who added those swords to the YMCA cross, or the Muslim who made the video from which the image was derived.

    As for your concerns over the sexuality of the West – why not take your pious cabal of women to some Islamic country? There are only 50+ to choose from and more and more countries on the verge of becoming dominated by Islam.

    Of course we know the answer to that, and we know Muslims don’t fear the West at all and that’s why they are immigrating to the U.S. and elsewhere at record numbers.

    While slavery and segregation are still vital aspects of Islam, they are not tolerable aspects of American society.

    • It has been over a year since I have visited this site, read my original input, and the following replies. It is just amazing how ignorant some people are on the subject of Islam.

      I did not migrate here. I am the son of sons whose fathers where brought over here by force in the bellies ships during the Trans Atlantic Slave trade. It is true that there are several “so called” Muslim countries in which women are treated as unequals. This is against the teachings of Islam.

      Islam was not spread by the sword, but through business dealings as it continues today. So what there are Muslim women in the Metro Kansas City area, likewise nationally, that are desirous of swimming in a female only pool. They have paid to utilize these facilities, once again Islam is being spread through business dealings. And I am sure you will find that there are women of other faith groups that participate along with these Muslim women.

      Why should Muslims fear the west? There is nothing to fear in this world but fear itself. Allah is greater. We realize that in everything we do. We are Muslim 24/7 in all of our dealings including when we protect American citizens whether we be on this soil or foreign.

      Once again there are no swords of Islam. The idea of swords is cultural, not Islamic. I realize that you may not agree and for many of you, me typing this may be waste of my time. However, I felt a duty to respond the error. May Gods’ peace be with you, As Salaamu Alaikum

      • the sword tells of your peoples harmful primitive and hostile ways.it’s an open and obvious Freudian slip meant to intimidate by threat of violence or death.even a child would see that.
        your word also show that you are only American when it suits you just as when muslims USE our countries and economies for self gain all the while hating the unsuspecting westerner beside you.
        WE trust in people without and before condemning them.muslims condemn people with extreme prejudice.
        muslims are so pathetic and child like but like an evil child.

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  4. Young Men’s Christian Association …the group was founded with a gender and religion in mind. They felt so strongly about it that they created a YWCA. Please don’t be offended that a Christian organization had a cross, nor that they have become MORE inclusive over time and allow mixed gender swimming.

    Perhaps this could go to swim at the YWCA, or better yet the Islamic Center of Johnson County or a local mosque could install a rec center with pool. Then they could sponsor (single gender, proper guard & attire) bathing hours.

  5. hi me and my sisters are looking for a woman only pool but can not find one can u please say what is the next time u guy will reserve ymca

  6. Gee ! When I go to the YMCA I work out. I think that the right wing extremists muslems are PERVERTED and live in the dark ages. Muslem men treat woman like property and sell the family off ! They rape woman and kill anyone that does not stay inside the laws of ISLAM. Islam is a controling slavery of oppressing of mind body and LIBERTY ! Islam has already come into the YMCA’s in Georgia also . I am offended that MEN ONLY THURSDAYS take place in many islamic countries where men play around with men on wives day off !

    • Your ignorance is laughable. I am fairly confident you know absolutely no Muslims personally or you would know how ridiculous are your statements.

  7. Jabir:

    Where to start. You might try reading Islamic Imperialism by Efram Karsh. You might also read the official biography of Mohammed. Islam was spread by the sword from its beginning. Mohammed started in the Arabian penisula and he and his successors spread across Egypt and North Africa and also north to Constantinople. For nearly 700 years after Mohammed’s death, the Islamic empire expanded through the use of armies conquering existing cultures and countries. Will Durant one of the most respected historians of the 20th century described the Muslim conquest of Northern India as one of the most bloody in all of history. To state that Islam was spread by business transaction is to refute every history book every written on the subject.

    As to the mistreatment of women it begins with the Koran. The Koran states that a Muslim man may marry up to four wives and sexually enjoy any slave girl in his household. The Koran also states that women’s testimony is worth half that of a man. Women’s inheritance is set at half of that of her brothers. Finally, Muslim men are treated as the superiors and guardians of women, which means that under Islamic law, women never truly attain full adulthood. Married women remain something like the legal child of her husband. This is not “cultural” this is from the Koran. Following that are the teachingsof Mohammed recorded in the Hadith. I happend to have full sets of several different Hadith produced by Islamic publishing houses. Mohammed taught that , and I quote “women were deficient in intellect and religion.”

    Worst of all, in my mind, is the callous indifference of the West to the intense persecution of Christians in Muslims countries. Islamic countries do not allow freedom of the press, or intellectual freedom or religious freedom. Egyptian Christians, are second class citizens and are legally harassed and persecuted. In Pakistan, blasphemy laws are used to persecute and imprison the tiny minority of Christians.

