Chele Kula: Tower of Skulls

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Read the story about “Chele kula” under the photograph of the monument…

In spring 1809, during the first Serbian Uprising ugainst Turkish occupation, about 12,000 rebel Serbs advanced toward Nish. The town, established by Romans as Naissus, was defended by a Turkish garrison. The town was besieged by the Serb liberators.

But, a few days later, the Turks rushed some 40,000 soldiers from Bulgaria. The main Turkish attack was toward Mount Chegar held by Serbian duke Stevan Sindjelic with some 3,000 men and 4 cannons. Completely surrounded, the Serbs fought bitterly the overwhelming Turkish force. When it was certain that the Turks will overpower the remaining Serb fighters and when they broke, en masse, in the small fortres, the Serbian Duke Sindjelic fired his pistol at an ammunition depot. All the Serbs and countless Turks died in the blast.

Unable to revenge and eager to break the rebellious spirit of the Serbs the Turkish pasha (commander) of Nish ordered a monument to be built. The heads of Sindjelic fallen men were cut, skinned and stuffed with cotton in Istambul. Then construction of a tower begun. The sculls were inserted in the outside walls, alternating with bricks. There were 56 rows of 17 scalls each. A total of 952 Serbian sculls.

This “Tower of Sculls” (known as “Chele Kula”) is a UNIQUE MONUMENT of the Islamic barbarity. IT CAN STILL BE SEEN AT ITS PLACE IN SERBIA. The Christian Serbs raised a church round the monument…

A few years latter the Serbs rebelled again. This time the rebellion was succesful and the Serbian nation, WITHOUT HELP FROM ANYONE reached its freedom.

Chopping of Serbian heads remained though, the most favourite way Muslims dealth with Serbs. Countless photographs of Croatian Nazi, called Ustashi, and their WWII Muslim helpers show them as holding a freshly chopped-off Serbian head.

The same repeated in the recent civil wars in ex-Yugoslavia. Once again Serbian heads were a war trophy. This time Islam fundamentalists, jihad fighters from round the world, invited by Mr. Izetbegovic are shown on photographs holding chopped of Serbian heads.

For the Christian Serbs there is no other cheek to turn… Let Muslims live on the land where they used to live before the war as majority. Let all the sides to the conflict negotiate WITHOUT “neutral” Western negotiators (who bombed Serbs and Serbs only – for sake of Muslims).

(much more at the links included, from various sources online, or at your local library)

6 thoughts on “Chele Kula: Tower of Skulls


    Next week is the fifth anniversary of the almost forgotten Beslan atrocity. The full story was never published at the time.

    In particular, the Islamic involvement was censored. The MSM never reported the child-rapes or other typically Islamic aspects, even though the children were being knifed to shouts of ‘Allah Akhbar’.

    The full uncensored story can be found in the links under ‘BESLAN – Child rape, torture and ritual murder’ at The Religion of Peace™ Subject Index

    Could all bloggers please help to spread the truth about this massacre to warn the public of the truly Satanic vileness of this predatory murder-cult.

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  3. Don´t blame modern Bosniaks for Ottoman crimes. I´ve checked out the Serb yarn about the Bosnia war. Premier Izetbegovic.was forced to declare the independence of Moslem Bosnia because the population felt unsafe as a minority within a nationalist Serbia. But first Izetbewgovic tried every possible way of avoiding the declaration of independence (through negotiations with Serbia), which the Serbs had announced would be a casus belli.
    The role of jhihadis in the Bosnian war has been greatly exaggerated. The Bosniaks didn´t even want them. They were injected onto Bosnian soil by the Croat secret police just to embarrass the Bosniaks. The role they played was minor. In any case, the numbers prove the overwhelming military superiority of the Serbs: about 90% of civilians killed in Bosnia during the war were killed by Serbs.
    There is absolutely no truth to the Serb legend of an allegedly fundamentalist Izetbegovic. He was a decent democratic politician who happened to be a Mohammedan.

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