“Ramadan is the month of JIHAD” (video)

Prepare yourself for the onslaught of Ramadan reporting by the U.S. media. Don’t however, expect to see much of this (below) from your local or national media, or the Muslims they interview. From an Islamic blog:

THE BATTLES OF RAMADAN: An Epic Series on the Month of Jihad

(Note: Youtube allows the video but it is now restricted in non-Muslim countries)

Insha-Allah the Islamic Emirate will be hosting a first-of-its-kind event this Ramadan. Insha-Allah beginning the first Friday of Ramadan, the MuslimYTEmirate channel of YouTube will host a series on the legendary and epic historic battles of Ramadan, which changed the world.

In a world of “moderate Muslims” and other fools who run away from the mere thought of Jihad, the Islamic Emirate is honored to present a series reminding the world that Ramadan is not only the month of Qur’an and the month of fasting, but it is the month of victory for this Ummah, and for sure, Ramadan is the month of JIHAD.

That is the trailer, we’ll update as the featured battles are uploaded.*Update: The battle videos are actually just audio so we won’t post them, but you can watch/listen to them here.

In 2003, MEMRI documented historical Islamic battles taking place during Ramadan in a piece titled, “Escalation of Incitement to Violence During the Month of Ramadan“.

The month of Ramadan, the month of fasting, has a special status as the month of religious spirituality and devotion. However, in Muslim tradition it is also perceived as a month of Jihad, a month in which Allah grants military victories to His believers. [1] It was during Ramadan that Muslims triumphed in many battles throughout the history of Jihad for the sake of Allah – among them the battle of Badr in 624, [2] the conquest of Mecca in 630 and of Andalusia in 711, the battle of Al-Zallaqa (in Andalusia) in 1086, [3] the battle of Ein Jalut in 1260, [4] as well as the 1973 War (called The Ramadan War).

Given the historic religious and military significance of Ramadan, Islamist groups, as well as some mainstream Arab organizations, escalate incitement to terrorism during this period. [5] The following are several recent examples…

And for the apologists who will tell you that Islam does not condone jihad, refer them to this recent statement from a Saudi sheikh:

Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a member of the senior council of Wahhabi clerics responsible for writing Saudi school text books, states: “Slavery is part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad and jihad will remain as long as there is Islam. It has not been abolished.”

Arabic websites also promote Ramadan as the Month of Jihad and Conquest (in English here).

Update: The entire series of The Battles of Ramadan is now available on Youtube.

45 thoughts on ““Ramadan is the month of JIHAD” (video)

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  24. May Allah guide you all to the light of TRUTH, of which there is only one.
    The fact is that I hope you Christians and Jews and Idoloters come to understand that the battle against the lower desires that we as Muslims fight in our fast is an internal expression of the external Battle we fight against the lower desires that the Madison Ave Boys (or Mad Men, which they wish to make us all) use against us All, Muslim and Kafir alike. The fact is that Hollywood and madison ave want a degenerate society so that they can suck us all dry and set us against our selves. I suggest you try to fast like a Muslim, abstaining from food, drink, sexual activity, outbursts of rage and leaving all of your lower animalistic desires.

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  37. Do you think that Trump’s upcoming Ramadan dinner……will make all Trump “meetings” ……..um, er, well, less impressive to the American people ? …. It will alter my feelings………..along the same level as when he agreed to “honor” the Obama/Australia muslim refugee deal….. I can’t even predict how I’ll feel when it actually happens……won’t be good….

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