Arizona: Iraqi man runs over daughter, woman in attempted honor killing

Update 2: Noor Faleh Almaleki has died – another Islamic honor killing in the U.S. is now official

Update: Almaleki was captured at the Atlanta airport!

Son of Arizona Muslim accused of attempted honor killing says his dad was disrespected

If you don’t want your kids to become Westernized, why come to live in the West? A better, more affluent, and safe Western life? hat tip Larry

Faleh Hassan Almaleki reportedly threatened his daughter for becoming ‘too Westernized.’

(KFYI) Peoria police are looking for a Glendale man who allegedly ran over his 20-year-old daughter and another woman in the Department of Economic Security parking lot Tuesday.

Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 48, was reportedly angry at his daughter, Noor Faleh Almaleki, for becoming ‘too westernized’ and not living according to their traditional Iraqi values.

Faleh Hassan Almaleki

Faleh Hassan Almaleki

Both women have been hospitalized. The daughter of the suspect had life-threatening injuries.

The other victim, Amal Edan Khalaf, had less serious injuries. Khalaf is the mother of Almaleki’s boyfriend.

Faleh Hassan Almaleki was last seen in a Grey or silver 2000 Jeep grand Cherokee, Arizona License ADS-9192

Anyone with information can call SILENT WITNESS or the Peoria Police Tip Line at 623.773.7045.

via KFYI – “The Valley’s Talk Station”.

Another report says the man is of Iraqi descent, and yet another refers to the incident as a hit and run incident. How will the media spin this one?

Sadly ironic, the Department of Economic Security’s homepage claims front and center, “Every child, adult, and family will be safe and economically secure,” with two of the first links being “Protect our Children” and “Support our Children” as part of Arizona’s Child Protective Services home. Was the daughter there seeking protection? Is there protection from Islamic honor killing?

Update: Hit-And-Run Was Intentional, Peoria Police Say

According to a news release from the Peoria Police Department, Glendale resident Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 48, ran over his daughter Noor Almaleki, 20, and her friend Amal Edan Khalef, a 43-year-old Surprise resident, as they walked out of the building at 89th and Peoria avenues.

Cynthia Diaz, who witnessed the crash, said Almaleki was unconscious and bleeding from the nose; however, Khalaf was able to communicate.

“I asked her specifically, ‘Do you know who did this?'” Diaz said. “She said yes and she gave a name.”Police said Faleh Almaleki was last seen driving a gray or silver 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with license plate No. ADS-9192.

Picture of 20-year-old Noor Faleh Almaleki via Atlas Shrugs.

 20-year-old Noor Faleh Almaleki

20-year-old Noor Faleh Almaleki

46 thoughts on “Arizona: Iraqi man runs over daughter, woman in attempted honor killing

  1. I agree with the comment made by someone else. If you don’t think you can live in a Westernized country, then DON’T move there. This father should be hung by his balls!

  2. I’m sick of these Abba-Dabbas coming to western countries, having children, then expect the children to behave according to the rules of their parents native country (i.e. Amina & Sarah Said). If they don’t want their children to be westernized, then they need to stay in their caves.

  3. What about their Islamic duty to spread the good word? Maybe that is why they selflessly spread to the ends of the earth, wherever local jurisdictions lack the sense to send them back home.


    Shocking video content, do not click if you are not prepared
    Wherever Islam goes, human rights abuse and medieval tortures are installed:
    Islam spreads lique a plague and now it is time to stop it.
    The stoning of Soraya M.
    Nazi-Sharia in action in Iran:
    The execution of a 16 year old girl, for “crimes against chastity”
    A muslim cleric enjoys 9/11
    And here you see the Muslim clerics menacing the UK… in a London rally!

    Wherever Isalm goes, it preaches hate, death and rape to non-Muslims. This is the Mohhamedian “religion” preached in the quran. Just see and hear the reports.

    More proofs that Muhammad was a Pedophile was recorded by his own stupid followers in Hadiths. His first and last abuse victims were his own family, his daughter and her children. Aisha, one of his wives, was not her first abuse child victim. Watch how muhammad sexually abused his daughter and grand children.

    After you have understood what those videos show about the real Islam, and what it will represent to your values, your family and your descendants…if you want to konw in depth, Recommend this reading. The best bucks you spend in life, check and see

    Written by an ex-Muslim. Islam conquers in two ways: by war, rape and death. Or by peaceful settling at first amid tolerant societies (Malaysia, for instance)then when the Muslim minority turns majority, they impose the Sharia Islamic law and start the killings. Pakistan, which is now an exporter of Muslim terror fanatics, was a peaceful Buddhist country. The Arabs conquered the peaceful Buddhits, killed the elders and converted the young to Islam. The Buddhists, refused to fight the Arabs and were destroyed. Those are historic facts happening since 1300 years ago, read the book.

