50,000 Muslims expected for Islamic prayer on Capitol Hill

Update: Event organizers incl. lawyer for 1993 WTC bombers & imam who wants to Islamize democracy and paint the White House black!

The news Creeping Sharia broke to you first here back in July. It won’t be the first “jummah” on Capitol Hill either – as we’ve reported here and here.

Details are emerging on the mass outdoor Islamic prayer event that will turn Capitol Hill into a giant outdoor mosque. The Star Ledger out of New Jersey reports the mosque organizing the event is the Dar-ul-Islam* mosque in Elizabeth, New Jersey and the event has a website.


September 25 ,2009 Jummah Prayer

On Capitol Hill

50,000 believers in the Greatness of Allah praying for the greater good of all people.


The Athan will be chanted on Capitol Hill, echoing off of the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and other great edifices that surround Capitol Hill


This ominous image above is also on the website and depicts two hands shaking in front of the Preamble to the United States Constitution on one page and what appears to be a page from the Qur’an on the opposite page (verses/subject are about how “allah” created the human race). One of the hands is colored red, white, and blue while the other hand is covered in what appears to be Arabic writing (same topic). Below the image it reads ISLAM & on what red block and AMERICA on a separate block. Coupled with the ‘OUR TIME HAS COME’ imagery throughout the website, one has to wonder what all this actually intends to portray. (If anyone can blow the image up without losing clarity, let us know) DONE

*Dar al Islam – house/home of Islam/submission or the areas of the world ruled by Islamic sharia law as opposed to dar al Harb – house/home of war or the areas of the world not ruled by Islamic sharia law or not submitting to Islam.


According to the website, there will also be an “official event banquet”, “private events”, and there are already 500 buses reserved.

Dar ul-Islam is soliciting sponsorship packages which suggests this may be a live, televised event.  One of the events sponsors is an unindicted co-conspirator to the 1993 World Trade Center bombings and pro-jihad speaker Siraj Wahhaj. Wahhaj whom we’ve reported on previously including links to his audio tapes on jihad – has already sponsored 50 buses.

And checking Dar ul-Islam’s website, there last guest speaker was none other than Muhammad Al-Qatanani who we’ve also reported on previously. The DHS-friendly imam who lied on his immigration papers about being in an Israeli jail for being part of the terrorist group Hamas. Like, Wahhaj, he too has made inflammatory remarks on audio, including calling followers of Jesus hypocrites condemned to hellfire. Yet we are too believe that Dar ul-Islam’s “Our time has come” Islamic prayers and dawah on Capitol Hill is an inter-faith affair?

Star Ledger report below the fold.


A mosque in Elizabeth, Dar-ul-Islam, is spearheading a national prayer gathering next month in Washington, D.C., that organizers are billing as the first event of its kind — organized prayer for tens of thousands of Muslims outside the U.S. Capitol building.

The event will not include political speeches or placards, just prayer, said Hassen Abdellah, president of Dar-ul-Islam and a main organizer of the event, which is scheduled for Sept. 25.

A permit from the Capitol Hill police, granted July 28, allows access to the area by the West Front of the Capitol building from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sept. 25, but the main gathering will occur at 1 p.m., for the Friday prayer service.

Abdellah said he expects 50,000 people to attend, from mosques around the country, though non-Muslims are welcome, too. About 400 people are expected from his own mosque, which is raising money from donors to help pay the cost of the event, expected to surpass $200,000.

The gathering will occur by the site where presidents have been inaugurated since 1981. In fact, it was President Obama’s words at his inauguration in January, and then his speech in Egypt in June, that led Abdellah and an area imam, Abdul Malik, to begin discussing the idea, Abdellah said.

“For the first time in my lifetime,” Abdellah said, “I heard someone of his stature speaking about Islam and Muslims not in an adversarial sense, but in the sense of being welcome and acknowledging we are integral citizens in the society — that we’re gainfully employed, we’re educated.”

“He said he had his hand open to the Islamic world,” he said. “The Islamic world wants to open their hand and shake it.”

The website set up for the event, islamoncapitolhill.com, features a logo with a red, white and blue hand shaking a light brown hand, with the words to the preamble of the Constitution and a page of Arabic text in the background.

Mosque members have been working since July to organize the event, through e-mails, phone calls and visits to mosques and Muslim Students Associations in different states.

“People didn’t look to Dar-ul-Islam to organize this,” Abdellah said. “No one called us and asked us to do it. We decided to do it on our own.”

Organizers said they have not decided who will lead the prayer and give the sermon at the event, but that it is unlikely to be a major figure in the American Muslim world.

“This is not about personalities,” Abdellah said. “We don’t want personalities involved. The personality for this event is the prophet Muhammad.”

Among the participating mosques is the Islamic Society of Central Jersey, a South Brunswick organization that is donating $10,000 and sending a busload of members.

Its president, Aly A. Aziz, said too many Americans automatically associate Islam with terrorism, and that the event is a way to “expose Americans to how the Muslims pray.”

[Translated – we don’t want personalities already associated with and who support terrorism associated with this group – too late, Siraj Wahhaj is already associated with the event. Exposing Americans can be translated into Islamic dawah.]

“Yesterday I was viewed as a terrorist,” he said, “and today I’ve been given a permit on Capitol Hill to come and pray in a spirit of unity.”

Read it all via Elizabeth mosque organizes national prayer event in D.C. – NJ.com.

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144 thoughts on “50,000 Muslims expected for Islamic prayer on Capitol Hill

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  2. Like it or not, our Constitution guarantees this freedom for Muslims, as well as Christians, Jews, and all other religions. How can we support our Constitution and yet not want it to apply to Muslims?

  3. There are Hindu, Buddhist, SIkh, immigrants in the west as well. But somehow its only the Muslims who keep causing all the trouble. While, ideally there is nothing wrong in Muslims gathering in a free country, can Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, etc., gather in such numbers in an Islamic country? All this interfaith, multi-culturalism is just a sham, while plotting and waiting for Dar-al-Harb (land of Kaffirs, or land of sword) to become Dar-al-Islam (land of Islam). And when that happens, I would like to see Islamic tolerance. Unfortunately, the self-righteous leftists won’t be around to save us then.

  4. When will you spoiled liberal americans understand there are those of us who know what Islam has done, so we keep an eye on what islam does now and based on all that we can make an educated guess what Islam will do in the future.
    1.5 million christians were killed in 1915 when turkish followers of islam in the govt decided turkey should be entirely populated by followers of Islam.
    Christians in areas with larger Islamic populations are jailed & killed on a regular basis & you dont hear of it because even the media knows what happens to followers who turn on Islam. A christian was just killed in lebanon after a next door muslkim accused him of some trasgression against Islam, HE WAS STONED ON THE SPOT, NO TRIAL, NO MIRANDA WARNING.
    By the way you are right about torture, they dont torture our guys when captured, they just cut their heads off! Just know this, the koran tells its followers “you may kill innocent women & children if it is for the glory of islam” and “if you sacrifice your own life for islam you will be rewarded with wealth & 72 virgins”.
    The last time i looked only the devil thinks its okay to kill innocent women & children & only the devil has always paid money to take your soul when you die.

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  6. Please, America, wake up and fight against islam, and socialism. I live in England and have always thought that you’d be there to reverse the evil that is taking grip in the world. Unfortunately, I remember that Political Correctness originated on your University campuses. I never thought that it would cross over to my country. But it did. However, you managed to still elect Presidents who were pragmatic. Now, I despair that you have finally lost your way. And the likes of me in England are bereft. Who do we turn to now for salvation; not our own politicians, that’s for sure. Where in the world is there a haven of civilisation that I can safely move to?

