Muslims try to shut down Olmert speech at Univ of Chicago

Where Muslims go, jihad follows. And Muslims in America continue to show their true Islamist colors, complete with swastikas flanked by ‘Palestinian’ flags. Every day another protest. It’s becoming clear who the tiny minority is, and they are scared to death of their fellow Muslims.

By Brett Cohen StandWithUs Coordinator, Chicago Chapter and Midwest Region

Thursday afternoon saw a contained riot at the University of Chicago’s Mandel hall during a speech from former Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Upon arrival we were greeted by vociferous protesters screaming “No Justice No Peace” and epithets of Israelis as child murderers, backed up with “peace” protestors holding signs of swastikas.

Inside the event was equally disparaging, as Mr. Olmert was interrupted by the worst profanity imaginable and screams of bloody murder from anti-Israel activists inside the event nearly every 2 or 3 minutes. At one point, an exasperated, albeit good humored Olmert requested, “how about you give me 5 minutes to speak, and then I’ll give you one minute of uninterrupted shouting”. In total around 25-30 of these riotous “protestors” were eventually dragged out by the police. One was even arrested for assaulting and officer. It was extremely evident that these students,American Muslims for Palestine and CAIR members, had no intention of academic discourse or actually listening to anything Mr. Olmert had to say. In fact, in the days leading up to the event a plethora of emails were circulated calling on the university to cancel the event. When that wasn’t realized there was an organized effort to disrupt it, and effectively shut down free speech at the University of Chicago.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, a Loyola student and AMP activist said that she didn’t “mind listening to what he has to say, but if all he has to say is that we’re wicked people, I refuse to listen to that.” In reality, the only references to Palestinian civilians Mr. Olmert made were that the vast majority of the Palestinian population is tired of war, and desperately wants peace. He reiterated that it is the radicals in power like Hamas in Gaza who are holding their own people hostage. In fact, Mr. Olmert outlined quite extensively how Hamas targets Palestinian civilians who actively seek peace with Israel. Mr. Olmert also outlined how during his term as Prime Minister he was castigated repeatedly by Mahmoud Abass for not going after Hamas strongly enough during their takeover of Gaza in 2006, where Hamas members tortured and murdered in cold blood moderate Fatah activists, and even, as Mr. Olmert described, “threw babies out the window of the hospital who belonged to Fatah parents”.

All in all, however, the even t was a success in spite of the numerous attempts to take it hostage. The vast majority of people in attendance were there for a serious academic discussion, and openly challenged Mr. Olmert from both the political Right and Left through note cards read during the Q and A.

Read it all here and watch the videos here and here.

2 thoughts on “Muslims try to shut down Olmert speech at Univ of Chicago

  1. I have a most simple of questions.

    You can attack CAIR and other organisations and mention so easily there possible link to terrorism and yet you argue against someone campaigning against a former Israeli President whom is under official investigations.

    Seems like a bit of hypocrisy there.

    FYI, I dispise CAIR so do not think I either support nor sympathize for them, I just do not like double-standards.

  2. CAIR does not have ‘possible’ links to terrorism – CAIR’s founders have been jailed and/or deported for participating in terrorism.

    We didn’t argue against anyone’s right to “campaign” – we very simply pointed out that it is hypocritical Islamists waving swastika flags who attempted to deny Olmert an opportunity to speak in the US.

    Do yourself a favor – don’t attempt to distort what we write in an effort to make your own Islamist point of view seem legitimate. And try and post a comment without displaying your obvious envy and hatred of all things Israel.

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