Muslims use halal food to force sharia on California pre-schools

One solution? The teachers will be helping to teach Islamic sharia law to Muslim kids, at the expense of all taxpayers, by instructing three year olds which foods are halal and which are haram. The paper dhimmied up and provided a side-bar on halal.

Muslim parents concerned with what children are eating at Heritage Primary Elementary via Lodi News

Israr Khan is concerned about his 4-year-old daughter’s lunch choices at Heritage Primary Elementary.

Since she is enrolled in the state-operated pre-school program, the girl can choose from any of the cafeteria offerings even if they don’t align with her Muslim diet or aren’t “halal.”

“They say it’s the kids’ choice, but they are 3 (years old) and hardly know what is right or wrong,” Khan said.

He and a trio of men attended Tuesday’s Lodi Unified school board meeting requesting a new policy that allows parents to accompany their children through the cafeteria line.

At issue is the Muslim diet.

Because of religious beliefs, they are not allowed to eat pork or other meat that is slaughtered improperly. Things such as Jell-O are also off limits because they are made with gelatin, an animal by-product.

In years past, the school district has created many choices for students with special dietary needs such as vegetarians. This includes offering a salad bar on most campuses and cheese pizza as an alternative to the meat version. Schools also serve bean and cheese burritos and cheese nachos.

However, lunchtime at Heritage’s pre-school program is instructional time where the teacher’s focus is having students make choices, according to Principal Maria Cervantes.

“So if they decide to choose a forbidden food, he or she is allowed to do so,” she said.

The district has dealt with this issue in the past at its two pre-school sites, according to Florence Costamagna, director of school readiness and pre-school programs. Only last year, Heritage’s participants did not eat lunch in the cafeteria and instead received a snack of graham crackers and milk in the classroom.

At Heritage, 12 percent of its enrollment is Pakistani.

“When they’re in pre-school, they’re not really ready to make that decision,” Cervantes said of students picking the permissible foods. “How do they distinguish between the hamburger they can eat at home and the one at school? That’s hard for a 3-and-half-year-old.”

Further, the district’s pepperoni used on its meat pizza is made of turkey.

“Obviously our turkey or chicken nuggets are not halal,” Cervantes added. “But by first grade they pretty much know what they can have.”

Community member Shahnawez Khan asked board members Tuesday to adopt a policy to allow parents to accompany their pre-schoolers through the lunch line to make good choices.

“That matter should be resolved quickly because we do not want our kids to eat something forbidden,” he said.

[CS: Submit to sharia quickly before anyone figures out what it entails]

Both Costamagna and Catherine Pennington, assistant superintendent of primary education, are working on solutions to be culturally respective of the parents’ requests.

“We’re exploring additional clarification from the state,” Costamagna said of the state funding being tied to the program’s three hours of instruction time, including lunch. “I see this as something we can work out as a team.”

Cervantes recommended that students bring their own lunch when there is no acceptable item on the menu, but that is not allowed in the state pre-school program, she said. Board president Richard Jones, who is also the president of the local Boys and Girls Club, received a number of phone calls and visits Tuesday from Pakistani families concerned with Heritage’s food offerings.

“They think because I am the president and at the Boys and Girls Club, I can solve everything,” he told his peers during the meeting’s board member comment section. “I made sure they understood I am only one of seven.”

Trustees cannot act on items during public comment, but Pennington talked with the group after two men addressed the board Tuesday.

Cervantes, who met with some parents earlier in the day and felt the meeting went well, plans to label the table and color-code the vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices before explaining to students what is available.

The pre-school teacher will also discuss with the Muslim children what foods their parents say is appropriate to eat.

[CS: In other words, teachers will be teaching Muslim children sharia law]

“But ultimately when it comes to lunch, the child makes the final choice. That’s a little hard,” Cervantes said. “The teacher can’t physically stop them from reaching out and picking up what they want to eat.”

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9 thoughts on “Muslims use halal food to force sharia on California pre-schools

  1. put sandwich from home in paper bag like many generations of people did- and vegetarians and other kids with special diets who do not seem to need parents at school- OR send them to an ISLAMIC school at their own expense (like Jewish and other groups do)

    why do ONLY MUSLIMS always seem to need all the rules changed for themsleves? instead of THEM Changingor adapting? why must WE change for them?

    go back to Pakistan and take your future Jihadis with you

  2. Muslims need to understand that the world does not revolve around them, the more that they protest at the ‘rules’ of the countries that they CHOOSE to migrate to, and get welcomed into, the less they will be welcome. The US, like a lot of countries allow their citizens great freedom, including the freedom to leave if you don’t like the rules. So if you don’t like the rules please feel free to exercise your rights and LEAVE…. Trust me you will not be missed.

  3. If the school is teaching muslim diet to children, are they aware the Prophet commanded the drinking of camel urine for tonic?

    As it is commanded the cafeteria should have the freeze dried version on hand. A few glasses of that should increase understanding.

  4. GB,

    no it is we in the West that needs to realize that the world does not revolve around intollerant islamic values and if they chose to come here they will adapt, not us.

    Tollerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.

  5. Two brothers jailed after protecting 300 people from Islamist fire assault in Gojra.
    LAHORE, Pakistan, October 23 (CDN) — Two Christians in Gojra, Pakistan who allegedly fired warning shots as an Islamist mob approached that burned seven Christians to death on Aug. 1 told Compass they were tortured after police arrested them.

  6. GB, the scary thing is that muslims really DO believe that the world revolves (or SHOULD revolve) around them because the koran tells them so.

    Does this mean that Christian, Buddhist, atheist, etc, parents will be able to accompany their children through the lunch line to make sure their children are not choosing food mandated by another religion and therefore “practicing” that religion? Will the teachers also be required to “guide” them in their choices? Why wasn’t the same accommodation offered to Jews, or to Catholics during Lent?

    Why are we bowing & scraping to these muslim nut-jobs when we forbid our own Christian children to pray at the base of the flagpole before school even starts and threaten school board members with jail for saying a simple prayer before a meal?

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