    The standard Muslim conquest repeats today, with the cooperation of Christian authorities! Check the BBC first they demand the Sharia law. What will happen nest you already know.

    This other one was written by an ex-Islamic mullah , tells us how the Quran was falsified so the last verses were transferred to the middle of the book. The last verses from Mohammed before he died, were a message of hate, war, death and slavery to all non-Muslims, including Christians. No mercy! By hiding those verses amid the rest of the text, Muslim clerics manage to show Islam is a religion of peace and are converting lots of uniformed people in the US and Europe.

    Inform yourself and your friends and family about this silent Islamic cancer that is advancing on the free and democratic world.

    Muhammad was a pedophile, pathological psychopath, mentally sick man per modern psychiatric standards. Wish you a very good time of reading and reflection on what’s going on in the US and Europe, under our noses.

    Hope to have contributed to your information about the real Islam. Sorry for the long post. It arises from indignation.Please share, copy, inform all persons you care.

  5. How ironic he runs her down for being Westernized when he himself is FAT. Looks like he needs to be prevented from ever going to another McDonalds again. Unfortunately, if he had a son who did the same thing, this would never happen. Only the women suffer in this culture. When will some brave, forward-thinking men from this culture step forward and call for an end to this violence? It’s not about culture…it’s about being small and stupid men who want to rule by fear. If a person rules by fear, this person doesn’t rule anyone at all. It’s about beating people into submission. If he wants his daughter to be exactly like him, then he should quickly take his family back to the Middle East and keep her in chains. America is not, and will never be, the place for backward-thinking, irrelevant Neanderthals like this tool of a dad.

  6. Many people want to come to the U.S. to escape whatever it is they don’t like about their own country; however, they also want to bring with them their culture and what they do like about their former way of life. This highlights that leaving your native land is not always the best thing to do as America’s culture and belief system is far different from many Muslim countries. I believe that any immigrant should abide by U.S. laws and culture and the highest penalty should be given to anyone, such as this father, for breaking those laws. This just proves that certain immigrants are just not willing to let go of their former customs and these people would have been better off if they had just stayed where they were.

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  8. I completely agree with those who rightly point out that, if you don’t want to adopt the ways of the country to which you have moved, then don’t move there in the first place. It’s not as though these people have no idea what to expect when they come here.

    The medieval behavior of many Muslim men, in particular, puts Western people off to the point that they don’t look at anything positive about Islam (I’m sure there are many good things) because they can’t even conceive of behavior such as this stupid incident, the beheadings and behandings, the laughably-named “honor” killings (notice it’s only women who suffer such?), and the swathing of women from head to toe in ugly, black shrouds (in seriously hot climates) while the men walk around in anything they please. I have seen many Middle Eastern sons of 5 or 6 publicly treat mothers and sisters with disdain and disrespect. There must be an ingrained hatred of self among some of these repressed women. Many, when questioned, simply say they had to endure it: so must their daughters. Barbarism lives.

    I recently read that a Muslim girl was expected to kill herself because her brother was accused (and later exonerated!) of misconduct. What??? What century do these people live in? Is there no respect for life? Is there no education whatsoever in these places? I ask because most of the rant and rhetoric we hear is virtually by rote. No one seems to have an individual, logical, humane, compassionate thought.

    How are we supposed to relate to this kind of thing? It’s one thing to bring cultural traditions with you when you emigrate; it’s another to believe you can still establish your own rules in your own insulated little enclaves and suffer no consequences by pleading some kind of “cultural rights”.

    When you try to pull BS like this, you have no rights. Put your scimitar between your teeth and return to The Cave of Male Domination and Superiority. Take out your frustrations about independence and “disobedience” on your own mindless little group. Were you on the other end of this story, Mister, I’d bet your attitude would change…and quickly.

  9. If you don’t want your family to become”Westernized” than why did you move them to the USA??Im sure Allas plan was for you to murder your children. Is this the way of Islam??

  10. Hmmm….. must be a cultural thing. Isn’t that what we are always told in this country? Everybody has to be politically correct (PC). Maybe he can use this as a defense. The ACLU can represent him.

