DEA nabs arms dealer with Hizbollah ties in Honduras

La Prensa reported the story of a Lebanese arms dealer with al Qaeda ties being deported to NY. The U.S. attorney’s office in NYC released a related press release. Each continue overlapping and slightly different details.

Another reason, however, as we’ve posted before, why Honduras is and should remain a key democratic ally of the United States and not be allowed to slip into Hugo Chavez’s pro-Iran, pro-Hizbollah control.

La PrensaEUA acusa a sirio de querer vender armas a Farc (translated)

The arms dealer and former Syrian military Yamal Yusef, who was transferred to New York today from Honduras, was accused of participating in a plan to sell arms to Colombian guerrillas of the FARC in exchange for almost a tonne of cocaine, according to the Prosecution Federal Manhattan.

U.S. authorities allege that Yusef, also known as Hasan Talal Gantu negotiated along with other Central American country that engaged in the sale of various types of weapons to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC in exchange for 938 kilos of cocaine.

U.S. authorities allege that from July 2008, Yusef and other accomplices who are not identified have been negotiating with the DEA’s confidential sources in Central America and agreed to exchange military-style weapons by large quantities of cocaine.

“The conspirators claimed that weapons had been stolen from Iraq and were stored in the home of a relative of Yusef in Mexico. They maintained that the family was a member of Hezbollah,” says the accusatory document, pointing out that this group is also considered by United States as a terrorist organization.”

DOJ: Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges International Arms Trafficker With Narco-Terrorism Conspiracy

(DEA), today announced that Jamal Yousef, aka “Talal Hassan Ghantou,” an international arms trafficker, was charged with participating in a narco-terrorism conspiracy. The charges stem from a plot by Yousef and co-conspirators to sell military-grade weapons to the Colombian terrorist group Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), in exchange for nearly one metric ton of cocaine.

With the full cooperation and assistance of Interpol, Yousef was transferred to the United States after his release from a prison sentence served in Honduras. Yousef arrived today in New York and is expected to be arraigned in Manhattan federal court this afternoon.

Did the DOJ leave out the Islamic terrorist details? Let’s presume this operation is ongoing and far from over.

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