  7. What a strange religion Islam is ! The reward for a suicide bomber is 72 virgins and 21 boys( are they for the women or the men) . Islam is just like a rule book with all kinds of do’s and don’ts .

  8. Seems like we have a problem on both sides of the Atlantic, like it or not islam is set on taking over the world. Thanks to the internet this is now available to see for yourself, if you wish to know the future of your country & my own country just look at any other country in the world where islam has set root. Are our leaders so short sighted they dont see that islam is not here by accident. islam has never co-existed along side any other culture on earth ‘do you think we will be any different’.
    We need to stand together & say NO! here in the UK we only have one political party who will stand against the growth of islam thats the BNP.
    For that reason alone they have my vote & many like me.
    Now remember… ‘all that is needed for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing’.

  9. I know for sure I won’t be riding a bus or subway that day. One of them is bound to be a mad suicide bomber.

    Funny, when Presbyterians, Jews, or even Hindus gather I’m not afraid. But when this many moslems get together, I’d rather NOT be around.

  10. Islam is not just a religion. It is a religion, a form of government, and a life style. If you were as smart as the lame school system would have you believe you are, you would know this and understand that to be a good Muslim you would have to be a bad American and to be a good American you would have to be a bad Muslim. The two can not co-exist without Islam slowly taking over everything. Washington, Jefferson, Adams and the rest are spinning in their graves. God help us all.

  11. Below is the fate of the followers of Islam, the false prophet of Satan and Satan himself, don’t forget all of you, to remind God of His Word, this He likes, He likes to be reminded of what He said and that you believe it. Be a pest.
    “And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies assembled to make war against Him(the Lord Jesus) who sat on the horse and against His army(the Gentile Saints and Israel).
    And the beast was seized, and with him the false prophet who performed the signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image; these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire which burns with brimstone. And the rest were killed with the sword which came from the mouth (the Word of God) of Him who sat on the horse, and all the birds were filled with their flesh.” Rev. 19:19.
    Don’t just sit there, get moving! God can’t steer a parked car!

  12. It’s ridiculous! The ten commandments of God are being asked to remove from Schools and for Government institutions but Muslims who were responsible for the twin tower tragedy and for killing many americans in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as in many gulf countries are given the opportunity to celebrate a govt. sponsored muslim festival.

    Why don’t they ask all the muslim countries to atleast permit christians go to church peacefully rather than to celebrate the christian events.

    Just few weeks back, hundreds of christians & their houses and churches were burnt down in Pakistan and many hundreds of christians, their houses and churches were burnt down in India too.

    PROTECT CHRISTIANITY – the nation whose foundation was based on Bible and christian standards! Look back and look up quickly or AMERICA WILL PERISH

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  14. The person posting this knows very little about Islam. Perhaps one day when you pick the Koran up and read it instead of Harry Potter, you will discover why so many people are driven by this wonderful religion. Billions of people can’t be wrong! Having 50,000 people pray on Capitol Hill is not a bad thing no matter what you might want to believe and spin in your webpage. Translations of the prayers are available in english, there is no excuse for you to not educate yourself on what you are attacking. You would not attack shakespears as evil without having read his books now would you??! You’d be surprised that the prayer basically is asking God for mercy and salvation from all that is evil, we pray for peace. Now tell me how can this be likened to praying to Satan? Your webpage filled with ignorant hate and rantings seems closer to the worship of evil, if I may say so. Christians and Jews have historically thrived in Islamic empires (this truth is so strong that even history could not be rewritten during the Spanish Inquisition to blot this fact out.)
    Why not take on a better cause, for example, well lets just say, against events such as ‘Gay Pride’. Where thousands of people dance to perverse and hedonistic images on trucks. Families walking past these trucks allowing their children to see X’ rated images on the streets of their cities. The Hypocrisy of your belief in what is wright and wrong is just overwhelming. You need to get yourself a passport, catch a flight out and travel a little and maybe just maybe you will blow some of that ignorance out of that little brain of yours. OR for Heavens sake, just sit there quietly in your corner of the world and have your Milkshake and Fries , but please don’t think! It’s just too embarrassing!

  15. Layla,, If islam would stay within its own borders, and when in anothers country to respect the laws & cultures of that country.
    Then the world would be a better place.
    Unfortunatly its not the case, ‘is it’.
    If you are from the UK, as i am, then you should be thinking seriously about the future of our children….
    This is a harsh reality, too harsh to be ignored.

  16. Layla,
    I wouldn’t call a religion that takes over everything it touches wonderful. I wouldn’t call a religion that destroys a boys arm for taking bread so he won’t starve wonderful. I wouldn’t call a religion that mutilates women’s sexual organs to keep her docile wonderful. I wouldn’t call a religion that teaches that it is ok to kill and even better to die doing it wonderful. I wouldn’t call a religion that wants to take over the entire planet and destroy all who will not submit wonderful.
    I’m not going to call you names because I’m a conservative and calling names is what liberals do second best. Looking down on others is what liberals do best. Although I must admit I’m tempted to call you names.
    Understand that from an academic point of view Islam can seem wonderful. However in the real world what you do is more important than what you say. You can say that it feels good when you are twisting a knife in someone’s back but it doesn’t and all the words in the world won’t take away the pain of the knife. This is why big O’s ratings are dropping; he has said many things and not done any of them. Oh, by the way he isn’t that good of a speaker either, he is a good teleprompter reader. Have a nice day.

  17. Chris from Devon, As a muslim I agree that the UK should be allowed to live according to the principles of their own faith and belief. I have as much hatred towards the ignorant ‘Mullahs’ that rant and rave in the UK as you. But, they do not represent most Muslims (although the media unjustly provides them with ALL the air time). In the Koran it is very clear, if a person is living as a ‘guest’ in another country then they should live respectfully within that country or leave. Again, I return to the point of ignorance. The majority of people following the muslim faith today, cannot read the Koran because it is in a classical Arabic script. Most rely on interpretation, and translation. Mostly,you will find that muslims just repeat what they are told in Koranic school without verifying the source. The Koran fully forbids any sort of mistreatment of any human, especially women. This is why more converts to ‘true’ Islam are coming from women, because it is a peaceful religion and they find the time to read!

    David, Yes in an academic world, Islam is wonderful and since I’m not interested in any other non-academic opinion of it, just as I am not interested in any non-academic opinion on any other religion, I cannot argue with your points. Can I recommend the translation of the Koran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali ( The meaning of the Holy Quran). Please critic and quote from source. At present you are quoting ignorant men who claim to be of the Islamic faith and, I am sorry to say that is a waste everyones time to be debating these ideas.

    Thank you for being a conservative and not calling me names.

  18. Such negativity about a wonderful event that peaceful American Muslims will have. Stop wasting your bad energy and tongue lashing! Stop being so paranoid of Muslims. Stop believing everything negative that you read about Muslims in the media. You’ll see that on September 25th the Muslims gathered will be God-loving, respectable people. Flush your negativity down the toilet. Yes, “our time has come” – means “our time has come for America to get to know us better as good, respectable, hard-working, patriotic Americans – many many of us BORN IN AMERICA.” Muslims can be patriotic Americans just like christians, jews, buddhists, etc. Have a blessed day.

    • Except for Layla the Islamic homophobe from the UK – if she attends there will be plenty of bad energy, particularly for those evil gay people she thinks should be killed according to Islamic sharia law.

      Another exception from the Qur’an, Surah 5, Verse 51: (3 translations for you)

      YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.
      PICKTHAL: O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk.
      SHAKIR: O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

  19. Muslim 1:33 is not a revelation in the Quran. It is saying of a Muslim.

    There are Surahs in the Koran. You are confusing them with sayings (these are stories and not revelation). You need to read the book instead of googling ‘Islam and quotes of evil’.

