Rifqa Bary spared, will stay in FL for now

Details at Atlas Shrugs:

Rifqa has been given a reprieve SHE WILL NOT BE SENT TO OHIO! Next hearing September 3rd at 2:30 p.m.

From TampaBay.com:

UPDATE — A judge ordered that Rifqa Bary remain in Florida for the next two weeks while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigates allegations of abuse.

The judge also ordered mediation between the members of the Bary family in Florida during that period.

A Sept. 3 court date was set to consider whether the Ohio teen can remain in Florida permanently.

Yet more disturbing is the all too familiar silence of the self-proclaimed largest Islamic civil rights group in the U.S. Atlas Shrugs has information indicating that rather than helping Rifqa Bary, CAIR – the unindicted co-conspirator to a Hamas funding case and currently under a RICO indictment for defrauding Muslims – is mobilizing a smear campaign against the 17-year old Muslim convert to Christianity.

Those of us who have been closely following Rifqa Bary’s tragic story have been keeping an eye on CAIR’s strange and scary  silence. The Islamist un-indicted co-conspirators are notoriously vocal on pushing issues that advance islamic supremacism. Rifqa Bary is a public relations nightmare for Islamist groups, as her plea validates everything that scholars like Ibn Warraq, Robert Spencer, Dr. Andrew Bostom, Wafa Sultan, etc., have written and said.

CAIR plans a PR attack on this young victim. Barbarossa here:

But a source who was inside a secret strategy meeting conducted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) earlier this week has conveyed the strategy that the media’s favorite Islamist group has devised to respond to the ongoing public relations crisis. According to my source who attended the strategy session, CAIR officials handed out copies of this Orlando Sentinel article and want supporters to push the meme that Christians have brainwashed and abducted this gullible teenage girl. They have also instructed supporters to circulate rumors that Rifqa had been carousing with infidel boys and engaged in acts of immorality. This CAIR strategy takes the focus off the near-universal Islamic legal precepts and Quranic injunctions that demand death for apostates and impugns the character of the innocent girl at the center of this controversy who appears to be in genuine fear for her life if she is returned to her parents.

If true, in the context of Islamic honor killings, how close is this to incitement to murder?

Update from the Jawa Report that may corroborate the CAIR attack strategy:

Newspaper execs held media strategy seminar for extremist Ohio mosque in Rifqa Bary case

7 thoughts on “Rifqa Bary spared, will stay in FL for now

  1. Wow…again guilt has already been placed with the parents by everyone here…I am not sure how you all came to that decision..but I can guess that from the fact that you have already tried this case your next step logical step will be to take all muslim children away from there parents cause there is the possibility of danger…lets look only at the fact that they are muslim and nothing else.

    Apostasy in Islam: you seem to have set in stone what Islam says…has anyone done any research or have you been just listening to what everyone else is saying…at the least please go to wikipedia and look it up (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apostasy_in_Islam)It gives you at least a well rounded look at it. To summarize it mentions that the Quran mentions that apostates will be dealt in the afterlife by god citing many references.

    It does also state that in Islamic Sharia Law that the penalty for Apostasy is death. Please note that in Sharia Law this is something determined by what is the likes of a court. No father can choose to kill there daughter at home for any reason. Islamic law states that in the absence of such a court the the Law of the Land. It also references the case of Salman Rushdi a very famous Apostasy case. He was caught in Iran in 2006 (you will remember this is the man who wrote a book saying some very bad things about out Prophet (PBUH)) So was he killed like a rabid dog? No…he was released for being mentally incompetent….funny how the threat to him in 1989 was all over the American Media but this relatively unnoticed (even I didnt know until reading it here)

    Rifqa’s claim: The only way I can get you to understand that a claim isnt the truth us perhaps by using this example: Is every Christian Clergy or Minister accused of Child molestation guilty? After all as a human being if I was put in a state of Celebacy there are going to be some serious human biological needs that need to be met. The media has shown me enough examples of this (although now I believe the Media is treating it as old news and the norm so not the shocker as it was at one point) So…is every claim true??

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  3. yeahyeah – it sounds like you are defending Islamic ideal of honor killing as if the guy had already killed her…fortunately, like abusive parents of any religion in the U.S., when there are obvious signs and risk of abuse and even death, the child is protected…we’ll see if future courts agree…until then, you stick with Wikipedia and we’ll give our regular readers a more reliable source, Wafa Sultan:

    I will keep writing articles and books on the topic of Muslim Law, Sharia, until the West fully understand that threat to their way of life and that Islamic Sharia and democracy cannot co-exist.

    The following are some laws on apostasy in mainstream Sharia books:

    1- Apostates are to be given three days to repent and return to Islam. If s/he refuses, s/he is immediately killed. All Sharia books agree unanimously on this point. (Hanafi law in general, Shafi’i law f1.3, Hanbali law (from Al Mughni), Maliki law and Codified Islamic law).

    2- It is obligatory for the califph to ask him to repent and return to Islam. If he does, it is accepted from him, but if he refuses, he is immediately killed.

    3- There is no indemnity for killing an apostate (O: or any expiation, since it is killing someone who deserves to die)

    4- Testimony of apostates is not admissible.

    5- An apostate does not inherit from Muslim parents.

    6- Marriage of an apostate is immediately dissolved if the spouse is and remains Muslim.

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  5. creeping – the points you provided seem to indicate courts & rulers being involved in the decision to execute someone. You did not provide anything to support a father making the decision to kill his child as being lawful, required or even allowable…

    As I’ve stated in many other blogs, the girl & her family are Sri Lankan Muslims. They are descendants of Merchant traders and are some of the most moderate and liberal Muslims in the world. Barbaric practices in the middle east or Africa are not relevant in this case and in those areas of the world it is due to tribalism and not Islam.

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