‘Sharia Index Project’ will measure “Islamicity” of a state

The U.S. should be steadily rising in the index based on recent events. Straight from the source:

After two years of work, the Sharia Index Project’s working team of Sunni and Shi’a legal scholars from Morocco to Indonesia achieved consensus on a final structure on philosophy, methodology, and approach to providing the general public, opinion leaders, and state officials in both the Muslim and Western worlds with an Islamic legal benchmark for measuring “Islamicity” of a state.

In addition to producing The Shariah Index book, comprised of the essays and deliberations of these scholars, and which provides the Index’s theoretical foundation, Cordoba will present the Annual State of the Muslim World Index. This index, which involves a partnership with the Gallup Organization, polls people from 44 Muslim-majority nations (and members of the Organization of Islamic Conference) on how well their nations comply in practice with this Islamic legal benchmark of an Islamic State.

Cordoba anticipates the public launch of this project in the second half of 2009.

In the story there are two interesting individuals in photographs with the index’s founder, the brother of top Iranian nuclear negotiator – Mohammad Javad Larijani – and former Bush appointee – Sada Cumber. Cumber was the U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of Islamic Conference – which is the group of representative Muslim countries who want to end freedom of speech through a resolution at the United Nations.

We covered Cumber’s adventures here, here, and here and have always questioned whether he was working on behalf of the United States or on behalf of Muslim countries. His presence on this project only heighten that speculation. It is unclear if the position created by Bush will continue.

Update: From a previous Creeping Sharia post, brother Larijani’s beliefs:

We are proud to defend Hamas and Hezbollah. We are not trying to hide it. They are fighters in the path of God, and you can call them whatever you like,” Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani said in Tehran on Monday.

“Hezbollah is not a terrorist [group], it defends Islam’s honor. Hamas is not a terrorist [group], it is there to defend Palestine,” he added.

Larijani then went on to say that the idea of Iran abandoning the two resistance movements was a ‘bad US dream’.

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