  20. The Koran tells us that there are many christians and jews that profess to be of the faith but are not. This is why we are told be friends with the believers! Believers being people that actually follow the book (Koran, Bible, Torah). Again you can interpret sections of the Koran as you wish! Creeping you talk of bad energy. Your webpage is bad energy.

    “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: Whoever rejects Evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy Handhold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.” (2:256 Koran)

  21. I am not interested in any religion as a subject of study. I am interested in what happens out in the street, in public places. I am interested in what is forced upon people in secret in alleys and back rooms. I am interested in ending evil and injustice towards everyone. Therefore, if Islam is great on an academic level then it is up to Islamics to police their own. It is up to the academics to teach all of those who are ignorant and merely parroting tradition. So, even though your theories may hold up in a world of ideas and concepts, those theories will not bring back the dead. Those ideas will not restore what has been destroyed. To understand my way of thinking you must see Truth and see it Here and Now.

  22. David, I do understand your way of thinking. You want justice and peace for everyone and so do I. I think we all have to stop taking our stance and unite against our common enemy and fears. We all know what they look like. At the moment on all fronts the loudest voices are from warmonger-ers regardless of whether they claim to be religious or not.
    I think that 50,000 Muslims praying for peace on the streets can help, anyone present at the event will be in awe at the simplicity and peacefulness of the prayer. We have a long way to go but when we try, we need good people to help us not rally against us as this webpage encourages. Peace and blessings to all of mankind.

  23. Layla, you sound like a reasonable woman. If all Muslims were like you, I believe we could have peace and Muslims would be appreciated in our society. Many are, as people get to know them individually.

    But David is right when he says look at the reality. What would happen if Christians or Jews tried to have a mass prayer meeting in the open in Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Libya, Syria, Jordon, and almost any other country controlled by Islam?

    If people like yourself would stand up and try to make changes in these countries so that Christians and Jews could freely express their faiths in those countries, than I think you would be right in defending Islam like you are.

    By the way, I agree with your assessment of America that it has become perverse and hedonistic. But according to Obama, this no longer is a Christian nation.

    Christianity is defined by an individual relationship with God. It’s not something that can be forced on anyone. A person can not be a Christian just because he says he is one.

    Does Islam believe that or does it believe that everyone can be forced to submit to Islam? And if they do not submit, they are worthy of death?

    That’s the extreme, but even in the best of cases, what happens to a person that is openly Christian or Jewish in an Islamic country in business and education? Does he have equal opportunities?

  24. Islamic jihad and Islamic sharia law are intolerant, violent, deadly at times, inhumane, and so it is quite obvious why this blog has bad energy. You and your co-religionists can resolve that very easily though – by stopping the jihad and killings, kidnappings, bombings, wife beatings, honor killings, amputations, et al in the name of Islam.

    Here’s an example of what happens in the streets and this is right here in America…see video below. Did you hear any Muslims speak out against this? Did you see it on any news station? No.

    Why? Because people like Layla are of the same mindset as the Muslims who assaulted this guy:

    Incidents like this will grow and will target not just gays, but non-Muslims, women and young girls, Jews, Muslim women who don’t cover up – just like elsewhere in the world – anyone who doesn’t abide by sharia law is a target.

  25. Creepings, I am not of this mindset. I donot believe that anyone should be attacked. I have attended a gay pride event in Paris and I expected to see a group of people happily handing out leaflets or flowers or loafs of bread to the needy. As you do in such proud events. However, Instead I saw men in bondage gear, whips and chains committing indecent acts on stages moving around the city. Many families had to remove their children, some gays even moved away in disgust. How can any one be proud of such an event. What people do in the privacy of their own home is their own business but there are innocent children on the streets and this pride should be relocated to a side street marked X rated for perverts only. You keep on ranting about Shariah Law, well most muslims are not too sure what that is either. But you seem to be the expert on that. You’d be interested to know Islam is not something that can be dictated or forced upon you. It is a way of life. You have a creepy agenda Mr Creeping.

  26. Doug, Thank you for your kind words, I think this will be my last post on this webpage since now it has turned into a rant against another group of people.

    I would love to see everyone of every faith praying openingly in every country. Why else has God created ‘free will’ for everyone to have the right to choose. We believe various revelations have come before and there have been many people blessed with Allahs light. Muslims believe we do not have all the answers, Gods plan is beyond our own understanding. To be considered a muslims we must complete the five pillars, Prayer, believe in one God, Fast, give charity and finally if we have the money attend pilgrimage.

    In any matters of dispute we should simply say “Allah, knows best”.

  27. Your last post? promises promises…

    If you don’t know about sharia law then don’t come here espousing some unseen virtues about Islam.

    The way you feel about homosexuality (don’t attack them just keep them in their houses) is the way some people feel about Islamists – do what you want in your own home – keep your dawah and supremacist ideology to yourself.

    Our agenda is simple – alert Americans to the threats of Islamic sharia law and jihad, and show them all the ways it is encroaching on our way of life on a daily basis. If you have a problem with that then your agenda is clear.

  28. There are basically 2 types of Muslims. One, the who make no bones about the Islam they believe in and profess. Second, who are apologetic about their religion, and try to hide the true facets of Islam under a veneer of deceit, lies and doublespeak. Both kinds however have one mission. The ultimate domination of their dogma, and the eventual extinction of all else, using any and all means. This “Layla” person, clearly belongs to the second category.
    Islam is a totalitarian ideology founded by a pedophile, rapist, mass murdering desert nomad eulogizing a devil of a deity seeking to justify his uncontrollable sexual depravity [Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64 Narrated ‘Aisha:that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death)] and propensity for mass murder [genocide of Banu Quraiza]. Islam is an ideology that promises carnal, materialist, depraved pleasures [In sura 44, 52, 76:19, 56, Allah promises not only “virgin houris” to the righteous muslims but also “never-aging boys” as white as pearls] to its followers in the afterlife for murdering, persecuting “disbelievers” in this life. Its is a fascist creed which goes completely against the moral and ethical order of this universe. Muslims whenever in power have committed genocide of non-Muslims (Armenian, Assyrian Christians, Hindus, Buddhists in South and SE Asia, Zoroastrians in Persia and Central Asia)

    While not every single Muslim is necessarily as evil, and wicked as Islam itself, it goes without saying that since this ideology is inherently flawed, there is no guarantee that his/her progeny will remain the same, and will not revert to being a true Muslim as Mohammad wanted all Muslims to be. Mohammad is considered in Islam to be the perfect human and someone every Muslim should strive to be. An ideology that looks up to a pedophile, rapist, mass murderer as someone to be emulated speaks for itself.

    While it is true that there are “peaceful” verses in the Koran, a more detailed look reveals a very sinister correlation between Mohammad’s military successes and the “peace” in the “revelations” he had. Mohammed spoke with many voices; in the initial days when Islam was weak, he propounded “La Ikraha Fiddeen” which means “There is no compulsion in religion”. Later when he secured absolute power over the Meccans he decreed “La Allaha Il Allah, Mohammed ur Rasoolallah” which means “There is no god but allah and Mohammed is his prophet”. Finally when he conquered the major part of Arabia, he declared “Allarzu Lillah, Walhukumu Lillah” which means “The world belongs to Allah, and the rule of Allah should prevail all over the world.” Mohammed’s latter aggressive orders abrogated all of his previous defensive orders and consequently all Muslims are required to strive to destroy dar al-kufr. Muslims throughout history have acted on, and are continuing to act on, Mohammed’s orders and so as long as Islam and dar al-kufr exist, so will Jihad.