  11. And this pant load wonders, like the rest, why we are fed up with all of them. He should be tried and convicted of attempted murder for both and then put into the general population of the prison and let the gang bangers show him how stupid and ignorant he really is. First he will have to deal with Sherriff Arpieo. These bottom feeders hate the thought of being humiliated about their manhood………….well wait to you get to the countryclub…………….

  12. If the father thinks his daughter is too westernized, then they should all go back to the middle east, why did they come here in the first place. I hope he serves a few years in jail, then he’ll know how westernized this country really is. He’ll be glad to get back to the middle East.

  13. Muslims who move to this country do not want to adopt the American way of life or abide by American laws. They are here to populate this country with Muslims and change America into an Islamic country.

  14. If their culture is go great, let them stay in that culture, please don’t bring it here. And do they ever kill their sons? Oh yeah, sons are sacred; daughters are trash.

  15. Everyone goes after Islam or Muslim. i happen to be muslim and live in the sicko muslim does something wrong and you all fat bustards go after muslims..what is wrong with you.we come here and live better and healthier life than you foxnews fats.

  16. ok that was to prove a you even the difference between culture and religion?Islam does not allow what this fat man’s his culture not the religion so learn some something new and don’t act like you know what you
    re talking about.what you doing is like me saying all Americans are ignorant like you.the dumb go get your fix.

  17. Sometimes I think we should airlift women and girls out of the societies that breed this kind of thinking in the men. Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia etc etc…

  18. Immigrants bring their culture with them, including the belief women are property. I just finished reviewing “Caged in America,” a book with a personal look into arranged (and illegal) marriages and the shocking treatment of females by their own family. Can you imagine selling your daughter into marriage at 13? Coming to the USA doesn’t mean a woman has escaped a repressive culture. We can only hope articles and books like these bring attention and action.

  19. the same people that said this is wrong once hung people from trees..

    no one has the right to say whats right or wrong

    this is just another example of assimilation gone wrong, and culture clash, i know , i came to this country at 2 years old, being raised in the home as an egyptian and at school as an american. now imagine this girl came at 15-16? she already grew up in iraq and its values and traditional conservative ways, coming here probably completely exploded her mind in a million pieces and she forgot where she came from, forgot her identity, – im sure the father tried parenting the child in an ‘american way’ and lets not forget, kids these days are more brazen and arrogant then ever threatening their parents by calling cops? who the hell does that? and how does this society allow that? so this man probably got frustrated to the point of rage. thus allowing the perfect climate to develop for this to happen. i just feel extremely bad for the wife and the son the family is torn apart.

  20. my god the ignorance of these posts are comical .. There’s old arab teachings which state the daughter carries the bloodline further then the son — which is now proven by DNA testing. Thats why the daughter is held at a higher standard. And dont tell me american’s aren’t this way, why do women in this country supposedly can do ‘everything better then a man’ , its the same ideology just different interpertation.

    and to the idiots who keep saying if they can’t adopt to american values they should go back, thats retarded. Thats like telling your ancestors who have emigrated to this country to go back to where they came from when they CLEARLY didn’t give up their values, thats why america has molded into the society that it is, and you all of a sudden you want other immigrants to abondon their ways and adopt american lifestyles? how is this even the american way? the american way is to assimilate by bringing the ‘good’ values from your culture combining them with the good values of america.

    come on people i know your more open minded and smarter then the idiocy thats on this page.

  21. Ahmed, I sincerely hope you are an American bigot posing as a Middle Eastern immigrant here, because if not, then American bigots TRULY are right about Islam and Middle Eastern culture.

    Let me get this right, you think it’s good, righteous, and acceptable to try to MURDER one’s children for being insolent?!?

    Would you fault an American parent for being angered at a 20 year old son or daughter of theirs who wished to convert to Islam and live a completely different lifestyle?

  22. anyway going though all these commets, some are correct and others need to stop cirtizing people and some are even by the way im reading their commets are thinking to into this. so for those of u that talk out of ur ass. shut ur month. these white people kill eachother for cheating, o throw and ripe eachother heads off. so kick it,beat it, n rock it, lol

