Inside look at Queens terror case and NY’s Islamic Afghani diaspora

Great piece over at the Northeast Intelligence Network who rightly calls out Islamic advocacy groups (CAIR, ISNA, et al) and “governmental acquiescence to Islam” regarding the circumstances of the Queens terror plot. While Hagmann defends the NYPD and FBI in this case, neither  are exempt from acquiescing to Islamist demands. To the contrary, both are complicit and have partnered with and/or employed the very same Islamic advocacy groups Hagmann rightly suggests are the problem.

It’s Hagmann’s description of the Islamic Afghani diaspora growing in the NYC borough of Queens, NY that caught our attention and should catch yours as well. Excerpts below.

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director | NIN

The current “terror warning” issued by federal authorities is as real as it is dire. It is extremely important that everyone understands the current threat level, how the warnings originated, and to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. There is a real and present danger throughout North America despite the tiresome claims that such warnings are hyper-inflated or are mere distractions to the real news of the day. I will explain, hoping that the following information provides some valuable insight into this precarious situation.

Before doing so, current press reports blaming NYPD, members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, or other law enforcement officials for acting too quickly against an Afghan national and his associates must be addressed. Not only are such accusations misplaced, but malicious at their core. If there is any blame to be placed, it must be laid directly at the feet of the Islamic advocacy groups who have launched a crusade of politically correctness against law enforcement, encumbering them under the threat of legal action. It must also be placed at the feet of those government officials who have acquiesced to the very public and well-funded disinformation campaign that asserts that the loyalty of fundamental Muslims is to America rather than to their religious ideology.

The terror case of Najibullah ZAZI is a visible manifestation of such inane governmental policy and is a suitable illustration of the fruits of governmental acquiescence to Islam.

A taste of Kabul in America

To fully understand how serious this threat is and how it developed, a virtual trip to Queens is necessary.

Recent demographics put the Afghan population in the greater New York area at approximately 20,000. Based on my own investigative and surveillance experience in Queens and the surrounding area, it seems that there are at least that many in the Flushing area in the Borough of Queens alone. It is common to see groups of young Afghani men sporting full beards and traditional Islamic attire walking to the Hazrat-I-Abubakr Sadiq mosque for daily prayers. At times, it seems that Americans are the outsiders and treated with suspicion if not outright contempt by the immigrants. Attempts to gain information about any of the Afghan nationals from within the group are exercises in futility. American values seem to have been replaced by the values and culture imported from the streets of Kabul. Tolerance of their culture is demanded, while intolerance for American culture and values is evident.

Disdain for America, the elevation of Osama bin Laden to a hero’s status and support for the Taliban and the 9/11 attacks are all elements that can be easily found in this relatively small area of New York. In the week after the 9/11 attacks, the Hazrat-I-Abubakr Sadiq mosque played host to groups of supporters of the Taliban as fear of retaliation against the Taliban in Afghanistan grew within this immigrant community. Publicly, Muslim religious leaders denounced the Taliban while supporters were relegated to the basement at that location.

Feuding between ethnic factions within this area became apparent in the days after the 9/11 attacks. Much like a microcosm of Afghanistan, the Tajiks were pitted against the Pashtuns, the latter group vociferously supportive of bin Laden. A power struggle continues within the Afghan community, and support for the anti-American Pashtuns faction has been re-energized by US foreign policy in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East.

The growing undercurrent of support for the Taliban within the New York Afghan community is deliberately hidden from mainstream America by the pressure of political correctness exerted by various Islamic advocacy groups. While organizations such as the Council on American Relations (CAIR) claim that radical Islam is virtually non-existent or hyped by bigots and racists, the hatred of America continues to grow virtually unchecked on the streets of New York. The bullied media is misdirected or simply looks away, thereby perpetuating the illusion that radical Islam is the exception rather than the norm in the heart of “little Kabul.”

Meanwhile, fundamental Islam is permitted to metastasize within our own society.

Case background

The origin of the latest threat to the security of the US can be traced to the very heart of this New York City community.  The focus of this investigation is Najibullah ZAZI, a 24 year-old Afghan native who has been living in the US since 1999, including his years in Queens.  ZAZI, now a current resident of suburban Denver, Colorado and a shuttle and limousine driver for First ABC Transportation near the Denver International Airport, has been under surveillance by investigators for well over a year.  Before moving to Colorado, ZAZI lived in Queens, NY, where he operated a mobile coffee cart in Manhattan and attended the Hazrat-I-Abubakr Sadiq mosque in Flushing.

In August of 2008, ZAZI left the US for a five-month visit to Pakistan. ZAZI admitted to authorities that he received extensive training in weapons and explosives at known al Qaeda training camps in the FATA (tribal) region of Pakistan.

In the months leading up to his trip to Pakistan, ZAZI ran up more than $50,000 in debt on 20 credit cards. In March of this year, less than two months after his return from Pakistan, ZAZI filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. (Read more at the link above)

Update: Zazi has been indicted on charges of conspiring to detonate WMD

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