    The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.
    A few “peaceful”, “tolerant” verses from Koran and Hadiths: Sura (2:244), Sura (2:216), Sura (3:56), Sura (3:151), Sura (4:74), Sura (4:76), Sura (4:89), Sura (4:95), Sura (4:104), Sura (5:33), Sura (8:12), Sura (8:15), Sura (8:39), Sura (8:57), Sura (8:59-60), Sura (9:5), Sura (9:14), Sura (9:20), Sura (9:29), Sura (9:30), Sura (9:38-39), Sura (9:41), Sura (9:73), Sura (9:88), Sura (9:111), Sura (9:123), Sura (21:44), Sura (25:52), Sura (47:4), Sura (47:35), Sura (48:17), Sura (48:29), Sura (61:10-12), and my personal favourite: Sura (61:4) – “Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way” Religion of Peace, indeed! From the Hadiths: Bukhari (52:177), Bukhari (52:256), Bukhari (52:220), Abu Dawud (14:2526), Abu Dawud (14:2527), Muslim (1:33), Bukhari (8:387), Muslim (1:149), Muslim (20:4645), Muslim (20:4696), Muslim (19:4321-4323), Tabari 7:97, Tabari 9:69, Ibn Ishaq: 327,Ibn Ishaq: 990, Ibn Ishaq: 992

    Islam is a fascism ideology which imposes, as a divine ordainment, taxes on non-Muslims under the penalty of death, called as Jizya. Koran 9:29: Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold forbidden that which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.
    From Al Tabari, Volume XI: I call you to God and to Islam. If you respond to the call, then you are Muslims: You obtain the benefits they enjoy and take up the responsibilities they bear. If you refuse, then you must pay the jizyah. If you refuse the jizyah, I will bring against you tribes of people who are more eager for death than you are for life. We will then fight you until God decides between us and you.

    Islam calls upon its believers to beat their wives and places women as being subservient to me. Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.” Koran 4:34

    Read the Koran if you haven’t. Take out a highlighter and highlight those lines that counsel the believer to despise infidels, and you will find a book that is just covered with highlighter.

    Maybe Miss Layla will shed some light on some of the above. BTW, if it interests her, Mohammad said most women went to hell: “I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-Fire were women….[because] they are ungrateful to their husbands and they are deficient in intelligence. ” (Muhammad) Sahih Bukhari V 2 Book 24…..

  29. BTW, for more of Miss Layla’s reading pleasure, these days, whenever something goofy turns up on the news, chances are it involves a fellow called Mohammed. A plane flies into the World Trade Centre? Mohammed Atta. A gunman shoots up the El Al counter at Los Angeles airport? Hesham Mohamed Hedayet. A sniper starts killing petrol station customers around Washington, DC? John Allen Muhammed. A guy fatally stabs a Dutch movie director? Mohammed Bouyeri. A terrorist slaughters dozens in Bali? Noordin Mohamed. A gang-rapist in Sydney? Mohammed Skaf. [http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2005/12/20/do2002.xml]

  30. It is important to understand the 3 columns of Islam and the MO of Islamic expansion.

    The first column is the pious, peaceful, hardworking, family oriented Muslim believer. These people would be decent friends and neighbors even if they were devil worshipers. These are sincere but profoundly naive people who honestly fail to comprehend the dark side of their religion and turn a blind eye to outrages committed in its name. They are the Muslim vanguard into new territory. They are the smiling faces and extended hand of Islam surrounded by large and growing families as it expands into the west.

    The second column is the Muslim organizers. These are those who are committed to the formal expansion and control of territory in host nations. These are the mosque builders, the urban community activists, the first to file lawsuits demanding specific legal accommodations reserved for Muslims. The first to invite the hate preachers into the newly established mosques. These are the ones who drive out the host culture and replace it with Islamic culture, resulting in self segregation of Muslim communities as those of other faiths feel culturally marginalized and leave. The cultural manifestations of Islam are deliberately onerous and intrusive for a reason. That reason is to ensure that Muslim communities are uncomfortable places for non-Muslims to live.

    The third column is the Islamic Jihadists. The Jihadists emerge after the two previous columns of Islam have done their work and established homogeneous Muslim communities within which the Jihadists may operate outside the laws and scrutiny of the host nation/culture. The Jihadists actively attack the host society from within on every level; from petty vandalism and street thuggery to 9/11. Every outrage is justified by claiming that if only Muslims were not ‘marginalized’ then the violence would end. Of course, Muslims are by definition ‘marginalized’ until the host society accepts Muslim norms. In a word, the Jihadists work is to impose Sharia law on non-Islamic societies via violence and fear.

    That is how it has been done for centuries. It works. Islam exists only to spread and control and no system has ever been devised that is as effective, brutal, efficient and patient in its conquest.

    And when Muslims become the majority, they give the host society the ultimatum. Become Muslim, accept Muslims as your absolute overlords, or be killed.

    That is the pattern. Read the history of Muslim conquests. It is your future because the west had degenerated into a civilization of gutless worms who think sending their young men to be blown up by roadside bombs and treating the battlefield like a courtroom where every enemy has a lawyer, is ‘war’.

  31. ignorance is not confined to any religion, theology, political leaning, gender or sexual preference.

    the evidence of that is exhibited in this thread.

    so if this was a gathering of jews or hindus i imagine it would elicit the same outcry?

    yeah – go ahead and rationalize your petty racisms and forget what your own religion teaches about tolerance and compassion and understanding.
    it’s much easier that way, isn’t it?
    first ask yourself: what would jesus think about your own behavior?
    intolerant self-righteous hypocritical demeaning of another religion does not seem to be espoused in my bible.
    oh wait… i don’t have ‘the book of glenn beck’ in mine.

  32. generally we do not screen comments and intolerant/ignorant remarks from all walks of life show up – and we leave comments 100% open so people can say what our politically correct society no longer allows…now…

    your own ignorance has led you to incorrectly presume this site debates or compares religions…it does not…

    your own ignorance has also led you to incorrectly surmise that Islam is a race – it is not, and therefore criticism of Islam is not racist – nice try but deal with your own guilt somewhere else

    apparently you haven’t read a book called the Qur’an which is the ‘holy’ book in something called Islam which for Muslims is not just a religion but a complete system for life – political, military, legal, spiritual – like any other ideology Islam IS open to criticism, debate, and yes even dislike…oh – and one can dislike an ideology and still respect adherents to that ideology while disagreeing on its tenets

    was it your ‘bible’ that motivated you to unleash your own intolerant, self-righteous, hypocritical and demeaning ignorance toward those you disagree with as you’ve done here? (not to mention your apparent jealousy or hatred for some two-bit tv personality)

  33. Rin Tin Tim,
    Excuse me? Before you start running your whiney little liberal parrot mouth, think a little. It just so happens that Islam is more than a religion. It just so happens this is 1st pillar stuff. When it gets to 3rd pillar you are screwed. That in itself isn’t bad but we are screwed with you. Christianity is under attack everywhere. Jews have suffered the curses of the damned for thousands of years. The Budists and Hindus co-exist here and are thankful for a nation where they are not beheaded for their beliefs. I even know people who worship Satan and are free to do so here in the USA. I personally have friends who are athiests, agnostics, and Budists. I personally think that Glenn is sometimes to easy on people like you. You need to quit drinking the Big O cool-aid, get your spoiled head out of your soft a$s, and think like a man there little Timmy. It has nothing to do with racism. You are a brain washed little robot and I doubt if you could exist in the real world without your commie “mentors”. So until you drop your baIls why don’t you just shut up.

  34. I have read that, under sharia law, any location that is used as a mosque (which can be interpreted by some to be anywhere that a Muslim prayer is offered) becomes the property of Islam. Forever.

