Capitol Hill becomes mosque for Friday Islamic prayers

A new website for the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association details the room and time for Islamic prayers on Capitol Hill:

As we previously noted Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison stating here:

“…Muslim staffers on the hill meet for jummah prayers in a room under the dome of the Capitol…”

The group’s website also states the following:

For the primary benefit of Congressional Members and staffers, CMSA conducts briefings and issue forums on legislative and political issues that concern the Muslim American community and Muslim world…

CMSA produces religious and cultural programming that increases Congressional members, staffers and community members awareness of Muslim beliefs, traditions, historical narratives, and contributions to American culture…


Congressional briefing on the Gaza Humanitarian Crisis
Congressional briefing on the media’s use of “Islamophobic Language”
Weekly “Capitol Hill Jummah Prayer Service”
Annual Congressional Ramadan Iftar Reception
State Department Briefing on U.S. Public Diplomacy in the Muslim World
USAID Briefing on development programs in the Muslim World
Homeland.  Security Department Briefing on Muslim American Civil Rights Issues
“All DC-Area Muslim Summer Interns” Capitol Hill Reception
Resume collection for “Muslim American Congressional Resume Book”
Participation on panels at various symposium hosted by DHS, CAIR, MANA, etc.

Two of the groups mentioned were founded by or are unindicted co-conspirators to terrorist activities. CAIR – the unindicted co-conspirator to the Holy Land Hamas-funding case (of which defendants were found guilty); and MANA – founded by Siraj Wahhaj – an unindicted co-conspirator to the first World Trade Center bombing who sells audio recordings of his speeches preaching jihad.

The founder of the Congressional Muslim Staffers – Jameel-Aalim Johnson, former chief of staff to Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) – has been involved in inviting terror-linked individuals to speak on Capitol Hill in the past:

Why is a powerful congressman trying to pave the way for terror-linked speakers to appear on Capitol Hill?

The event, originally scheduled for August 11, would have taken place in the Cannon House Building Caucus Room had it not been for the last minute discovery of the terror-linked speakers that the DC-based Peace and Justice Foundation had invited to participate.

According to an article in The Muslim Link, the scheduling of the August conference had been handled by the chief-of-staff for Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY6), Jameel Alim Johnson.

For those aware of Islam’s lack of delineation between politics, religion and law (not to mention defense) but rather a ‘complete way of life’, these efforts at dawah to gain a political foothold align well with the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’.

Related, Video: Muslims convert U.S. Capitol into mosque

Update: CMSA’s entire website has been flushed down the memory hole, archives and all, after they were outed as having invited numerous terror-linked Muslims including Anwar al Awlaki to led “prayers”. Glad to have helped expose them, but they are still infiltrating operating on the Hill.

62 thoughts on “Capitol Hill becomes mosque for Friday Islamic prayers

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  2. Congress is costantly preventing the displaying of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, IN GOD WE TRUST, and similar Christian & Jewish religious references. But now they are allowing meetings of Islamic groups within the Capitol building.
    What has happened to the separation of Church & State? Or, “There shall be no government support of any religion”.
    No Christian prayer in schools, at sporting events sponsered by public schools, no singing of Hymns at Christmas, no Bible allowed in public schools, etc.
    I believe there is a message here for all Americans.
    It is, as Obama the messiah said, “This is not a christian nation” anymore because our federal government is purposefully replacing it with Islam which I believe is Obama’s & obviously other congressmen’s basic belief.
    Warning to all those in power heed the saying “GOD is not mocked” & “There shall be no other GODS before ME”.

  3. obama didn’t even go to the national day of prayer with all christians or the breakfast all presidents go to. why would this be a surprise to anyone? This man doesn’t believe in GOD the people he has placed in power should be a clue to most. I just saw a poll that is unbelievabe to me 60% of voters believe he is ethical HELLO. I don’t know who runs these things or the people they poll. I have had a saying for years GOD WILL ALWAYS GET YOU IN THE END, I BELIEVE he is getting very tired of these IDIOTS who want to dismiss HIM and guess what IT AIN’T GONNA FLY.

