Take a look at Hasan’s old mosque

Stephen Schwartz in the NY Post:

Yet what docrines did Hasan absorb at the mosque? While he was a communicant, it hosted at least four talks by Enver Masud, the founder of The Wisdom Fund, the main Muslim “truther” group in America.

And Khan is a leading board member of the Islamic Society of North America — the main Wahhabi-lobby group in the United States, established by Saudi Arabia to impose extremism on American Muslims. ISNA has a long and disgraceful record of promoting radical Islam.

On the roster of the ISNA board (listed on its Web site), the Silver Spring center’s Imam Faizul Khan is the fourth member under its president.

But the mosque has worse associations. On its own Web site (mccmd.org), it promotes a Sharia-based financial product — the Amana Mutual Fund, put together by the Wahhabis at the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), in northern Virginia.

Federal antiterrorism agents raided IIIT in the Operation GreenQuest raids of 2002. That operation remains an ongoing inquiry; IIIT and the Amana fund are still under investigation. Convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian is still in US federal custody because of his refusal to give evidence about the Virginia Wahhabi ring caught in GreenQuest.

Most interesting of all: The button on the MCC’s Web site titled “Islam” takes you to a pamphlet titled “Islam Is . . .” by a person calling himself “Pete Seda.”

Seda is an Iranian also known as Pirouz Sedaghaty and Abu Yunus. He was one of three officers of the US branch of a Saudi-based “charity,” the Al-Haramain Foundation — until being indicted by the Justice Department for terror financing and tax fraud. Seda and his companions still await trial.

Read it all in: Take a look at Hasan’s old mosque, and read more about “Pete Seda” from this Creeping Sharia post:

Recent federal court filings in the pending criminal case of Pete Seda revealed the unusual trading session that took place last December, providing new details prosecutors say help prove that Seda and his small Ashland charity illegally backed foreign guerrilla fighters in Chechnya.

Seda, who founded the charity 10 years ago, is charged with conspiracy and tax fraud, accused of diverting money overseas for foreign Islamic fighters.

ISNA, mentioned above, happens to be President Obama’s favorite Islamist group whom he calls on for Islamic prayers and more: Islamic group, ISNA, staging coup at the FBI and White House

Update: More information is being uncovered about another of Hasan’s old mosques and this is what another Muslim who knew Hasan had to say, from the Daily Beast:

“So many times I talked with him,” said Akhter, a community leader who is sort of like a mosque gadfly, challenging congregants to reject literal, rigid interpretations of Islam. “I was trying to modernize him. I tried my best. He used to hate America as a whole. He was more anti-American than American.”

Despite all the conversations, Akther said, “I couldn’t get through to him. He was a typical fundamentalist Muslim.”

Racist, islamophobe, no? And despite the conclusion that an Army member was pro-jihad and anti-American, Akhter never considered dropping a dime on Hasan?

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