Hamas supporter creates Muslim superheroes, the 99, to conquer the West

They are fighting for truth, justice and the Islamic way and are heading for your living room — prepare to say salaam to the world’s first Muslim superheroes.

Despite the ample wrongs waiting to be righted across the Middle East, Superman, Spider-Man and Batman mainly fight evil in America. When the East has featured as a setting for superhero antics — as in the recent film Iron Man — it has tended to be as a source of villainy.

That is about to change, courtesy of The 99, a Sharia-compliant version of the X-Men that has taken the Arab world by storm and has its sights set on the West.

The franchise, which was created as a cartoon strip three years ago to counter the effects of jihadist agitprop on Muslim minds, is poised to make its debut on British television this year. An animated series is being produced by Endemol, the Dutch company that made Big Brother internationally ubiquitous. Its mission: to instil old-fashioned Islamic values in Christian, Jewish and atheist children.

The book’s creator, a Hamas supporter who had sold 40,000 albums and 12 million stickers in four months, brushed off accusations that he was inciting hatred, saying: “There is no escaping the everyday reality of the intifada.”

Read it all via World’s first Muslim superheroes, the 99, out to conquer the West – Times Online.

And to top it all off – The heroes will get together with Obama.

The heroes of the comics named “The 99” created to serve the correction ‘Muslim’ image after 9/11 will embark on adventures together with American superheroes and watching Obama’s speech together they will give “alliance of civilizations” message.

Alliance of civilizations? That almost sounds like Hizb ut Tahrir’s ‘global caliphate’.

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