9/11 – Remembering the Jumpers (video)

AP Photo/Richard Drew/FILE

Another post most will not want, and should not have to read and view. But we owe it to ourselves to witness the utter despair forced upon innocent people by Islamic terrorists adhering to an ideology that is unchanged, unscathed, and will continue to terrorize until eradicated.

Did you notice anything in the video above? How the hijackers were described or not described? Whitewashing history before the blood is even dry.


Watch the documentary: ‘The Falling Man’ – below the fold.

15 thoughts on “9/11 – Remembering the Jumpers (video)

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  2. DO NOT, DO NOT read this post if you don’t want to read gruesome details of 911. I share only 2 of the many facts that I know….just so we don’t forget. I knew a policeman and a pastor at the scene.

    I saw the second tower fall from a hill near my home.

    My Asian Studies professor lost 14 friends in the Towers.

    An Indian friend of a friend lived in a small apt. blocks from the Towers. He was paralyzed with fear while he sat in his dry bath tub with his eyes closed for hours and hours. When he finally got up and looked our his window teeth were embedded in the glass.

    He did not go outside for weeks for fear that people would mistake him for a Muslim.

    Police found scalps at the scene.

    God bless America and America bless God.

    • I have to say, with all due respect, that I take offence to what you say at the end, i.e. “America bless God”.

      The belief in an imaginary invisible man in the sky is why this happened in the very first place. The terrorists were yelling “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) as they were flying airliners into buildings that day. They truly believed they were doing God’s work, and would go to a martyr’s heaven where they would be greeted by 72 virgins.

      I think it would be best if we just never forget that a great many innocent people died that day because a bunch of deeply religious young men deluded themselves into believing God wanted it that way.

      As a figure of speech I have no problem with “God bless you”, or “God bless America”, but in it’s literal form I think it’s ridiculous. Why would an all powerful and almighty God (even if he did exist) bless America and Americans and not others?

      The belief in these fairly tales is silly and babyish. If we were having this discussion in the 13th century then I could understand it, but in the 21st century I think we, as a species, need to grow up and accept the fact that we are alone in this little part of the universe.

      The belief in bronze age superstitions combined with 21st century technology and weapons is a very dangerous thing. Need I say more than Iran with nuclear weapons?

      There is no God. Get over it and spread the word.

      • Objectively, we can no more prove that God doesn’t exist than that he does. It’s only your own opinion, er, belief if I may say so.

        Give it a rest.

        • @Rich Dude. Sadly, you’ve thrown the ‘baby out with the bathwater’, as the saying goes. Just because you assert and declare that “God” does not exist, does not make it so. I happen to believe in electricity and the power violent windstorms, etc. Have you ever seen electricity or the invisible air that you breathe? #1, your argument really doesn’t hold water, and #2, you’ve completely disregarded the concept of false gods, i.e., the mohammedan muslim ‘allah-god’, and the deceptive concept of the powers of evil ‘beings’, etc. You can relegate all spirituality to a Bronze Age mentality, but you can never explain why your beating heart continues to function–even science has no answers for that one! It’s curiously a fact that those who consider themselves avowed atheists inevitably blame “God” for all the evils in the world. Some day you, along with every other reader of this blog, will meet God. He will not defend his existence to you, but He will reveal your arrogance, unbelief and selfish pride. Is that really how you want to meet the Creator of your beating heart????       

          • @rjerry2

            That is not what “Throw out the baby with the bath water” even means, but anyway.

            Electricity and the power of violent windstorms can be explained by science. And science can also explain why your beating heart continues to function. Only the very ignorant would suggest it can’t. Science, by definition, means:

            The understanding of the physical and natural world through observation, experiment, and evidence.

            In other words, it’s not a belief system at all. Science is based on evidence. It has nothing to do with whether you believe in it. Religion, on the other hand, is based on faith. The word faith, by definition, means:

            To believe in someone or something with no evidence at all.

            I don’t know where you get your “fact(s)” from, but it’s completely absurd. How could I possibly blame “God” for all the evils in the world when I don’t believe such an entity exists in the first place? On the contrary, I believe stupid and deluded humans are responsible for all the evils in the world.

            Yes, the absolute belief in something, based on no evidence at all, is completely delusional. I stand by what I said before. On 9/11, 19 very pious young men were absolutely convinced that they were doing God’s work, and they would go to a martyr’s heaven. This is both delusional and evil.

        • Objectively, we can no more prove that [insert fictitious character here] doesn’t exist than that he does. You can’t prove the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t exist either, so perhaps you should give it a rest.

          • @ Rich Dude. As the saying goes… It takes a lot more faith to believe that the entire universe simply evolved from NOTHING than it does to believe in a benevolent loving Creator. I REST MY CASE! P.S. Muslims have no concept of a knowable ‘loving God’. That’s why they worship a monstrous false entity invented by a misogynistic, blood-thirsty pedophile! You’ve completely disregarded the issue that muslim terrorists DO NOT worship the True and Living God–their whole concept of ‘God’ is based on abject fear and hatred of others. Let me assure you, if that’s a true ‘picture’ of God,  then I’ll gladly become an atheist along with you! Please, RD, don’t confuse GOD with Satan…. You really need to get YOUR facts straight!! Just because someone SAYS they worship God does not necessarily make it so. Piety is as piety does. Would you say that the Charles Manson cult members who murdered the actress Sharon Tate were PIOUS??? THEY BELIEVED CHARLES MANSON WAS AN INCARNATION OF JESUS CHRIST because he told them that’s who he was! So just because they believed that, did their ‘belief’ make it so??? True ‘faith in God’ does not exclude or preclude belief in scientific facts. Quite to the contrary, faith in God helps bring to light all the magnificence of scientific discoveries. True belief in God and true scientific facts are never at odds with one another–they compliment one another!      

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