Atlanta-area mayor to sell personal land for mosque – shrine to Islamic warrior?

The mayor of Lilburn, Georgia, a suburb 20-some miles outside of Atlanta, owns most of the land that area Muslims want to buy to build a new mosque – that will be a replica of a shrine to a Muslim holy warrior in Iraq (where more than 4,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed).

Is it a coincidence they chose land owned by the mayor, and will she be pressured into selling it, during one of the worst real estate markets in U.S. history, for a mosque?

By Shane Blatt in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, excerpts via

Lorraine Lobos bought her Lilburn house in 2003 for the idyllic charm and tranquility.

“Our house is behind 4 acres of land with beautiful trees,” said the 36-year-old homeowner in the St. Albans subdivision. “You see birds. You see Bambis. It’s so beautiful.”

That beauty will be destroyed, Lobos said, if the city approves plans for a 20,000-square-foot mosque, gymnasium and cemetery on about 8 acres of land — some of which is currently owned by Mayor Diana Preston — at U.S. 29 and Hood Road.

Residents say the mosque is simply out of place. They say it would pose parking, traffic, drainage and noise problems, and disturb the community’s small-town way of life. And then there’s the issue of the cemetery.

“We might be having barbecues in our backyards, and they might have a funeral going on,” said Ilene Garry, a 14-year homeowner. “It’s just the wrong space.”

But Wasi Zaidi, a founding member of the 11-year-old congregation, said the group has outgrown its two 2,000-square-foot buildings on the same property. It needs the additional space to accommodate Lilburn’s growing Muslim community and the 90 families who worship there.

Traffic and noise would be minimal, Zaidi said. The main services are Friday night, and the mosque would front U.S. 29 — away from residences — he stressed.

Besides, he added, the two-story mosque — a replica of a shrine of the Islamic hero Hazrat Abbas in Karbala, Iraq — would help beautify the city and is smaller than the 27,000-square-foot Hindu temple less than a mile down the road. As for the cemetery, passers-by wouldn’t be able to see it from the road, he said.




Doug Dillard, the attorney for the congregation, said the proposal is not inconsistent with other churches in the area, most of which back up to residential areas. He said if city leaders reject the plans, “our recommendation would be to file a lawsuit, challenge it as arbitrary, capricious and unconstitutional.”

The congregation owns 1.4 acres of land and is looking to buy an additional 6.5 acres. Preston, the mayor, owns four of those acres. To avoid a conflict of interest, Preston will not attend the City Council meeting or vote in the event of a tie.

Just a couple of things jump out, based on the cultural, stealth jihad waged by other Muslims in the U.S.

1. Barbecues near the mosque? Everyone knows that pork and alcohol are BBQ favorites, and pork and alcohol are forbidden in Islam. How long before a fatwa is issued banning such activities near the mosque as we’ve seen elsewhere?

2. Once again, zoning laws have to be changed for a mosque to be built in a residential area.

3. Once again, if the Muslims don’t get their zoning change, land and mosque, the litigation jihad will be waged against the infidels – with the help of an infidel. That large numbers of area residents are opposed is not even a consideration (see Saudi Islamic Academy).

4. The mosque will be a shrine to a Muslim holy warrior who fought for the cause of Islam according to

The Life of Hazrat Abbas is an example of unflinching loyalty and love for a brother. It is also the story of a warrior who sacrificed his life for the cause of Islam, which, according to Hazrat Abbas, was a just cause.

The towering form of Abbas and his fame as a warrior throughout Arabia, had created much tenor amongst the enemy. When this ‘Dauntless Lion’ made his appearance on the field, the enemy tried its best to prevent him from reaching the river.

7 thoughts on “Atlanta-area mayor to sell personal land for mosque – shrine to Islamic warrior?

  1. i beleive in christians, but should be up the particular seller, with consideration of the neighbors, in question i don’t like to be against anyone in particular in the us, love your neighbor as god tells us to

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  4. linuxdad has a great idea. Everywhere these individuals want to build their temples, live, or otherwise occupy, then Americans ought to buy it first and never sell it. Not a bad idea at all if Americans could come together and defend America.

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