Obama taps Muslim for top job at federal DHS

From Southern California Public Radio:

The Obama administration has tapped Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Arif Alikhan for a top job at the federal Department of Homeland Security. KPCC’s Frank Stoltze says Alikhan immediately becomes one of the administration’s highest-profile Muslims.

Frank Stoltze: Arif Alikhan downplays his Sunni Muslim roots. That’s not always been easy. Not growing up in the San Gabriel Valley with a name like Alikhan.

Alikhan rose to chief of the Cyber and Intellectual Crimes Section and worked as a senior adviser to then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez in Washington. Now, after two years as L.A.’s deputy mayor for public safety, the 40-year-old returns to the nation’s capital as assistant secretary for the Office of Policy Development at the Department of Homeland Security.

Alikhan: This is the main sort of think tank and policy analysis shop that provides advice to the secretary, the deputy secretary, and spans over all of the different component departments of the Department of Homeland Security.

Stoltze: His first briefing book was a 90-page list of acronyms he’ll use on his job. He says a big part of his job will be fostering communication between agencies. Alikhan also wants to help improve America’s image with Muslims around the world.

Alikhan: I think a lot of people have learned from me about being Muslim, how diverse it is, how there is no real monolithic Islam out there, how Islam clearly, clearly prohibits any type of extremism or violence and absolutely condemns that.

Stoltze: He may get that opportunity to teach again at some of the highest levels of the federal government.

Wow. Is that the kind of blatant untruths we want taught at the highest levels of federal government, particularly DHS – a group created to protect us from terrorism – borne out of attacks on the U.S. by Muslims? Outright lies? More on Alikhan from Discover the Networks:

During his years in Los Angeles, Alikhan was responsible for derailing the Police Department’s plan to monitor activities within the Los Angeles Muslim community, where numerous radical mosques and madrassas existed, and where some of the 9/11 hijackers had received support from local residents.

Strongly anti-Israel, Alikhan has referred to the terrorist organization Hezbollah as a “liberation movement.” An affiliate of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Alikhan opposed President George W. Bush’s prosecution of the war on Islamic terror.

Hostile toward Israel, Alikhan is affiliated with the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), which has referred to the terrorist organization Hezbollah as a “liberation movement.” Alikhan opposed President George W. Bush’s prosecution of the war on Islamic terror.

More from Atlas Shrugs:

Back in 2007, Alikhan was instrumental in removing the Muslim terror tracking plan in LA.

The controversial Muslim ‘Mapping’ Plan of the Los Angeles Police Department is now “dead on arrival” according to Chief William Bratton.

“It is over and not just put on the side,” said Chief Bratton in a meeting with the Muslim leadership of Southern California on Thursday, November 15th. The meeting was moderated by Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, Arif Alikhan and attended by Deputy Chief Mike Downing.

Chief Bratton acknowledged the hurt and offense caused to Muslims and agreed to send a letter to the Muslim community announcing the official termination of the ‘mapping’ plan.

A major reason for the termination of the ‘mapping’ plan was the Muslim community’s vociferous opposition and active civic engagement in making themselves heard beyond Los Angeles. Muslim organizations demonstrated a strong unity of purpose and message on the issue of ‘mapping’ that led to a position of strength for Muslims in the meeting. Those involved in the initial phases of this controversy were the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and Muslim Advocates.

Muslim Democrats welcome Alikhan’s appointment

At a banquet/fundraiser for the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California last weekend, the first speaker was Arif Alikhan (Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles – in charge of public safety for the city). He bid  farewell, as he is going to take a post asAssistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security. Arif Alikhan is a devout Sunni and the son of Pakistani immigrants (here).

….speakers included Arif Ali Khan, the former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles. He bid the attendees farewell as he  prepared to leave the Los Angeles area for Washington, D. C. There he will serve as Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Professor Agha Saeed of the American Muslim Task Force (AMT) spoke of the aftermath of 9/11 and the struggle of the Muslim Community against the pervasive atmosphere of Islamophobia and hatred. It was a struggle against the tide – a very strong tide – to prevent Muslims in America from being marginalized and silenced.

Professor Saeed ….issued five demands from Muslims to the Department of Justice. These demands included a cessation to the infiltration by spies of mosques and an end to the introduction of agents provocateur. In addition there was to be a cessation of attempts to undermine Muslim groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

This is where Alikhan spoke? He was comfortable with this terror talk?

Why Alikhan? DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano noted Alikhan’s “broad and impressive array of experience in national security, emergency preparedness and counterterrorism.” I am not sure what she is talking about (neither is she, I am sure.)

Arif Alikhan was appointed Deputy Mayor of LA – picked from relative obscurity.