  4. You people should be ashamed of your self. What happend to freedom of Religion. So what if they were Muslims or Hindu? Everyone has the right to pray to who ever he chooses. You are all part of the FAR-Right racist, Timothy Mcvaigh, KKK, Hate this, and Hate that Band Wagon.

    May God have Mercy on your souls

  5. 1. Islam is not a race so the absurd notion that this is somehow racist reflects on your own ignorance or an intentional attempt to change the subject
    2. No one has stated anyone doesn’t have a right to pray yet you ignore the obvious links to Muslims with intolerant views
    3. You must be part of the Far Left that always cries racism when they disagree with others yet belong to a party that has a long history of being on the wrong side of civil rights

  6. My Reply to Creeping:

    1- I am not a lefty, and have voted republican.
    2- I have been in many countries around the world, and I met people from all religion, race and creed there. More than you have ever known.
    3- I met many Muslims all my life. They were the most generous, kindest people i have ever come to know.
    4- Not all Muslims are Jihadist or terrorist, as not all Whites are racist. Can you at least comprehend that ???.
    5- Do you know any Muslim? Have you ever been to a Muslim house?

    • Your own ignorance and racist tendencies are more obvious with each additional comment…answer your own questions by reading the many posts here written by Muslims. As long as there is 1 Muslim who adheres to the Quranic teachings of jihad and seeks to spread Islamic sharia law in the U.S., we will continue to expose them and keep writing.

  7. Dear Proud to be an American:
    I vote for who I think is best to do the job, and always conservative. creeping is correct, even though you think Muslems are wonderful and I have known enough to see some are good and some I don’t trust as far as I can toss them. You need to do some research outside your wonderful travels (Gulliver) and report back as to what you think their goals are, say all over Europe and in the US. If after your vast research you don’t see problems with Islam and Sharia Law, then there is no futher reason to waste words talking to you. Some (many) people have tunnel vision and I am not sure there is a cure.

  8. To Conrad Vincent and Creeping:

    You gentalmen both come the same school of thought that argued that “if we let Black people vote, and have the same rights as whites then African culture and Vodo will take over our Christian nation”.

    It is quite obvious that you both are ignorant, and live on fear and teaching fear of others. I know what Islam is, and its teachings as well as Christianity, Judaisim, Hindusim and many others faiths.

    Islam just like Christianity, and Judiasim has violent verses in its teachings..

    I do recall the day, when the KKK used the bible to justify slavery, and the Baptist church preached segregation of races.

    Examples of Violence from the Bible and the Torah:

    – A child who hits or curses his parents must be executed. 21:15, 17

    – If an ox gores someone due to the negligence of its owner, then “the ox shall be stoned, and his owner shall be put to death.”. 21:29

    – Whoever puts holy oil on a stranger shall be “cut off from his people.” 30:33

    – Those who break the Sabbath are to be executed. 31:14

    I can keep going on if you like, but i think you get my point. You are both obviously old angry White men, unsure of your future status in the age of Globalization. And when i speak Globalization, i mean not just economics.

    • PTBAA

      While those verses may exist in the Bible and the Torah, there is a glaring difference between those holy books and the quran. Many muslims follow the hate and violence within the quran to the letter, Jews and Christians do not take the verses in the Bible and Torah literally. Christianity and Judaism have evolved, Islam has not, it is still stuck in the 7th century.
      No reformation during the 1,200 years of Islam’s existence, so pardon me if I don’t get my hopes up any time soon that it ever will.

    • You err about Christianity, Proud to be American. It is founded on Christ Jesus, and His teachings. HE fulfilled the laws, Christians are free of LAW, and free to have a relationship with Christ. There were laws during the Old Testament that were necessary for that time….sometimes laws I do not understand. As a Christian, I am to turn the other cheek. You may know Old Testament Bible teachings, but obviously do not grasp Jesus’ teachings. Otherwise, you would see a world of difference between Muslim teachings and Christian teachings. Granted, not all Muslims practice their Koran, or they all would be violent. Just as not all “Christians” practice the Bible, so are not really CHRISTian.

