Known terrorist training camps in the U.S. (map)

From the makers of the documentary ‘Homegrown Jihad : The Terrorist Camps Around U.S.’


 Known Jamaat ul-Fuqra camps

(Also known as Muslims of America and Quranic Open University)

  1. Deposit, NY
  2. Hancock, NY (National Headquarters)
  3. Springfield, MA
  4. Philadelphia, PA
  5. Hyattsville, MD
  6. Fairfax, VA
  7. Bethany, WV
  8. Red House, VA
  9. Meherrin, VA
  10. Dover, TN
  11. York, SC
  12. Commerce, GA
  13. Jessup, GA
  14. Marion, AL
  15. Houston, TX
  16. Talihina, OK
  17. Coldwater, MI
  18. Buena Vista, CO (Raided and shut down by Colorado authorities in 1992)
  19. Baladullah, CA (Leader convicted of scamming state out of $1.3 million in 2006.  Compound now abandoned.)
  20. Oak Hill, CA
  21. Onalaska, WA

Note: This map represents only a partial listing of 35 Jamaat ul-Fuqra camps in the U.S.  Other camps remain undisclosed by law enforcement or Jamaat ul-Fuqra.  Source: CAN

Since the time of its establishment at a radical mosque in Brooklyn, New York, Jamaat ul-Fuqra has been responsible for more terror attacks on America soil (30 and counting) than all the other terrorist groups combined. It has spawned and sponsored assassinations, kidnappings, mass murder, grand theft and fraud.

Some noted associates of Jamaat ul-Fuqra include Richard Reid, the Shoe bomber and John Allen Muhammad, the Beltway sniper.

Members of the group, including Clement Rodney Hampton-El took part in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Source

Older terror network map:american-jihad-screen-cap


Bonus video on jihad training camps in America below the fold:

72 thoughts on “Known terrorist training camps in the U.S. (map)

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  6. This is not good. I can’t beleive that we as Americans, more so as God Fearing and those that their Fore Fathers as on both sides of my Family, who were given Land Grants as Leaders of Freedom as far back as 1647 from King Charles the 1st. I know that the things that are happening today would not go well. They would have as they did in their time took what ever means to secure the rights for “We the People”. God Bless them… God Bless those of “We the People” of today.

  7. What amazes me is that the ones who are suppose to be protecting us from those that would rather slit your throat allows training camps for these individuals but if a constitutional, law abiding group of americancitizens want to gather and train on tactics that would be essential in assisting LEO in protecting the country are called criminals and are prosecuted! The world is upside donw people, anf those on the left and right need a dose of wisdom and logic to see this injustice!

  8. Try writing your politicians. I have. Feinstein’s staffers wrote back about a completely different subject. Boxer, the Governor of Calif. (Schwarzenegger) and my State rep – Torlakson and Federal Rep Tauscher all didn’t bother to reply.

    • Great idea R – we even have a link for folks on the sidebar… and that response sounds familiar… deny, change subject… keep writing, keep calling, send them facts they can not then deny they didn’t know about it… keep it up!!

  9. By now it should seem mighty obvious that NO ONE ELSE is going to protect any of us from these terrorist types. So I would strongly urge EVERY American to become armed & ready to defend themselves!

  10. When will we wake up and realize that Islam is NOT a religion? It is a nation-state with aims of taking over every other nation and imposing its rule. Yet, we continue to give it the same latitude for behavior granted Christianity and Judaism which are, actually, religions.

  11. It seems that every time we make some strides
    exposing Islam for what it is, they come in stronger.
    They are like relentless roaches. Why are we afraid
    to come together and really FIGHT them, – with the
    FBI, the police, and all.

  12. Hooker, I totally agree with you and have thought the same thing for along time, the only problem I can think of with that is if we all pick up and bear arms like our constitutional rights say, the government will probably see us as the terrorist threat since they do not seem to care about the real threat and go after us. Oh well gotta do what we gotta do, guess theres gonna be alot of shot of people… I got mine, hope everyone else has theres for WHEN no if the time comes…

  13. We can talk about all this crap or we can act like real militia and get Intel Recons up and running to confirm rather then go off on wild theorys
    Some militia’s have done this and continue to do more.
    What are you gonna do talk or act?

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  15. Never, and I mean N E V E R ask the Gov’t. or LEA for assistance. They will come and get YOU! This is the o’bummer plan. Organize locally, only accept known friends…no outsiders, and keep it within the group. Hit hard and totally. Use their tactics against them (IED’s, sniper, punji pits). Hit ‘n split, regroup 72-120 hours later. NEVER brag. Use their weapons when you can. Propane bottles, from camp stove size to 15 gals. come in very handy and can be bought locally. Always wear gloves and ski mask. Small water bottles and duct tape have a good use, save them.

      • Are you saying that speaking the truth is spreading paranoia? Are you saying that when real danger exists you should keep your mouth shut? Are you saying that recognizing evil and dealing with it is fostering hate? Then why have prisons? Let murderers and rapists and theives run free to victimize weaklings like yourself.