    I have a problem with allowing that to happen to Capitol Hill. I should think that the capitol police might have a problem with it given the riots in Malmo, over a rented property that was used as a mosque until the owner declined to renew the lease. If those Muslims thought it was okay to engage in conflict and rioting over a rented building because they hold sharia law to be a higher authority than any civil law, then are these muslims going to insist that under sharia law, capitol hill will belong to Islam after this event?
    I think this needs to be addressed. I rather think that allowing any national monument as a mosque under such terms would be tantamount to treason. If I am incorrect, would someone of the Muslim faith care to correct me?

  35. I don’t recall one Muslim group marching thru the streets of America on September 11, 2001 and demonstrating and praying how wrong this attack was for Muslims to commit in the name of Allah …Do you?
    to the contrary there were mnay celebrations in the Mulsim street that I recall…

  36. Unfortunately, dogma, in general, is what has created all of this in the first place. If humans wanted to prove themselves advanced in any way, they would realize that the humans of the world are quite literally one race. Also this so-called advanced animal species (i.e. ‘human’) is in all reality the least advanced on the planet. The animals and plants that surround us are more in tune with nature and the chaos that has created the universe than we are. It is in primal instinct and pure intuition or knowing that advancement and enlightenment begins. Next time you want to believe you are advanced and that technology or politics or religion or even science prove you correct, look into the eyes of a cat or a dog or a horse or a turtle or a fish… And you will see the purity of life, and a creature that knows its purpose in life: TO LIVE. That is all, pure are simple. Peace to you all, whatever you are and however you lean. We are ALL the same.

  37. Btw I do agree that they’re fascists also though. I do want to make that clear. ANYONE who pushes their ideology, and commits the violence and backwards evil that fascist tenets like Sharia Law carry out, is a fascist and promoting evil, whether they realize that or not. Anyhow, great site, great blog, and good work Creeping Sharia!

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  39. Layla is one of theose MUSLIMS ignorant of KORAN she describes or just straight up lying–If we are very lucky the walls will come tumbling down like Joshua story on top of the White House with the Obummer in it!
    The OBummer who cannot be bothered to pray with Chrisitans and Jews but has time to address Ramadan go outof his way to make sure Muslims can do zakat-

    We did your book Layla- the actual KORAN is HATE speech – it is Muslims who take out of context the few peace verses in it- sorry Layla a BILLION people are WRONG- just like the Germans werein WW2 – like all ouor momma told us just becasue everyoneis jumping off a bridge does not make it the RIGHT thing to do- If Islamis so great why do you live here and USE our free nation and not in one of the FULLY ISLAMIC nations? you know the answer

  40. This is just the thin end of the wedge…..

    Soon, your schools will have to remove all signs of Christian contribution to the history of the US, along with all other Government/Civil establishments, in the event that any such ‘Christian’ influence is inherently “Offensive” to Muslim sensibilities…School’s will be influenced to remove lessons that even mention the Nazi extermination of Jews.

    More and more public funding will be sidelined and handed out to local “Community projects” to ensure and premote “….local community cohesion”. Which in reality means more Mosques, Islamic schools, etc…..

    Subtle things will begin to change that you’ll barely notice, but that have enormous cultural implications……e.g. Your TV channels will stop promoting the “Chistmas TV Schedule” and instead will begin to start publishing the “Holiday Season” Schedule in the weeks leading up to December 25th each year. As you know, those good ‘ole muslims don’t want to watch any TV if there’s any chance of being “Offended”.

    Churches (And other buildings) will be purchased by “Local community cohesion groups” under heavily disguised planning applications, which once approved then suddenly morph into mosques.

    More and more often you’ll notice Muslims becoming more prominent in your society – Tax officials, local councillors, passport offices, passport control, airport security, port security, health services, housing assistance, employement benefits and welfare officers. If you’re not muslim…get used to being at the back of the que.

    Media will begin to voice more “Manicured” “Muslim community spokesmen” on TV/Radio and in the press….Denouncing anyone that dares speak out against muslims/koran as a “Racist Islamaphobe”, while all the time criticising all your hard fought freedoms.

    Prominent Muslims will begin to take local minor political seats, then campaign for national political positions. They’ll begin to take positions whereby they can begin to influence law-makers. Richer muslims will begin to bankroll political campaigns and lobbyists that further their own agenda.

    Once more established, piles of money (Ironically “Oil Money”) will begin to flood in from Saudi Arabia, etc… Solely for the purposes of creating further muslim influence, this money will be used to build even bigger mosques, bankroll legal cases that further erode US cultural heritage, etc…

    You’ll begin to wonder why it is your children are coming home from school after a visit from the local Imam with copy of the koran (Printed with more Saudi oil money), and that they’ve been told Islam will one day rule the world (Try explaining that one away).

    Traditional cultural festivals/events that have been held for generations will suddenly and overnight become “Politically incorrect” as they will prove to be “Offensive” to Islam.

    Shops & Stores that have been established for years, but that now find themselves closeby one of the brand new shiny mosques will be forced to close because they sell Alcohol or Pork (Again, these dastardly shop owners are being hidiously “Offensive” for selling such un-islamic goods).

    Your local Pizza Hut/MacDonalds/Burger King will suddenly display huge signs proudly declaring that they now exclusively use “Halal” meat – so that muslims can now eat in the safe knowledge that they’re not being descriminated against” Regardless of the fact that years of research led up to the more humane methods of slaughter used by western butcheries for years has now been replaced by the rather medievil & distressing event of the animals throat being sliced open and the animal being left to bleed dry while having an Islamic blessing wailed…This ‘Halal’ meat will begin to appear everywhere (And I mean everywhere!)…Schools, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Restaurants…etc…..

    You’ll read your local newspaper and although you can’t quite put your finger on it, you’ll notice that there seems to be a lot more instances of street theft/mugging occuring. Rape figures will begin to increase…most alarmingly attributed to “a man of middle-eastern origin” according to the victims statement. Your daughters will be enticed into drug use and before you know whats going on, she’ll be gang raped or procurred into prostitution.

    Your laws and constitution will be changed and maniputed and include elements of ‘Sharia law’. Sharia law courts will be established in the leading local mosques, these courts (Overseen usually by one of the more fundamentalist mosque members) will actually make decisions that override civil law.

    I could go on and on and on……but I think you get my point. What you’ve read above is not fiction or fantasy. It’s reality. I’m from the UK and here this all REAL.

    Take note my American cousins.

    “Islam – coming to a town near you”

  41. The constitution protects the freedom of religion and speech and press. Muslims in America have the same right to practice their religion like any other citizen. I have no problem with that. The problem is in the purpose intrisically within Islam which is the imposition of Sharia Law as the only unique law over other laws.
    Islam is in America not to be equal to other religions, but to be the only religion over the rest. Its teachings is in contradiction to what America is. Islam is oppressive, intolerant, racist, totalitarian, violent. Just take a look to nations where Islam is the supreme religion.
    America is at the crossroads of losing its identity. Christians and Jews in America MUST be concern with Islam; otherwise America will be the United Islamic States of America.

  42. President Obama did not address the National Day of Prayer which every president since Regean embraced including Republicans & Democrats. But Obama did hiave Muslins to the White House to say: ” America recognizes the great contribution of Muslims in America.”

    In Egypt he wad the first president to say America is not a Christian Judaic nation but one of the largest Muslim Nations. It us scary to think that America can one day end up like Lebanin which was once a Christain nation. Lebanon was a democracy, but the radical Muslims xame in and used those laws of freedom to take that country over. They persecuted and killed Christians. Americans you have Bern warned!