  9. Lets get updated on this country’s religious beliefs, primarily Christian & Judao. Neither of these believe in slavery, dishonesty, murder, child abuse, rape, stealing, lying etc. The basic tenants found in the ten commandments which is also one of the corner-stones of our constitution.
    We also believe that we do have some GOD given freedoms which are beyond the control even of the most powerfull, honest & civilized form of government.
    Proof: people from every other country in this worl, and maybe even other worlds, are literally dying to get here to enjoy our many unbelieveable freedoms.
    GOD bless America, as long as we cling to our bibles and beliefs.

  10. I agree with you charles Checkley that this country was founded on religious beliefs. It is a great country and the greateset nation in the past 100 years. But since you are talking history, slavery my dear brother was part of our history as well, so was segregation. The massacre of the Native americans. Just like any other great nations (Rome, and Persia) we should realize the good and the bad. Learn from it, and not repeat it.

    Freedom is a God given right. What Creeping and Charles were saying is that all Muslims are terrorists, based on what Al-Qaeda says among other Militant organizations. They are fear mongering individuals who want to blame the world troubles on All Muslims.

    • Clearly our initial hunch was correct and ‘Proud to be an American’ is intentionally lying and stating complete falsehoods and attributing them to this site.

      No where do we say that all Muslims are terrorists and certainly no where have we ever blamed all the worlds troubles on all Muslims. Again, read through the site – there are plenty of posts written by Muslims, plenty of links to Muslim sites, Islamic texts, and every story is linked to original source.

      What is also clear is that you are not truly proud to be an American and in fact, based upon where your posts are coming from, it appears you may not even be an American but working on behalf of a foreign agency and using United States Senate web servers. Your English language skills suggest otherwise as well.

      If you want to lie – go somewhere else. If you want to lecture – lecture those who have yet to correct their evil deeds like Arab Muslims who were engaged in slavery long before the United States existed and they enslaved not only black Africans, but Caucasians as well. Slavery is still rampant in the Middle East and Asia to this day.

  11. Can you come on my radio show today around 5:00 and discuss this issue.

    I am sick about it.

    The Daily Report with Colonel Ray
    4-6 CST Mon – Fri
    710 KURV Talk Radion McAllen, TX

    Toll free call-in 800-580-8255

  12. I have to say and an American Muslim Convert, and abroad. I would love to be apart of this to show that America and Islam can coexist. To me it’s so funny when I hear thing like that America and Islam are enemies. America was founded on the Ideas to worship as those founding father wanted to and not to be forced to worship like the “Mother Land” so doesn’t that mean that anyone who can get a permit and prey on the “lawn” Doesn’t that me that the Christians can hold a services there? Well they are in time square. What about native Americans, Jewish, or other religions. To be honest I would be happy if all of Us American prayed on one day many different religions. That to me would show people of the world that American can stand together and show a united front on the world of terrorism that we Americans as a nation are strong. But I guess that is just a dream! I can hear the whisper of a man from the past “I have a Dream” ah! and he wasn’t Muslim!

    I would like to add also that I am a White woman, and a very proud American. I am proud that my father who served 4 tours in Vietnam. Who came back a broken man and is still so today, a vet because of the false leading of a nation and war. That I also see in the gulf war, and in the Iraq war. I still love this land and tell my children that I hope that they go in to a branch of service in American because I believe that strengthens that bond with our home land. That we as one Nation should stand strong to protect or Home land against those who want to hurt her.

    I love my land and stand up for it as my land just as my forefather who where Native American and got booted from their land. For the sake of peace.

