Holder planned clandestine resettlement of Gitmo detainees in Virginia

Wow. From Congressman Frank Wolf’s press release.

“However, when it came to my attention that Mr. Holder attempted to orchestrate a secret transfer of Uyghur detainees to northern Virginia for release earlier this spring, it became clear that he had no intention of informing Congress of his intentions.  According to Newsweek magazine, ‘As part of their efforts to shut down the Guantánamo Bay detention center, Obama Administration officials were poised in late April to make a bold, stealthy move: they instructed the U.S. Marshals Service to prepare an aircraft and a Special Ops group to fly two Chinese Uighurs, and up to five more on subsequent flights, from Gitmo to northern Virginia for resettlement. In a conference call overseen by the National Security Council, Justice and Pentagon officials had been warned that any public statements about Gitmo transfers would inflame congressional Republicans, according to a law-enforcement official who asked not to be named discussing internal deliberations.’

“The article reported that efforts to transfer and release these detainees in the U.S. were scrapped when members of Congress became aware of the operation.  Once it became clear that the Justice Department’s intended modus operandi were clandestine transfers, I began speaking out publicly on the House floor about my serious.  I also offered an amendment to the fiscal year 2009 supplemental appropriations to prohibit the transfer of any detainees into the U.S. during the current fiscal year – allowing Congress the time needed to get additional information from Mr. Holder about his intentions.

“Still I continued to wait for answers to very basic questions from my three letters.  After waiting 118 days for a response, I received only a cursory letter from the Justice Department’s Office of Legislative Affairs last Thursday that failed to answer a single question.  Worse, the information included was nothing more than summary and rehash of old DOJ press releases.

“I can come to no other conclusion than the attorney general intends to continue to stonewall the American people.  This is unacceptable.

8 thoughts on “Holder planned clandestine resettlement of Gitmo detainees in Virginia

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