He began his career seven years ago, when he took a job with the Department of Justice hunting down computer hackers, crooks who were selling merchandise on Ebay at rock-bottom prices. In his former position as an assistant US attorney, Alikhan consistently did his work accurately and silently, never producing any headlines. But then he suddenly became one of the most important men in Los Angeles, America’s second-largest city after New York.

He took the position of Deputy Mayor in November 2006. The year that the Congress went Democrat and history and America took a disastrous turn. How does an obscure bureaucrat a and devout Muslim come to the position of Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles – in charge of public safety for the city? And now Assistant Secretary to DHS?

Un-indicted co-conspirator CAIR was thrilled at the appointment:

CAIR-LA Congratulates Calif. Muslim Appointed to DHS Post , Arif Alikhan will serve as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development

More: Napolitano pick raised funds for terror supporter Group labeled 9/11 attacks on U.S. a legitimate operation

Related: Another Jihad Nominee at Dept of Homeland Security – Napolitano adds adviser with ties to terror backers

Last week, Napolitano swore in Damascus-born Kareem Shora, the ADC’s national executive director, to a position on the Homeland Security Advisory Council, an outside-the-department group of national security experts that advises the secretary. Shora is the first Arab rights advocate on the panel.

15 thoughts on “Obama taps Muslim for top job at federal DHS

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  2. Nothing surprises me anymore except that the American people aren’t rioting in the streets of D.C.! I was in DC this past week end and I regret the missed opportunity to surround the White House and deliver an Eviction notice!!!!!
    People’s Republic of China Honored Sept. 20th with their flag flown on our flag pole on lawn of the white house and Islam has a day of prayer and worship on Sept. 25th and is welcomed by Obama-O-bummer!
    No National day of prayer for America this year however!!!!!
    http://www.federaljack.com, http://www.voteofnoconfidence.org,

  3. The most humane thing for Obama to do with his health care bill is issue a machete to every household and authorize one’s neighbor to do the honors. We’re mere steps away from facing the choice of bowing to the east or bowing over a basket. I just hope the first in line are the very ones that continue to empower this frightening deceiver. If you can’t see the Muslim sympathy, integration and invitation to hijack and murder the American dream, you’re already indoctrinated. God help the U.S.A.

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  6. I do not like muslim appointees in America. The present president is a tool destroying the freedom Americans have enjoyed. He needs to get out of office before doing more damage to this nation.

  7. Its about time we began embracing the different cultures that are in this country and began making them feel a part of this country instead of being on religious, self-interest discriminating “Holy” Wars. Its the first time I have been Proud of this Country in a looooonnggggg time!!!!

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  9. Makes perfect sense really!! A muslim in charge of the Defence and Security of a nation that is fighting muslims and their ideaology..
    About as sensible as putting a Nazi in charge of the British Homeland Defence during WW2 when they were fighting the Nazis and their ideaology!!
    And where are the voices raised from the public and non liberal politicians about this insanity???
    Is NO-ONE on watch?
    what a pack of lemmings following a path to self destruction!
    Alikhan as Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles made sure all investigations and surveillance of mosques ceased, and effectively prevented the LA Police Dept from carrying out any work agains terrorism…
    SO this is the guy who will PROTECT America??
    Listen up folks, just hand over your country right now to the ratbag muslims, and stop pretending there’s not a muslim in the white house!!
    Americans DESERVE what they get if NO ONE speaks up loudly and vocally against this madness!
    RISE UP AMERICA!! where are your VOICES??

  10. This is very hefulpl post and interesting.“Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; argument is an exchange of ignorance” Rober QuillenIn one of the renowned scholars whom i have read, i believe it was Karen Armstrong, i recall that in the benign and moderate approcah to Islam from even many centuries ago, Hindus, Buddhists and sveral if not MANY other religions whichallows for a oath that conceives of One , or a G-d that is supreme and served by other lesser beings such as angels, the hefulpl jinns, deities, willing humankind , all the animals and living beings and forces of Nature, etc etc…is to be considered marriage eligible for a practicing muslim as these folks are in some way People of The Book (which is in fact so hard to translate for it equates, as i understand it to the divine gist of the Revelation by exhortation and proclamation, by example to make it visible and alive, and through the written word, of the teachings of G-d to humans in order that we might live in Harmony on Earth and build a world that is Tikkun.)anyway…we have in the main, despite contemporary hostilities within and without our religion, throughout our history even to the most distant the past been an inclusive and enlightened religion. it breaks my heart that there are such times as these in which the most narrow-minded zealots, within Islam and against it, aactually destroy the writings and commentary of the moderates who have lived over centuries and shared alternative ways to practice faithfully our amazingly beautiful faith .yes,Ma-shallah

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