  43. I think it is worth noting that, in our system, an individual’s freedom ends where it begins to cause harm to their neighbor or to infringe upon their neighbor’s freedoms.
    I am still waiting to hear, from a Muslim, that this gathering will not cause a transfer of that peice of American property to Islamic ownership under Sharia law. One might argue that it wouldn’t matter because the US is not under sharia law. However, if the majority of the world’s population is soon to become Muslim (according to the demographic studies) then we must look at the very real possibility that the nation of Islam will lay claim to such peices of property under sharia law.

  44. Seriously though, that last comment is an indication that my earlier post is correct, and that dogma is once again the end of the human race. ALL (truly) religious people are fundamentalists, and they are all evil for that. Anyone who believes that there is an actual so-called ‘armageddon’ (based on any religious text) is propelling us (i.e. the human populace of the floating planet/rock called ‘Earth’) towards mass extinction and self-destruction. When will the people of this planet evolve past religion and its dividing principles, and adhere instead to a more sincere and universal faith like love and the belief that life and the universe are more complex than any religious text (be it The Quran or The King James version (or any version) of the New Testament, or The Torah or Bhagavad Ghita or anything else) can fathom.

    Everyone needs to open their minds up a bit more, and help the populace of the planet evolve past religion. I mean, don’t get me wrong, everyone should be able to choose what they believe in, but the shallow and stone-age interpretations of these aforementioned religious texts are what make us people (no matter where you or ‘they’ are from) look more and more savage.

    After all, the Crusades were as disgusting and vile as the invasions of any peoples. War and its atrocities know no color or creed. More so than anything, we as humans should be more concerned with the real-time destruction of our planet by massive conglomerates and industry, and perhaps also interest ourselves more in getting to understand other people, no matter how backward they may appear… And if anything else, more past these mundane interpretations of religion to get to a higher place…

    And while we’re at it, we can also understand (UNIVERSALLY) that a woman has the right to choose, that marijuana should be legalized, and that people are people, pure and simple. Just as dogs belong to one species, and fish to another… We are one species and one people. When we recognize that, and advance towards reconciliation, then we’ll deserve to believe that we are the most advanced life forms on the planet.

    Until then, we are all apes. Dirty, violent apes.

  45. Strangely chaos theory is correct, in a perfect world what you suggest could be done, however the human race is full of people who are mentally unbalanced. If there were not child molesters, murderers, rapists, thieves, etc. etc. then we could have the sweet loving world that you desire. Other than Christianity being God showing His love for His Creation, religions are good for controlling the malignant members or our society who enjoy hurting the rest of us. Without religion, laws, law enforcement, morals, codes, you would be eaten alive.

  46. These are the things that we need to speak up about. Not just on these forums, but where our voices will make a difference. There are good valid points that need to be addressed head on, where it will count. How many of the voices heard on this thread will take it to the proper podium and risk reputation, career, and safety to make that change that can be made if we dare not sit idle? how about the thousands of other blogs and forums out there with millions of voices concerned about the same things spoken out here? Will even five percent join together to make that mighty voice that could bring positive change? I wish I could say, “follow me”, but the truth is. . . I’ll probably share these posts with a few people in conversations through put my next few days. Cause some to be enlightened, others to become more fearful. . . Why can’t we just act upon the knowledge while we are still allowed to speak?

  47. Wow.
    I thought I had seen some nutty stuff, but this site and you people might be the nuttiest pack of nuts in nutland.
    Snickers bars everywhere are jealous.
    Get some help. Seriously.
    And I hope none of you breed except with yourselves.
    It would be freaking hilarious, except you aren’t kidding, are you?
    That’s it, isn’t it?
    It’s a parody of kookdom.

  48. Unfortunately the vast majority of facts that were brought out here are just that facts. If you enjoy watching Kooks then maybe you should focus on the “kool aid” drinkers on the far left. They believe everything that the elite sends down the pike. No facts, no research. David Rockefeller tells George Soros, George Soros tells Babs, she runs her mouth at a Hollywood party and the next thing you know a bunch of spoiled entitled white kids are talking like Black Panthers. So call us kooks if you want, but these are the kind of kooks that will make sure that you have the freedom to run your mouth.

  49. Going back to Nazi Germany, we see millions of people making fun of claims that Jews were being incinerated regardless of age and sex, just for the fact of being Jews. Today, the situation is similar in some parts, not because of ignorance, but because of hatred toward America and Israel. In Europe, political correctness is the law of the land. Muslims in Europe have special rights and it is a matter of time when Sharia Law is implement to the fullest. Europeans have lost their identity and proud.
    In America is different. We have a Constituion that is the law of the land. However, with this administration, the situation is changing and would not be rare to see more Islamic activities and manifestations.
    Under our Constitution Islam is flourishing as a by-product of our democracy, but once Islam is in power there will be nor more US Constitution, no more Founding Fathers, no more national anthem, no more American flags, no more White House. Just read the history of Lebanon and you will see what Islam is about.

  50. @ Ceasar We have a republic, not a democracy. The more people there are who understand the difference, the more likely we are to retain it, even in the face of Islam.

    @ Kook watch, Maybe if you read more and learned how to check facts instead of believing everything the MSM(and, unfortunately, our last president-“a religion of peace”-yeah right, just so long as the definition of peace you are using is the Islamic definition which means “submission to Islam”) hands you, you wouldn’t be so quick to judge.
    Just as a test for you – name me one moderate muslim group that stepped up to condemn the attacks on the twin towers. Because I can find footage and multiple reports of Muslims here and abroad cheering for joy over that event.

    The practice of kitman and taqiyya make those following this religion untrustworthy by definition. I have heard the testimony of former Islamic terrorists who have converted to Christianity who spoke of being friendly with Americans and othe infidels while plotting their deaths. They are under a death sentence now.

    Rifqa Barry is not lying about her family. Honor killings take place everyday. I suggest you check out the Act for America site to get some facts before you condemn the folks here for their concern.

  51. @Caesar,
    Thanks for the link, I respect Ms. Gabrielle. This is information I already knew and I don’t see how it espouses democracy. Democracy is never the anti-thesis of totalitarianism and repression. Watch this video to understand why I say that.

  52. to Call Me Mom:

    The video I sent you about Gabrielle is about Sharia Law, which is the subject of this website. However, that tells us the difference between Sharia law which is totalitarian government and democracy, or Republican form of government.

    The difference between a republic and democracy is the former is based on the law and the latter on the will of the people. I agree with that. But what would happened if the state become big and powerful threatening the people? Then, according to the constitution, we have the right to replace that tyrant for one who is just.

    Also, even though we are not a pure democracy, there is a big difference between sharia law and democracy. In a sharia law government, people has not constitutional rights. It is the State that control people lives and decisions.

    If Sharia Law is oppose to democracy, then by not means it can coexist in a republic form of government.

  53. “If Sharia Law is oppose to democracy, then by not means it can coexist in a republic form of government”
    That’s my point in saying that we need to recognize our republican form of government. Islam favors democracies in the governments of their enemies, because, by moving to those countries and reproducing at a greater rate than the natives of those countries, they are soon in a position to vote themselves and those countries into sharia law.

    I say again, the USA is not a democracy and I am doing my best to correct statements to the contrary wherever I see them. It may be but a small pebble in the fight against Islam, but it’s my pebble and I’m stubborn. Otherwise, I think we are more in agreement with each other than not.

  54. The U.S. government already uses some aspects of sharia banking, I believe.

    Either we stop this thing, or we don’t.

    We let the communists get a foothold and got Obama, so will we make the same mistake with Islam?

  55. To disambiguate between mob rule and a democratic republic, we usually say we are a “representative democracy” and use “democracy” for sort. Do any “democracies” exist in the entire world today? I don’t think so. Let’s not get carried away with semantics when the argument itself is meaningless.