    Also I have traveled around the world, and there are many people who are Muslim that don’t want to hurt American. But sadly there are this idiots who hide behind the name of Islam who say holy war, which is not now.(I won’t say Jihad, because Jihad is a personal struggle and not war with people) Those who hid behind in name only, Will face Allah on the judgment day and will have to explain why they made the name of Islam/Peace, into something other then what it was. Islam and peace was taught along with all the prophets of the Quran, Bible and Torah, As a Muslim I must believe in all three as I do, and not to insult others. Also saying that this verse is violent as in all three Holy books, people pick them out of context and display them as they want and not in the true meaning

    And just as the Prophet Mohammad, Jesus, Moese and Abraham, who wanted peace for this world, as do I and as do many Muslims, Jewish, Christians, and many other faiths. This will not happen along as we divide on principles and attack each other and have the “I am better then you syndrome”, or the “superior complex”. I pray for all of you that God will help you see the truth, and not to spread the hate and problem.

  13. No such thing as a Allah, there is only one God! Our heavenly father, the creature of the universe. Until you understand that God says that there are to be no other gods before me, you are destined for hell. Please don’t reject Jesus, hell is not where you want to be, people don’t understand the terror, the darkness, the tourment that is going to take place for eternity, you will feel every stab, every sting. There will be no relief, you will pray for death, but it will not come. Jesus is the only way. Please repent from your sins and accept Jesus Christ before it’s too late. We do not know the hour of His return.
    Love in Christ

  14. ”It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.” Patrick Henry

  15. Do Christians have a place to pray under the Dome? If not, then Muslims shouldn’t either. Plain and simple. If you want to use the argument of Seperation of Church and State, wich isn’t in the Constitution, then no one may pray on government grounds. If those few in Government are pushing for Islamic prayers to be held and no Christians allowed to do so then they are sponsoring a religion by the State. This goes against our founding principles and the Constitution. Because the Constitution DOES say that the Government may not establish a religion. Or is it shall not? Anyway you get the gist.

    WE ARE RIGHT! YOU ARE WRONG! END OF STORY! (Andrew Wilkow, Sirius channel 144, 11:00-1:00 CDT

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  17. First things first, “Allah” is the arabic word for God. When someone says Allah, they are saying God. Muslims believe in God just as Christians and Jews do and they all believe in the same god plain and simple. They merely have differing methods of worshiping God. Allah is an arabic word that when translated into english is the word God. God in Arabic=Allah, Allah in English=God. The reason that there is a place for Muslims to meet on capitol hill is out of respect for the faith. The traditional day of worship for Muslims (Friday) falls during the work week. There is no doubt that if the christian day of worship fell during the work week then there too would be a place for them as well. Do you think it is an accident that all government institutions are closed on the traditional jewish and christian days of worship? Do you think it is an accident that schools are closed on saturday and sunday? How about the fact that EVERYTHING is closed on christmas? Do you think that anything was closed or delayed because of Ramadan or Eid? And you all want to talk about catering to a particular religion? You all feel threatened by something that you know absolutely nothing about. F.Y.I: not everything that you read on the internet is true. Just because you see images in the media or hear about it in the media does not mean that you are justified in your preconceived notions and your hatred. Islam is an arabic word that means submission, submission to the will of God. Muslim is an arabic word that means submitter. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” i do not believe that congress passed any law respecting an establishment of religion. “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” so by allowing congressional staffers to observe there religious obligations while they are at work they are NOT prohibiting the free exercise of their religion. Please do not attack Islam when you have no knowledge of the faith and we are speaking about firsthand knowledge not hearsay(unverified, unofficial information gained or acquired from another and not part of one’s direct knowledge)

    • Allah may mean God in English but that does not make them the same nor does it make them compatible. For starters, Allah permits the killing of infidels, the beating of wives, multiple wives, he instructs Muslims not to take Jews & Christians as friends, and urges Muslims to fight until there is only Islam…and the list goes on…we won’t even get into Muhammid

      You are an apologist for your co-religionists who do want sharia and who commit acts of terrorism to please Allah. You employ the same double standard most Islamists employ – you don’t want non-Muslims talking about Islam and exposing its intolerant ways simply because they are non-Muslims and don’t have “first hand knowledge” but you attempt to talk about other religions as if you had first hand knowledge – which you can not, without being an apostate (for which Allah requires death).

