Honduras confirms existence of terrorist cells in Latin America

An update to several recent posts (here and here) regarding Latin America and the threat of Islamic terrorists, particularly from Iran and Hizbollah. Honduras has recognized the threat and will make it harder for Iranians to get visas to their country.

From an article at La Prensa Honduras about the expulsion of Venezuelan diplomats from Honduras:

Alvarado anunció además que harán más difícil el proceso de obtención de visa para ciudadanos iraníes.

“Se nos confirmó la existencia de células terroristas iraníes en Latinoamérica y considerando que hay viajes directos de Teherán, capital iraní, hacia Venezuela y de allí a Nicaragua, entonces hay temor que haya existido una incursión terrorista de ese país y se toman las medidas precautorias”, amplió la vicecanciller.


[Deputy Foreign Minister Marta Lorena] Alvarado also announced they will make the process of obtaining visas more difficult for Iranian citizens.

“We have confirmed the existence of Iranian terrorist cells in Latin America and considering that there is direct travel from Tehran, Iranian capital, to Venezuela and then to Nicaragua, so there is fear that there has been an existing terrorist incursion in this country and so we are taking precautionary measures”, said the minister.


A new base area for Islamic radicals is developing in Venezuela. There, leftist president Hugo Chavez has not only established close diplomatic relations with Iran (and Cuba, North Korea and radical groups throughout the region), but has allowed Iran to set up operations in South America. Regular commercial flights from Iran to Venezuela (via Syria, to accommodate Hezbollah) carry people, cash and whatever else Iran wants to move. No questions asked, no visas required.

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