  56. I meant we use “democracy” as a shorthand reference to “representative democracy.” Nobody actually means “democracy” as in “mob rule.” That’s a red herring.

  57. Representative democracy is a way to expalin what republic is, however, in reality is more than that. To say “nobody actually means” democracy is a the rule of mobs is misleading beause democracy is actually the rule of the mob or in another words “the rule of the majority.” How can be meaningless talking about democracy and republic when America is at the crossroads of losing its identity?
    Democracy is based on the will of the majority, not based on law. This is very important to understand. Sharia Law is totalitarian and can use democracy to achieve power. Democracy indeed cannot guarantee freedom and liberty because it lacks the system of check and balances.
    So, it is not true that talking about this issue is meaningless or just semantics.

  58. tanarg, when our children have been taught that we are a democracy and told that a democracy is majority rules, how will they be able to defend our republic from just this sort of attack? Semantics are important.
    Not only that, but democracies, as recognized by our founders are inherently unstable and tend to end in violence.

    If we are not willing , even in such an innocuous forum as this, to acknowledge that there is a difference by referring to our form of government as a republic, how can we expect anyone else who has been taught that we are a democracy (representative or not) to understand the peril we are in? After all, if it is “majority rules” and the majority becomes Islamic, then why shouldn’t they be able to change our form of government by their vote?
    That’s the importance of semantics.

    • if muslims get anywhere near a majority, it won’t matter, you and/or your descendants will be subject to islamic sharia law in one form or another…it is already happening when they are maybe (maybe) 1% of the U.S. population

  59. Terrorist and “peaceful” muslims all have something in common, they both read the same koran. What seperates the two groups is what they do with the verses that promise them 72 virgins if they die with the blood of Jews or infidels on their bodies.

    This is the beginning of the end to the rule democrate party. It’s lawful, it’s sickening, but Jesus will be back.

  60. SHAME SAHME SHAME. Does the stupid one in office believe that he
    is winning the hearts of terrorists by doing this? Surely, he is not that stupid. If terrorists cared what anyone thought, they would make sure that when they did suicide bombings, none of their own races would be harmed. All they care about is their agenda, not how OBAMA or THE WORLD views the basic Islamic religion, whether it is led by a mosque or the radicals on the other side of the world.

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  62. We were not allowed a Day of Nation Prayer at the White House this year and now this?! I just get the heevy jeevies or something, skin crawls when i look at that picture of supposedly America hand in hand with Islam connected to The Constitution of the United States of America! Where’s our Bible? Isnt that theirs? This will not be good for America in any way! God help us all!

  63. aye aye aye… re: National Day Of Prayer:
    George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan each hosted special events for the day only once during their respective administrations.

    So did you complain then that you were denied anything?
    Didn’t think so.

    You people froth up at the silliest things.
    This site HAS to be a parody.
    I refuse to believe otherwise.

  64. the post has nothing to do with the official Nat’l Day of Prayer which is a generic and symbolic event – to that extent your point is completely irrelevant; this event is Islamic prayer by and for Muslims on the US Capitol as Muslims declare their “time has come”

    better hurry up and get your head back in the sand

  65. I think I have to say something about it.
    I dont have anything against Religion, and I am not a religious person either.
    I try to be close to my Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Let me put this in other words.

    All muslims, christians and jews and any other religion wants to be respected.
    However, you cannot expect to receive respect if you are not giving respect.
    Let me ask you all a question, are our missionaries abroad beeing respected?
    are they allowed to go to musks and worship Jesus overseas? Even worse they are persecuted mistreated and killed, yet we are allowing them to do whatever they please in “our” country.
    It is shameful that, in the very Capitol of one of the most powerful countries in the world, something of this matter will happen.
    Some of you might think that this will help to improve the relationship between countries. Ok then lets think about this, would Saudi Arabia let us christians go where they have a black rock and praise Jesus?
    I am not saying that the USA’s Capitol is a sacred place, but in a sense it is. Because it represents the effort and the work that our forefathers did. All of them thought of a nation that will serve God but we have forgotten it.
    As Jesus followers we should not be content with something of this magnitude.
    I understand that Mr. Obama is wanting to re do/make up with other countries, but there are other ways to do it. We have to proclaim Salvation to them and not lead them to eternal death. Letting them do this is allowing them go to an eternal life without Christ, Does that make sense? Maybe somebody will be able to explain this better than me.
    But what I am saying is that we have to preach to them about christ and not “tap on their back” on their way to eternal death. (hell)
    What would Jesus’ reaction would be?

    Oh well, I hope I feel better after this.
    I am a vivid example of the blessings that Jesus has given to the United States, and also have had muslim friends to whom I had shared the Gospel.
    Since we all are humans, we are not perfect
    but we would had expected more from Mr. Obama.

    I hope we all realize the spiritual severity of this matter and pray about it.

    In Jesus Love

  66. The West—applease islam as much as you want. Its like this, feed the crocodile hoping it will eat you last.

    I dont mind muslims in fifty thousand or a hundred thousand marching or praying in the nation capital, not at all


    Will the Muslims allow Christains do the same in their countries, example Egyption Copts …HaHa

    Its sad when Egypts Cops girls are gang raped,forced to convert to islam or threathen if they are not that their parent will get killed. Read these horrors that is happening in Muslims countries to christain and to other faiths as well.

    How stupid can the west!!! You guys are giving the ultimate respect to islam in the west and slapping the christains in the middle east. what kind of justice is this for being a christain in a muslim country.

    Muslims will conquer the west eventually, from my point of view, they deserve it for they are working hard to get to their promised Shariah land. We dont deserve our freedom for we are handing them ours.

    for the liberals you are enslaving your children, born or unborn to a world where it will be ok for a 6 year old child to marry a 59 year old man just like the prophet Mohammed.

    No other religion on earth is like Islam, no other religion on earth. Islam–is completely a VILE relgion

  67. we are told that all three faith are Abrahamic yet Muslims claim the Bible (that their own book is based upon) is wrong and their revised version is true- that Ishmael was sacrificed (see EID) when the Bible clearly states ISSAC- their attempt to steal the covenant the LORD sealed on JEWS is apparent- they insist that all OT prophets are (were) Muslims when Islam was not invented until many years later- they still worship the same rock they marched around when it belonged tthe Moon god- yes vile religion, BUT people believe all sorts fo wacky relgions in USA and we all have no issue with them- pagans, Buddhists, Taoist, Wiccan, HareKrishnas, Hindus, athiest etc we are asked to be tolerant of them and we are. None of them are attacking us. BUT ISLAM is not only a religion- it is a total sytem for DOMINATION, an imperialist cult that demands respect and gives none, asks tolerance and gives none- it’s goal is your conversion or your death and they say this openly, their book teaches it, their mosques teach it- it is a totalitarian system of LIFE, that doesn’t tolerate anything else unlessitis demeaned and abased and less than they, arrogant and superior, and asks unquestioning SUBMISSION to it’s doctrine for Muslims and wants to make sure nothing but that system is in place EVERYWHERE for EVERYONE- that makes it more (or less) than religion- it makes it a dangerous POLITICAL MILITARY system that practices aggression- and has the nerve to call us imperialist and cry victim-

  68. Pingback: The Three Columns of Islam « || सत्यमेव् जयते ||

  69. I would like to see & hear them all condemning Al-Qaida’s most recent serious terror threats against my country, Germany, or against other acts of terrorism. Assumingly they rather will allow pork sausages to be sold at the gathering than such a decrial will be heared. Hypocrites all…

  70. Among many other passages of religious bigotry, intolerance and violence toward non-Moslems, the Koran says this:
    — Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve. (8.55)
    –The unbelievers are your inveterate enemy. (4:101)
    — Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another. (48:29).