      Muslims are 1% of population in U.S. and yes you do get school holidays, you have the president kiss your ass non-stop, you have Ramadan and iftar dinners at the White House while your co-religionists continue to plot terrorist attacks on our country. You have more amenities in the US then you get in Islamic countries (foot baths), prayer rooms, etc. etc. Again 1% of the population. IF you are allowed to become 10, 20, 50% of the population then what?

      In Muslim countries your fellow Muslims afford non-Muslims little if any rights? You have no secular constitutions – you have Islamic sharia law and non-Muslims are treated as dhimmi’s. Muslims are fleeing Islamic countries to the West because sharia law and Islam are failures – both spiritually, economically, militarily, politically – it is a failed ideology. Yet they don’t know how to life freely and so bring sharia with them. Like communism, nazism, socialism, marxism it is a failure. Only more violent and with less regard for human life.

  18. The only thing mentioned about other religions was the christian and jewish day of rest and the fact that christmas is a national holiday. The point was being made that all religions are catered to in this country. And by the way that iftar dinner is a tradition that was started under the previous president. Again you know nothing of islam. Every claim you stake is not based in the religion of islam but is based on the traditions and cultures of certain peoples. There are no issues with a person speaking about islam. However, there are issues with spreading lies about fellow human beings and spreading hate towards fellow human beings. But i don’t suppose you consider a muslim to be a human being. There is no sense in trying to reason with someone so full of hate. May peace be upon you. I bear witness that there is no god but the One God

  19. Creeping makes a good point. As long as there is even 1 Muslim who believes that slaying infidels, imposing Jizya, beating wives, etc. are justified as divine injunctions since they are in the Quran, the threat still exists. All these Muslim apologists and/or leftists commenting here either have no clue about the Islam Muhammad preached and practiced, and its bloody, savage and inhumane spread, or conveniently choose to turn a blind eye to it. But that is human nature. It takes a lot of courage for a person to admit that he/she might be following a faith that is inherently fascist, violent and intolerant, and has spread through bloodshed and lies. Unfortunately Islam neither preaches honor and courage, nor does it allow logical questioning. Any attempt at reform, even by Muslims themselves, is met with absolute hostility and death threats under apostasy.

    The bracketing together of Hindu with Muslim is a sorry attempt by “Proud to be American” to soften the reality of Islamic terrorism worldwide, and particularly in the west, where even second-third generation children of Muslim immigrants have been found guilty of involvement in terrorist activities against the very country they were born in and which gave them and their parents a better life, and more opportunities. While there is a significant Hindu population in the west as well, no Hindu has gone blowing himself up in the London subway, flying planes into NY skyscrapers, or gang-raping teenage girls in Sydney suburbs, to point out only a few of the never-ending list of activities Muslims “proud” of their host country, have been found guilty of. Hindus have contributed to every host society they are in, while maintaining their own culture at the same time. The same can be said of Jewish, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh communities as well. Speaking of Jews, lets not forget that in spite of Germany persecuting Jews in the most abhorrent manner possible during WW2, no Jew has gone planting bombs or blowing himself/herself up in any German city, in the name of some Jewish prophet of God. Muslims however have a huge problem integrating with their host society owing to the intolerance, violence, fascism, and dogma of domination, inherent in their faith.

    Pride on one’s country, be it the country of birth, the country of origin, or the country of residence is a reflection of one’s actions. And the actions of one’s community as a whole. Using patriotic pseudonyms on one hand, and supporting entities which plot and work against one’s country on the other hardly qualifies though. It in fact reflects the inherent totalitarian, regressive, unethical and immoral nature of the ideology which condones legerdemain and deception, along with intolerance, violence and bloodshed, as a means for its ultimate domination and ascendancy and eventual extinction of all else.


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  23. Allah is the name of a pagan god. The Arabic word for god is “illah” and not allah. Most muslims will not tell the thruth about what islam is and what it wants.

