Minn. mosque suspected of jihad recruitment to open private Islamic school

The good news – it’s private (i.e., not taxpayer funded). The bad news – it’s private.

A taxpayer funded charter school in Minnesota – TiZA – also currently under investigation – describes it’s 300+ students as mostly poor and immigrant.

The Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center however has raised $760,000 in ‘private’ funds and needs another $173,000 to finish the project. That’s about one million dollars of private donations – in the worst recession in decades. The mosque website claims to have record levels of donations from across the U.S. and Canada. Are they other ‘private’ donations we don’t know about?

by Laura Yuen, Minnesota Public Radio | August 3, 2009

Minneapolis — Minnesota’s largest mosque is opening a private Islamic school this fall, the second of its kind in the state.

The Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center in Minneapolis just added ten classrooms to its second floor.

Abdulaziz Sugule is a mosque board member and co-founder of the Iqra Islamic School. He said the mosque will fight what he calls a “youth crisis” among local Somalis by teaching students to embrace their unique identity.

Number one, they have to stick with their religion and their culture,” Sugule said. “Number two, they have to go into the mainstream — go to schools and universities and study different fields, to be citizens in this country. We’re teaching all these things. We want to make sure these kids know who they are: Somali-Americans.”

Sugule said the mosque has raised about $760,000 in private donations to help pay for the school, despite recent controversy surrounding Abubakar.

The FBI is investigating the disappearances of about 20 young Minnesota men, most of whom worshipped at the mosque. Authorities think the men may have left for Somalia to fight with religious extremists.

The renovated space will also house the mosque’s weekend Islamic school and summer programs.

The mosque needs to raise an additional $173,000 to pay for the project.

Abubakar purchased its building, a converted roofing warehouse, in 2005 and opened it the following year. ~end

Don’t integrate – retain culture and religion, i.e. Islam and sharia law. More on the Abubakar mosque via NY Times:

The recruitment of the Twin Cities men can be traced to a group of Somali immigrants from Northern Europe and other countries who, in 2005, traveled to Somalia to fight with the Islamist movement, a senior law enforcement official said. A handful of those men later went to Minneapolis, the official said, and helped persuade the first large group from the Twin Cities to leave for Somalia starting in late 2007.

That first wave consisted of men in their 20s and 30s who had been fixtures at the Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center, the largest Somali mosque in Minneapolis. They included an emergency medical technician, a former waiter, a car-rental employee and Shirwa Ahmed, the onetime Roosevelt student who now wore a thick beard and silk gown.

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