    Anyone interested in learning more about Islam should definitely check out: http://www.jihadwatch.com and http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

    If you have a question about Islam, send an email to: understandingislam@cox.net

    If you are concerned enough that you want to do something about the threat from radical Islam, then please visit: http://www.actforamerica.org

  71. The problem we have in America is really serious. Muslims know that in American we have lost our own identity: Christianity. The Left has indoctrinated an entire generation into believing that America is not better than any other nation and that our heritage is a secular one. As a consequence of it, relativism and political correctness has replaced the Constitution and Judeo-Christian values. It is in this political and social context that Islam is filling a vacuum in America. Not tha America is weak and Godless, but the suppression and persecution of Christianity in the academia and the media make possible the establishment of Islam as the “new” religion and political force in America. In other words, we are losing our freedoms and liberties for ever.

  72. What a good occasion for an overall JUST ON TİME welcome:Leave a bombfilled aircraft down to explode on them..and say ‘Go to hell you all terrorist islam gangsters’ to utter a good farewell.No İslam anylonger where man of intelligent exista.

  73. Layla advises everyone to read the Koran in order to see what a peaceful religion Islam is. Well, I agree with her that everyone should read the Koran. IMHO, reading the Koran should be required for graduation from every high school in the country. However, the readers will not find out what a peaceful religion Islam supposedly is. On the contrary. They will see that Islam promotes an extreme form of religious bigotry, hostility and violence toward non-Moslems, subordination of women and persecution of homosexuals. The following are just a few passages from the Koran and the sayings of Muhammad which ALL religious Moslems must consider to be sacred:

    –“ the (only) religion (acceptable) before God is Islam.” (3:19)
    — ” If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him.” (3: 85)
    — “You are the noblest community ever raised up for mankind.” (3:110)
    — The unbelievers among the people of the book and the pagans shall burn forever in the fire of Hell. They are the vilest of all creatures. (98.6).
    — Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve. (8.55)
    –The unbelievers are your inveterate enemy. (4:101)
    — Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another. (48:29).
    — It is unlawful for a believer to kill another believer, accidents excepted. (4:92)
    — Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. (5:51)
    — Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and God’s religion shall reign supreme. (8:40)
    — Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme. (2:193)
    — The true believers fight for the cause of God, but the infidels fight for the devil. (4:76)
    — We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. (3:151)
    — I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers. (8:12)

    — Muhammad said to the Jews: “If you embrace Islam, you will be safe. You should know that the earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle, and I want to expel you from this land. “
    — Allah’s Apostle said, “You (i.e. Muslims) will fight with the Jews till some of them will hide behind stones. The stones will (betray them) saying, ‘O ‘Abdullah (i.e. slave of Allah)! There is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him.’ ”
    — Mohammed said, “I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, “None has the right to be worshipped but Allah, and whoever says, ” None has the right to be worshipped but Allah , his life and property will be saved by me.” (otherwise it will not). Vol. 4:196
    — Mohammed said, “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him.” Vol. 9:57
    — Mohammed said, ” No Muslim should be killed for killing a Kafir” (infidel). Vol. 9:50
    — Muhammad said: “Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war, …”

    It would be much easier to think of Islam as a religion of peace if only Moslems would stop killing so many people in the name of Islam — and quoting the Koran and Muhammad while doing it!

  74. On the website for this event, I noticed a link where one could sign up to be a sponsor. Does anyone know of any entities or companies that have agreed to be a sponsor? Is there any place where a list of sponsors can be found?

  75. One of the sponsors of the buses was Siraj Wahhaj – an unindicted co-conspirator to the 93 WTC – as we point out above – he’s paying for buses…other than that not sure…you can always call the mosque and ask.

  76. all people said that Muslims are causing all the trouble but let me ask one question if you calculate the people killed in each day just in united-states then how many will they be and in total if you see that ho many are killed there by Muslims person and how many are by Christian then you will let know that are Muslims causing trouble and same in the rape cases that ho many Muslims are involved in it and how many are by Christian same in robbery if you see all the numbers you will know that 80 to 90% of the crimes are don by Christian but Muslims are blamed a lot did any Muslim said that the trouble is caused by Christian no instead of that they say that that person did the wrong thing so i request all the fellow brothers that don’t blame all the Muslims for 1 Muslims wrong thing and pray from Allah that may he guide you

    Islam is the religion of peace and The word “Islam” itself means “Submission to Allah.” The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case of “Christianity” which was named after Jesus Christ, “Buddhism” after Gutama Buddha , “Marxism” after Karl Marx, and “Confucianism” after Confucius.
    Similarly, Islam is not named after a tribe like “Judaism” after the tribe of Judah and “Hinduism” after the Hindus. The Arabic word “Islam” means the submission or surrender of one’s will to the will of the only true god worthy of worship, “Allah” (known as God “the Father” in Christianity).
    And Mosks are the place where we do our prayers
    “Whoever builds a Masjid, seeking Allah’s pleasure; Allah will build for him a similar place in Paradise.” (Al-Bukhari)
    “Do you know who will go first on the Day of Resurrection to the shade of Allah? Those who when given what is right accept it, when asked for something give freely and who judge in favour of others as they do for themselves.” (Tirmidhi)

    All this can be spread through the learning of Quran so learn Quran online and join http://www.learningquranonline.com

  77. I am MORTIFIED that Christians have not RISEN UP and united to stormed the capital and PRAYED to the ONE TRUE GOD…THE ONE WHO THIS NATION IS ESTABLISHED UNDER!!

    I just heard about this atrocity at our Wednesday night church service.

    WAKE UP AMERICA!! TIME TO MAKE A ROAD TRIP AND MEET AND PRAY ON CAPITAL HILL!! (and I just BET the ACLU will find a reason why we can’t do it)

    Let’s take back AMERICA!! Praise Jehovah Jireh….Adonai….Elohim…and our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!


  78. re: learnquranonline

    The number of victims of crime in the U.S. is irrelevent. These crimes are committed for profit, for power or out of blind rage. Their motives, no matter how heinous, are clear. The only criminals claiming to be carrying out the Will of their God are Muslims. (Not even White Christian Identity supremacists invoke the Divine for their actions.)

    If a white rapist tried to use the “God ordered me to do it” as a defence, he’d be treated with utter contempt by court and community. But this is precisely what Muslims claim in order to justify their ‘honor killings.’ Of all world faiths, only Muslims claim their God ‘Allah’ gives them sanction to commit any atrocity necessary against kufars, infidels, non-Muslims ‘untermenschen’ in the defence of their faith.

    The issue at hand is creeping Islamization; in the West in general, and specifically in the United States. This poster’s comments only butresses our case. We should stick it in the increasingly thickening file labled: ‘Why We Can’t Trust Them!’

  79. There’s only one question to ask here: Is this country worth defending?

    This great nation is what it is today because those who came before us stood up to all enemies of the United States of America, both without and within.

    It is our country, people!

    Fight for it!

  80. To learnquranonline:

    To say that “Islam is a religion of peace” is a typical lie by Islamists. They know that the word “peace” has two meanings: 1) internal spiritual peace that comes from surrendering one’s will to a higher authority, and 2) friendly relations and absence of war. Moslem supremacists know that when they say “peace”, their non-Moslem listeners will understand “absence of war”, even though that is not what was meant. To say something with the knowledge that the listener will misunderstand it is a form of lying. Islam is a religion of peace only in the sense of inner peace which comes from submission to the will of Allah. This is the same inner peace that Winston experienced in the last line of Orwell’s 1984: “He loved big brother.” It is the inner peace of a slave who has accepted his slavery as permanent. The Moslem’s relationship to Allah is that of a total, abject slave to his all powerful master.

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