  23. ARAB this comment is to you. You can use whatever excuse you want, culture or Islam….but let me tell you this…..people should wise up….the Islam religion is the only religion that spawns terrorists. The people that want to preserve their culture/terrorists always say they kill for Islam. So whether you want to blame it on the culture or what not….it still boils down to Islam. They all kill in the name of Islam. Christians do NOT kill in the name of Christianity. Countries may kill in the name of Democracy but not in the ‘name’ of a religion. When these people that believe in Islam move to a Democratic country you better abide by our laws. That means NO KILLING for whatever reason….that goes for everyone, whites, blacks, hispanics, chinese and middle eastern. You abide by our laws and KILLING is not allowed for any reason, even HONOR Killings in the name of Islam whether it is your culture or whatever lame excuse you want to use! Here in this country women are protected by scum MEN that this young girls father. If he and his sone felt she disrepected him…..that is NO reason to kill her!!! Not in this country. And I hope our law enforcement catches him and I hope and pray HE gives them a reason to shoot him. He does not deserve to serve any time in prison for what he has done to his daughter. And his son should be escorted out of this country for believing his father had the right to kill his daughter. Escorted out of this country and never allowed entry into this country, ever!!!! ok that was to prove a you even the difference between culture and religion?Islam does not allow what this fat man’s his culture not the religion so learn some something new and don’t act like you know what you
    re talking about.

  24. Where I wrote…Here in this country women are protected by scum MEN that this young girls father. If he and his sone felt she disrepected him…….I meant……..Here in this country women ARE PROTECTED FROM SCUM MEN LIKE THIS YOUNG GIRLS FATHER…..AND IF HE AND HIS SON FELT SHE DISRESPECTED HIM…………

    And as for the ‘Guy’ named ‘Caged in Sins’ oh boy!….. it is so obvious that you agree with the actions of this father and our law enforcement should keep an eye on you!!! And girls out there in the FREE world…….Beware of Men like this!!! And the comment you made…..we can all tell by your bad english you that you have immigrated here, probably from the middle east and that is why you are in agreement with the actions taken by this girls father OR you are drunk or high or both! But your english is BAD!

  25. We cannot change the past, but USA can shape the future, for People who need help, to live in Peace and Safe.

    God Bless America.

    I was born in Iraq and growing up in wars times. In my life, I have experienced both happy and miserable time; I would like to talk about the main Signification that had happened in my life.

    I had my good business in Iraq, my life was going smooth and stable, I had good relations with all, until Muslim Militia targets me by planting grenades in my home entrances. The devastation not only in the structural but all furniture’s were completely damages.

    I remain fear of future, because I recognized that Muslim militia targets Christian in such a terrible ways, they prevented us from living in Iraq and / or work then they seizure our business and our properties.

    It was the red letter day in my life when the Islamic militia killed my friend /neighbor WISAM, It was clear to me that I will be the next. I felt very scared for my own life when I saw what happened for my neighbor. Therefore, I had to run with just the clothes I wore, not knowing what fate I will face.

    Since my late neighbor be laid to rest, I had no certain place to live in. I fled my country and lived as refugee, I know I felt hard life is in the term of getting basic human needs such as food, clothing, shelter and water. In a degree I was crying every single night because my tears make me feel better. I felt hopeless, I feel abnormal. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born.

    Things settled down for a while; however my life changed better when I got permit to migrate to Ameirca. Where Relief Offices helped me to overstep the almost misfortunes that I faced.

    USA ,,, work to me was beyond all praise.

  26. Amar, I like your first sentence. And I like to see people such as yourself immigrate to this country for simply, a better life, for peace and safety. But do you bring with you, the beliefs in Honor Killing? Treating women as property?

  27. I’m so happy to see that so many Americans are on the right track… I wish we in europe did something about it, now it’s almost late, tomorrow is going to be too late !

    G-d bless America, the only land of free !

  28. You guys shouldnt talk with out reading the whole story on this website her brother says his sister is married in the middle east left her husband came back to the U.S. and lives with a different guy now, what do you guys want him to do, his daughter living with someone other than her husband thats crazy she deserves what happens to her.No one would like his daughter to be like her.

    • Another comment of honor killing approval from Michigan…

      only thing revealing in the link shinister posted is that the brother clarifies it was all about Islam and “Muslim” values

  29. @Shinistar: Don’t matter what the daughter did or did not do with a man that is or isn’t her husband. Dad didn’t have to sleep with her, she wasn’t married to him. Now if the legal husband from Iraq commited this crime then that would be a mitigating circumstance but still not in any way shape or form, excusable action. No one has the right to harm anyone except in the case of self-defence and even that is limited to equal force. You can’t defend yourself from fists by shooting a gun for instance. The father deserves whatever punishment he gets but calls for him to be violated in jail are wonton and counterproductive.. remember the other inmates aren’t in there for execution duty but rather as punishment for crimes just as bad if not worse than what the father did. You want the immigrants to adjust in a healthy manner to your culture then you need to deal with them as fairly as you yourself would wish to be dealt with!