    Muslims in America live with protected rights that they regularly deny homosexual, woman and non-Muslims in their home countries.

    We should end all Muslim immigration it does nothing good for America.

  8. THE SUPPOSED MORAL PURITY OF ISLAM; Muslims love to turn their noses up at the West and claim moral purity. This is based on non-Christian or post-Christian behavior for starters. But, even if it wasn’t, take another look at Islam.

    In Islam, Men get a sexual free for all. First, they get to have up to four wives. They can divorce a wife by simply stating “I divorce you.” three times, no grounds necessary. Plus they can sexually use that slave girl. Thus Muslim men can swap out an old wife for no reason whatsoever, just boredom and the desire for a new younger wife. Muslim men get to beat women if they annoy them. Mohammed did not consider women to be “jewels”. He was quoted in the Bukhari Hadith as saying the “women were deficient in intellect and religion.” He was also quoted as saying that the majority of people in Hell were women. Mohammed was as misogynist as they come. He also consummated a marriage with a 9 year old girl when he was in his 50’s. He was a disgusting old goat.

    Honor killing is not “cultural.” In the authoritative text, Reliance of the Traveler, published by Al-Hazar University in Cairo, it states that Islamic law does not condemn the killing of a wife or a child by a parent or a husband. Honor killings are CODIFIED into Islamic law.

    Lastly, Ol’ Jabir, ought to read Robert Segal’s Islam’s Black Slaves. The Islamic Empire spread across North Africa and captured 11 million African slaves. Some were sold in the Islamic markets established all over Africa, some were drafted into Muslim armies. Northern India was conquered in party by black slave armies. The modern rejection of slavery was led by Christian ministers in the U.K. and the U.S. It was the BRITISH EMPIRE that used its power to abolish slavery in the third world. If slavery in the Islamic world was just cultural and not advised and recommended and used heavily by Mohammed , then why didn’t the imams rise up and protest it? They didn’t. They were good with it.

    Ah, American blacks are fed such hooey about Islam. The Islamic Empire was one of the biggest enslavers of blacks in the history of the world. Today, blacks are still sold in slave markets in the Sudan and Somalia, slavery is practiced “under the radar” in Saudi, home of the great cities of Mecca and Medina.

    Wise up, guys, you are being snookered.

  9. well defacing the cross with Islamic symbols is downright RUDE and really much more of an outrage than a picture of Mohammed- why in Jesus name does any person of that faith tolerate such INSULT- such hideous disregard for respect- Muslims loudly claim that YOU should repsect their LIAR fake religion- no one tore that abomination down? how the hell does a Xtian assn allow such ? really why was there no PROTESTS about this? this is much more than a swimming pool problem.

    and just FYI retirement age people often use swimming for exercise as it is less impactful and easier on old bones-
    Jewsih communities build their own pools and as we see here – YMCA has always offered women only pools

  10. Jabrir thinks that “Islam was not spread by the sword but by business dealings.” How he has been lied to.

    Please check out this site, it describes one part of the Muslim conquest of Georgia (southwestern Russia). Muslims decapitated helpless prisoners of war who would not desecrate their religious symbols. Over 100,000 slaughtered.

    Also see Paul Frigosi, JIHAD, a full book documenting the slaughter covering North Africa,
    Spain, Turkey, Afghanistan, India and everywhere Islam’s blood hand has reached.

    I challenge Jabrir to read this history and to reconsider whether Islam is worthy of the devotion of a person of African descent.

  11. I am a white, American female from the midwest. I work with other white and black American females that have been raped and beaten from good ol’ white and black American Christian boys. I try to teach them they have some American rights and even the police will tell them their cases will probably not get any charges pressed. One girl had bite marks deep into her face, neck, and other places. Her lip and eyelid were bleeding and drooping down from inflamation. Guess what- they were right. That good ol’ Christian boy never saw a day in jail. That’s how well we treat our women here. If I dare go to a dance club here in America, I have to shove off one American man after another trying to rub their erected American Christian crothes all over my leg like a dog that should have been neutered. I would love to go swimming with my daughter without having horny male farm animals that call themselves Americans or Christians slobbering all over themselves praying on which hole they want to put it in. Grow up.

  12. In the United States of America, the matter of Equality is well settled, after many law suits, ultimately– Ruling of the US Supreme Court struck down Separate but Equal!! On the issue of defaming The Cross, it is disgraceful and disrespectful, Please put up your own symbol if you must, but do not deface the Cross of Jesus Christ; believe me you are not ingratiating yourself among the majority of Americans!

  13. Muslims can lie just as long as it promotes islam. That is in their Koran. Jesus said he is the Way the TRUTH
    And the Life! MUHAMMAD IS the deceiver!

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