California: Anti-terror investigation nets Muslim leaders in tax fraud

The spiritual leader of Stockton’s largest mosque and his brother, the former spiritual leader, have been indicted by a federal grand jury on multiple tax fraud charges in what apparently began as an anti-terrorism investigation.

Saeed Ur Rahman, 44, faces three counts of tax evasion for allegedly understating his income by a quarter-million dollars during the tax years 2004-2006. Rahman is the imam of the Islamic Center of Stockton.

In a separate indictment, Rahman’s brother Obed Ur Rahman, 57, is charged with tax fraud in what prosecutors described as an elaborate scheme to avoid paying capital gains tax on a Stockton duplex he sold in 2004. Two other men are charged in connection with the duplex transaction, including Obed Ur Rahman’s investment partner.

Obed Ur Rahman faces an additional charge of accepting more than $60,000 in disability payments from the Social Security Administration when, in fact, he was working.

“My client tells me he’s known they’ve been under investigation for two years,” said Bruce Locke, who represents Mohammad Nasir Khan. “Evidently all the FBI could find was a possible tax problem.”

Read it all via Stockton Muslim Leaders Charged with Tax Fraud |

About 15 miles from Lodi, California where the FBI has been busy in the past:

FBI raids Lodi -Imam – son & 2 others plotted to blow up supermarkets and hospitals

Lodi Mosque Imam’s US born son tells FBI he went abroad for Al Qaeda training “to learn to kill Americans”.

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