Best of: Cartoon Dhimmitude at Yale

We covered the dhimmitude at Yale University and Yale University Press earlier this week with little more than a passing glance. Just another of the many instances of ‘creeping sharia’, stealth jihad, and acts of dhimmitude occurring in the West.

It seems, however, Yale’s act of cowardice garnered quite a bit of coverage by some of the best minds in the blogosphere and elsewhere. We highly recommend reading each of these “best of” links. (updated several times already)

Roger’s Rules: (Roger’s opening paragraph, below, describes Creeping Sharia to a tee)

While everyone (well, not quite everyone) has been scurrying around worrying about not-so-gradual government take over of health care and other large swathes of the economy, the sinister pas-de-deux of Islamism, on the hand, and Western capitulation, on the other, proceeds under the radar in its slow but seemingly inexorable dance.

Roger’s Rules: Villain or Fall Guy? Yale and the Case of the Missing Cartoons

The really appalling thing is that institutions like Yale — institutions, I mean, that exist to pursue the truth — should tacitly endorse this ethic of pre-emptive capitulation. By embracing this species of mendacious political correctness they forfeit the prerogatives of truth for the dubious satisfactions of multicultural self-righteousness. Steyn’s word “disgusting” is the mot juste. The question is, when — if ever — will a critical mass of people rise up and vomit out this poison?

Mark Steyn:  Re: Timiditas et Deditio

What all these stories — from this disgusting act to the no-donuts-at-Ramadan “recommendations” now common at European businesses — have in common is acceptance of the same general principle: that the most extreme interpretation of Islamic “law” now applies to Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

Cary Nelson, (American Association of University Professors President):  Academic Freedom Abridged at Yale Press

“We do not negotiate with terrorists. We just accede to their anticipated demands.” That is effectively the new policy position at Yale University Press. We deplore this decision and its potential consequences.

Andy McCarthy:  More on Preemptive Capitulation at Yale (Part 1 of 2)

Prof. Klausen says none of the anonymous authorities Yale consulted actually read the book. For these intrepid diplomats, Islamophiles and counterterrorism experts, the mere proposition of a publication with depictions of Mohammed was intolerable — after all, it would violate Islamic law.

Andy McCarthy:  More on Preemptive Capitulation at Yale (Part 2 of 2)

Klausen and Yale decided the politic thing to do was surrender Western freedom and rationality in not the face of but the presumption of Islamic intolerance.

McCarthy picks up on Diana West’s observation that the author was not exactly opposed to dhimmifying her book by removing the cartoons. A point we also noted in our post, Creeping Sharia:

The book’s author seems comfortable in the role of dhimmi and under an illusion that this has nothing to do with genuine Islam – just some extremists, and she doesn’t even seem to mind that the Danish cartoons were banned.

Diana West: Lux et Dhimmitude, Cont’d

Yale’s motto, Lux et Veritas has been obliterated in this shameful effort to pursue not light and truth, but Islamic approval. And Yale University Press will get that approval because it has proven that it  operates under Islamic law (sharia), which prohibits both images of Mohammed, and criticism of Mohammed. And woe to anyone who draws or publishes a critical image of Mohammed.

Wendy Kaminer:  The Atlantic

Giving in to a fear of violence (the advice of unnamed consultants and, I suspect, some risk averse lawyers), Yale has effectively condoned the heckler’s veto.  This policy of appeasement may serve to encourage threats of violence against other authors or publishers of  allegedly blasphemous or presumptively hateful books.  Its chilling effect seems obvious.

Even the legal representative for several Muslims suspected of supporting Islamic terrorist groups and convicted on related charges (Ali Al-Timimi and Sami Al-Arian) concurs. Jonathan Turley:  Yale Publishes Book…And Deletes All of the Pictures of the Cartoons

While Yale University Press insists that it spoke to a wide range of “experts,” I cannot image the legal experts who supported such an act of self-censorship…Yale has caved into violent extremists who killed over 200 people and insist that other cultures must abide by their religious views…For a leading academic press to engage in such censorship is a major blow to free speech and will likely be cited by commercial publishers who censor authors in the future.

Ezra Levant:  Yale University is a cowardly place

It is not fear of violence; and if it is, it is not acceptable. It is fear of being politically incorrect. It’s fear of being unfashionable. It is self-abnegation; self-destruction; voluntary, pro-active cultural suicide; it is a willing embrace of sharia before sharia is even forced. It is the renunciation of the western, liberal, enlightment [sic] values that created Yale, and an embrace of Islamic fascism and its intellectual closed-mindedness.

Christopher Hitchens:  Yale Surrenders

The First Amendment to that Constitution prohibits any prior restraint on the freedom of the press. What a cause of shame that the campus of Nathan Hale should have pre-emptively run up the white flag and then cringingly taken the blood guilt of potential assassins and tyrants upon itself.

The cartoons in question & more can be seen here.

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