Large group of supporters for Boston jihad suspect who likes beheadings (video)

and he wants to go out in a blaze of glory rather than go to prison. An update to these previous posts.

Tarek Mehanna, the twice-arrested Boston-area Muslim who wanted to blow up shopping malls, and kill two members of the executive branch (president and vice president?) was in court yesterday. Yet Muslims in the U.S., once again, are not denouncing the Islamic terror suspect, rather they are SUPPORTING him.

Video plays automatically and has no on/off button – so it’s below the fold.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What does this portend for the Gitmo trials coming to NYC?

7 thoughts on “Large group of supporters for Boston jihad suspect who likes beheadings (video)

  1. Islamic fascism is on the rise and on the march. It’s time to confront these Islamic barbarians. No Muslim is peaceful and all support Islamic terrorism in the name of Jihad. Their intent is a world wide caliphate to impose Sharia Law on free people.
    This non sense of Islam being peaceful actually came from the west to appease the Islamic tyrants. We are at against a political ideal bent on world domination.

  2. Please tell me there was a larger group demanding he stay locked up!

    As for the loons supporting him the FBI should photograph and profile every single one them and ban them from ever traveling by plane!

  3. he is terroistand as a terroist he should be held in jail..since he likes to watchbeehading he ia Jidudist. there will be a larrge group of islamic people want,asking for his reliece too.

  4. Words have different meanings to different cultures. Good, Peaceful, kind, nice are all words that have a different meaning to Muslims than the meaning to non-Muslims. For Example: Peace to Islam means when all the world is Muslim, therefore, if a Muslim is following the edicts of their so-called holy book, the Qur’an, which tells them to commit Jihad against the unbeliever, this is the stateof being Peaceful. WAKE UP AMERICA.

    • islam is a religion of peace if you interpret the word peace in a religious context; as in ‘rest in peace’ ‘at peace with the maker’ etc. In other words a euphamism for death, which, as we all too aware, those mozzies nutcases are only too keen to dish out at every opportunity.

  5. When will our Government learn ? When the biggest jihadi sympathizer is either a lame duck as per 2010 or end of term 2012. In the meantime he and his
    gal Hillary will do everything they can, first via the UN- to disarm us and then to continue to appoint every
    terrorist manque they can find to infiltrate our lives on every level. We know by Obama’s own words, P 261
    Audacity of hope, ” I will stand by the muslims if the
    winds of change swing in an ugly direction. ”
    Israel has her back against the wall with no hope of help from Obama. Will it be Tel Aviv or one of our great cities consumed in a mushroom shaped cloud ?
    Please God let it be neither.

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