NYC mayor meets with jihad preaching, 1993 WTC bombing co-conspirator to discuss Ft. Hood jihad (audio)

Another so-called ‘leader’, term limits extended and candidacy paid for, with his head stuck in his ‘expletive-ing’ ass. From the NY Post:

A controversial imam who was an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was among a group of Muslim leaders invited yesterday to a meeting with Mayor Bloomberg at City Hall.

Siraj Wahhaj has defended the convicted WTC bomb plotters, called the FBI and CIA the “real terrorists,” and said he hopes all Americans eventually become Muslim.

He was among religious and civic leaders who met with Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to discuss the deadly Fort Hood shooting spree.

Wahhaj was one of 170 people identified in 1995 as unindicted co-conspirators in the attack two years earlier. He has denied any involvement.

Wahhaj said Bloomberg invited him to the roundtable and shook his hand when he entered the meeting room, which was closed to reporters.

“I think that if the mayor had any discomfort he would not have invited me,” said Wahhaj, an imam at Masjid Al-Taqwa in Brooklyn.

Bloomberg, however, initially claimed not to know Wahhaj was there.

As he was leaving, a Channel 2 reporter asked the mayor if he was uncomfortable about Wahhaj's presence.

“I don’t know. He’s not here,” the mayor responded. When told that Wahhaj was in fact in the meeting, Bloomberg reversed course.

“That one. Yes. We have to talk to everybody,” he said. “That’s what dialogue is all about. That’s how you prevent tragedies.”

Read it all via 1993 World Trade Center bombing co-conspirator, Siraj Wahhaj, meets with Mayor Bloomberg.

No. That’s how you permit more jihad. Wahhaj’s profile from Discover the Networks:

In a 1992 address to an audience of Muslims in New Jersey, Wahhaj expressed his desire to see Muslims seize control of the United States and replace its constitutional government with an Islamic caliphate. “If we were united and strong,” Wahhaj said, “we’d elect our own emir [leader] and give allegiance to him…. [T]ake my word, if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.”

Listen to this Siraj Wahhaj speech where he states Islam commands jihad of the true soldiers of Allah (SoA)…and says Muslims all over the world are getting their butts kicked, except those Muslims in Afghanistan. How is Siraj Wahhaj going to prevent another Fort Hood jihad when he shares the same exact mindset as Hasan?

More on Wahhaj in these previous Creeping Sharia posts.


Hey, remember this Creeping Sharia post – NYC Muslims Encouraged by Bloomberg’s Palestinian Pick. Why wouldn’t NYC Muslims be encouraged with Bloomberg defending his meeting with jihad-preaching, terror-linked imams with comments like this in the New York Observer:

“[I]ncidentally, he is the leader of a large mosque. And we’re going to reach out to everybody. I don’t care what their background is. We do not want to have people in this city who feel that they are so estranged from the community that they start fighting the community. Our job here is to bring people together, to listen to people and to make sure that everybody is protected regardless of whether there are things in their background that find – that I don’t agree with, or [are] unacceptable or whatever the case may be.”

“My job is to reach out to everybody and that is exactly what we did and what we will continue to do,” he said.

Bloomberg now, finally, regrets greeting ’93 WTC ‘plotter’

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