  30. What Creeping said, in spades!

    Ahhhhh believes differently than I do though, as in apparent by his comment. I happen to think that, for example, a little old lady has every right to use a gun to defend herself from someone that’s beating her to death with their fists. hell, I think anyone has the right to effectively defend themselves from assault…

  31. It’s not what I believe Patrick but what the law states. You can only use deadly force to meet deadly force. Of course the USA being as much a patchwork of various legal frameworks, no blanket statement can say what is or isn’t legal everywhere. But here goes (from Wiki):

    In most jurisdictions, defense of self or of others is an affirmative defense to criminal charges for an act of violence. It acts to provide complete justification when the degree of violence used is comparable or proportionate to the threat faced, so deadly force would only be excused in situations of “extreme” danger. The defense would fail, for example, if a defendant deliberately killed a petty thief who did not appear to be a physical threat. Likewise, when an assailant ceases to be a threat (e.g. by being tackled and restrained, surrendering, or fleeing), the defense will fail if the defending party presses on to attack. A somewhat less obvious application of this rule is that admitting the use of deadly force in an attempt to disable rather than kill the assailant can be construed as evidence that the defendant wasn’t yet in enough danger to justify lethal force in the first place. Sometimes there is a duty to retreat which makes the defense problematic when applied to abusive relationships (see battered woman syndrome and abuse defense), and in burglary situations given the so-called castle exception (see: Edward Coke) which argues that one cannot be expected to retreat from one’s own home, namely, “a man’s house is his castle, et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium” i.e. Latin for “and one’s home is the safest refuge”). However, if one is “challenged” in a bar for a fight, accepting such challenge, instead of walking away, generally will not constitute a self defense.

    Of course some of you are going to argue that Wiki is the tool of the left….

    BTW Patrick: Think of it like this, militarily the USA, being the most powerful in the world, is the equivilent of the brute beating the little old lady which would/could be viewed as any of the following: Grenada, Panama, Vietnam, Iraq (twice), Somalia. You can say what you will, but you’ve kind of justified whatever means necessary used by any opponent of your country to defend themselves.

  32. I have something to say to Shininstar. It doesn’t matter what that girl did, NO ONE deserves to be killed in such a violent way, and by her own parent , no less. If he didn’t like the way she was living, it would have been far better to disown her or walk away from her. He could have said, Daughter since you refuse to live like we have taught you and since I am disturbed by your behavior, then I will not see you until you change your ways. Maybe she did leave a husband in another country, but who knows if he really loved her or was very mean to her. No one knows unless you have been in her shoes.It is a very sad case. No one wins.

  33. fucking loser…i knew this was going to happen…Noor was my best friends sister….he believed that women did all the work and men get things as they pleased…he deserves jail time…that is not right…he was a bad father always cruel to his daughters…he should get a worse punshiment

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  35. I kno the sister to Noor and this man deserves jail time. Ive heard stories and his family is finally gonna be free to live their lives and not live under his ways…”women do everything and men are treated like kings.”. please prey for their family for losing someone so special in there life. =[

  36. What is the difference between The United States for American and other countries ?The difference is absolute freedom.
    There are Different religions in American And these are the true freedom You are living in the freedoms country this has a price Your daughter Disobedience
    to your religion it is one of your Mistakes Introduce her to the religion by proper education of it will reflected that to Ethics Background.
    not by Violence and Irregularity

  37. I just want to say a few words to the ignoramus that is spouting false prejudices about Islam. It is NOT the religion that preaches the degravity of women. It is the culture that over time has been convoluted and misinterpreted. In God’s eyes men and women are equal, it is the flaw of humanity that tries to take control over women and their roles in society…but then again, isn’t that every culture?!

    As for the inconsiderate blogger who posted the disrespectful, beguiling comment about the prophet Muhammed, timedecristo, you need t brush up on your facts with something more substantial than what youtube videos and rumors…..try a book, like, oh, i don’t know, how bout the source, aka, the Quran!

    Suck on That!!! (And yes, that was a poke @ ur tongue theory)

    • To the moronic Mary, quit spreading your lies and hatred. Islam is a religion of the devil. And Islamic men are cowards of the lowest form. They can only pray on weak women because they r like cowardly little girls.

  38. ولله الي صار وجعلي كلبي . شنو ذنبها . هوه مو الله حتى يحاسبه . لا الله اله الله .الله يرحمه او يرحمنه برحمته الواسعه اتمنى لا احد يغلط غلطت ابو نور

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