    The Quran has passages that were copied from christian texts and added with Jewish wisdom.

    When a muslim states that “if you kill one human you kill humanity” and that it is stated in the Quran please bear in mind that this was something Muhammed said when quoting an old Jewish statement.

    Not I have read this (very sad) article and now I now that I will never want to immigrate to the US whenever I want to flee from the barbaric muslims that try to take over Europe.

  24. This will be one of severals capitilations to the greatest danger humanity is facing since this evil came forth out of mohammed’s stinking head. Muslim Obama and his politics will embrace islam and punisch the ones appossing this new nazism. We have to prepare for bad times to come. We have our enermies at our midst, using all kinds of tactics to win this stealth war against islam. Wake up!!

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  26. hey Proud.. when you say ‘May God have Mercy on your souls’ to what God do you refer ? allah ? he was just a pedophile and you don’t have eye witness reports of his life on earth after death like the ‘in the beginning’ God who created everything ( even allah, budda ++) Yes the God who came in the flesh and dwelt with us on earth. The only God who gives those that believe a free gift of eternal life with Him in heaven. IF we simply believe in Him. IF we first believe, then it would behoove to read His instruction book.
    hint to all here: allah has many names:satan, lucifer, moon god (hence the moon symbol on every mosque) he is the ‘god’ of hate and you not see that in islam ? more info here

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  30. I probably won’t live to see it, but, I sadly see a line drawn in the sand and another American civil war coming. In the least I see riotous unrest likened to that of the 60s.

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  33. I am digusted by what is happening to our country. Once BO was elected, it was like putting out the welcome mat for sharia. And “Proud”: Your taqiyya is showing.

  34. a.b. God is not your Allah. God sent his son to us to live and die in the flesh for all who believe. He does not say to kill all the unbelievers. He does not say to beat wives. He did not rape children or behead people. And please don’t bring up Old Testament battles. The Old Testament is a history, not a guide to life for Christians. Our guide is The Golden Rule.

    You say we do not know Islam. You do not know the American heart or courage. But you may find out in this coming decade. First we will get rid of the imposter in the White House. Then the changes will begin.

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  44. Some observations after reading many posts here: I am disappointed with the tone of comments here. If you call yourself a follower of Christ, you should be charitable and respectful to ALL at all times. Personally, I’m not sure WHAT to think of Muslims (my daily routine does not bring me in contact much with them, but)…I certainly have met some who are wonderful …at the same time, I wonder if the ones here in the U.S. are trying to keep a low profile until such time as they have enough voters to get more of their people “in,” and then…who knows WHAT will come out in the open. I’ve been disappointed that when I hear of Muslim terrorist acts, the peaceful Muslims don’t speak out…at least I have not heard their voices speak up. Also…can’t help but CRINGE when I heard the Norway murderer described as a “Christian.”…Lord, have mercy! So there we have an example of someone who claims Christianity, but in no way reflects the thought process or behavior of a true follower of Christ.
    I appreciate the peaceful words from the Native American poster, earlier. beautiful!
    Finally, it DOES help to know, at least, that the reason for Friday prayer at the Capitol, is because Friday is the Muslim’s main day of prayer, etc., so there ARE those mitigating circumstances.
    …my 2 cents

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  47. For some Americans – all Muslims are terrorist. But they forget the fact that America itself is the biggest terrorist in the world! Just look back in the past century. How many innocent civilians were killed and are getting killed daily by America? World war 2, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam war, Korean War, Iraq war, Afghanistan war…. Are some of the terrorist acts of America against innocent. Did America find WOMD in Iraq? Did they find the killer bin Laden in Afghanistan? Most American easily forget the past. It is America who created Bin Laden and aided and abetted him against Russia in Afghanistan. So the root of all the problems in this world is America. America make terrors make terrorists, feed them and kill them when the same terrorists turns against them.. Most of the dictators in this world are living with the support of America! America is the leading Human Right violet er in the world, but no American talks about it.

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