      • Being sponfed and coddled information that is loving is retarded. Please open your eyes and realize this isnt the generation of the hippies

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  17. This is out dated Intel we need updated intel the info on the web is out dated I repeat out dated we need patriots and or others to do Intel recons on these camps to find out specific Intel

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  19. The claim that Government or LEO will arrest you for asking or talking about such camps is unfounded and a plow to scare people away from such an issue. lets avoid the paranoia and conspiracy crap and stick to facts documentation proof etc.
    True militia does not dwell on theorys we do our homework.
    To understand the enemy or potential enenmy we need to study their culture language religion and anything else that relates to them.

    In my research civil liberty’s groups have been protecting these groups under the 2nd Amendment and other…

    While all groups should be protected if they are not a threat…If there is reasonable cause such as ties to terrroist organizations and the like well there must needs be a balance.

    These camps do not get ignored so dont spread lies in this forum to incite people to anger.
    They are under watch by the government as are communist and other violent groups do not be blinded with false statements made by people who can not support their claims.

    This can go back and forth you wanna complain the government isnt looking into these camps well prove it or look into the camps yourself.
    After all if you fail to look into said camps then who are you to complain about the government not doing it?
    hypocracy must needs end and now!

    Why don’t we all just grow up and look into these camps via Intel Recon missions we are militia are we not?
    if so enough with the excuses and do your homework and lets solve this common concern and resolve it before we end up as a target

    • watch by the government

      however when “the govt” has been seeded (right up to the exec office) with seditonists, communists, antiAmericans, racist white man haters, why would we trust they will do anything about these groups people they LIKE, take advice from, and sympathize and agree with ???

    • Shawn wake up and smell the coffee, you stary eyed obama worshiping liberal get all AMERICANS sick Have you tried on a burka yet, just get a black lawn leaf bag cuy out a slit for the eyes and have your partner beat you with a stick while reading the koran out loud.


    • The only questions I have is who are you and why should anyone believe what you are telling them? You might be telling lies also, who knows. The other point is that we should not have to worry about such places if our government what not allow them in the first place, after all it was the government who allowed them to enter the USA and they should be the ones to run them out of our country.

    • I agree but we should boycott anything Arab .I dont wanna hate no one , but if my kids are threatened then what ? So far many kids have been missing and I think they got something to do with it .just saying .

  20. If we were at war with terrorism, the government wouldn’t allow these camps. The government is using this excuse to restrict our freedom or they wouldn’t be acting like such hypocrites. It is not about terrorists or they would close these camps, it is about control and the agenda of a one world government system.

    • And if terrorists who happen to be Muslim were at war with us, they’d be killing Americans all around the world to restrict our freedom… oh wait, Muslims are killing Americans (and others, primarily other Muslims) all around the world

  21. terror training camp
    in .Hancock, NY
    like in staten island ny?????
    om plain view of ground zero??
    no the constitution dont protects
    there rights to conspiracy to commit terror
    what the hell is going on with this

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  23. I hope people wake up to the fact this president we have is not only a BLACK MUSLIM but I believe he is the ANTI-CHRIST the Destroyer. He destroyed our economy, education and another frightening is that the US government has been buying up millions upon millions of rounds of ammuntion in various calibers. do you there for target practice

  24. how in all thats holy did we get into the demise of america, before the elelction I wrote an e-mail daily.I stopped after the great deceiver won.With all the people I heard and spoke to no one could understand how he won. It had to be rigged,stolen, where dead people voted ,you name it.Now we have to take back the nation. pray to our GOD for deliverence.

  25. We are at the begining of the end. In 2008 Obama said he wanted to establish a national police force.He started ,the administration has purchased millions of rounds of various calibers of ammunition and has stored them in various locations across the nation. In gov. places,noaa weather stations , social security, homeland defence etc. HE IS ALSO building his police force as big as the Army. Its called the “””homland security forces. He is going to take over as a dictator. Islam will be the religion and the Constituion will be no more. I think these jehadit training camps will be his SS Gestapo. WE MUST TAKE BACK OUR NATION.!!!!!


  26. Pass this along-The constitution of most states assert that all power is inherent in the people; that is their right and duty to be at all times armed Thomas Jefferson
    look up contacting congress and you will ,phone numbers for all of them including fax numbers fax them your comments

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  35. It vehemniently appauls me that the Islamic terrorist training camps are being allowed to exist in our states, that there alone tells me our elected officials are behind this for a more sinister agenda. This is not a hoax, this is real, I’ve seen these terrorist with my own eyes in groups of 30 or more in the Ouachita National Forest on two separate occasions in southeast Oklahoma. Prepare yourselves for the worst!

  36. Hi Folks,
    We are at war with Islam. Thousands of our youngsters have been killed and maimed in the wars in the Middle East. And contrary to some folks, they [The Muslims] are entering our country every day, both legally and ilegally. The are not coming here to immerse themselves in our culture. Their purpose is to turn the US into a Muslim country under Shariia law. There are Muslims on our Presidents staff, at least 2 of which are titled Homeland Security Advisers.
    No one has to believe me, you can research it on your own, either on the internet or by contacting the White House and ask them for a list of Obama’s White House staff.
    Best regards,
    George Phelps


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