Muslim countries could get Islamic sharia blasphemy law passed at UN

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. ~ George Washington

Muslim demographics taking over the United Nations means only one thing – sharia law worldwide. AP reports this is as “exclusive” however it has been reported for several years now, including here (links below).

AP Exclusive: Muslim countries seek blasphemy ban.

GENEVA — Islamic nations are mounting a campaign for an international treaty to protect religious symbols and beliefs from mockery — essentially, a ban on blasphemy.

Documents obtained by The Associated Press show that Algeria and Pakistan have taken the lead in lobbying to bring the matter to a vote in the U.N. General Assembly.

Such a ban would face great resistance in Western nations that enshrine freedom of expression as a fundamental right.

The countries that form the 56-member Organization of the Islamic Conference are currently lobbying a Geneva-based U.N. committee to accept its plan, a first step for it to eventually be put before the General Assembly.

If that occurs, Muslim countries and their allies in the developing world would stand a decent chance of mustering the simple majority needed in the General Assembly to adopt such a treaty.

We told you about it at least twice in 2008, here and here, and last month Obama paved the way, here.

8 thoughts on “Muslim countries could get Islamic sharia blasphemy law passed at UN

  1. So essentially people could get in trouble for saying they don’t believe in God? Is that what the “ban” is about? What’s your opinion on the whole thing? You blogged the AP, but didn’t say what you thought.

  2. Er, Sabrina – the blog’s called [i]Creeping Sharia[/i] – perhaps that may provide you with the clue that you need, as to the author’s feelings on this development…

    Oh and Creeping – I need to correct a spelling mistake in the UN article – ‘lobbying’ in this context should be spelled c-o-n-t-r-o-l-l-i-n-g. ;)

  3. How about at least a small attempt at accuracy on your blog items?

    Those Muslim nations wish to have stronger laws about attacking the sensitivities of one quarter of the world’s population. Your constant and blatant references to Sharia is simply over the top and laughable.

    You put it as “get Islamic sharia blasphemy law passed ” which is not the case at all. Then you site Algeria – which mind you is a country that has no Sharia legal system as pushing such a thing. They are not.

    The objective, not that I support it in its proposed fashion, wishes that public and coordinated attacks on the core foundation of faith be banned. That would include attacks on those of Christianity and Judaism as well, not just “things Muslim”.

    Gee, it would be real nice if I see one accurate posting here.

  4. Your constant and blatant lies to protect Islam are obvious and boring Solkhar – stick to your own blog… since you last flooded us with your lies another of your co-religionists attacked and killed Americans in the name of your religion… this time at Ft. Hood…and Muslims around the world celebrated the attack as a victory for Islam… but hey, there’s no problem according to solkhar

  5. Lets get down to the chase “creeping”,

    Tell me the lie in my post, be honest about it and I will no longer post on your blog. The reality is you cannot because what I have said is accurate.

    Secondly, I have always said that I do not defend the acts of Muslims or Muslim organisations but only when the tennants and faith itself is attacked. Thus, your very sad attempt to galvanize sympathy for your hate-propoganda by capitalizing on the terrible event at Fort Hood does not stick, in fact it lashes out in disprespect to the 13 victims by your using their names for your own agenda.

    Add to that, the vast majority of press here in the Muslim world was condemning, shock and sympathy for that event. Mistruths, exagerations and over simplifications have been a matter of course on your blog.

    Your blog, systematically with similar, are constantly bagging and attacking MSM (main stream media) as never showing the truth and then you pull out the MSM to “prove” the countless examples of the “evils of Islam”. That very convenient tool does not stick, knowing full well that MSM only shows those things that sells and never concentrates on the one thing that you wish to avoid – that there is a simple, normal and peaceful life for the majority of Muslims of this world, whom know nothing of the vast majority of things that you are talking about.

    Only the name of your blog has value with the rest falling very short. Yes there are small “i” islamists and radical groups that wish to have the world subject to some Shari’a system and a mythical Caliphate – obviously run by their group and that if not unchecked will grow and become more dangerous and radical. But this is not an excuse to attack the huge mass of peaceful Muslims who do not even know about these people.

    So, getting back to my previous post, how about some accuracy first?

    How about some reality checks so that our blog can run on fuel instead of “gas”. We can start with telling your readers that your constant using the word “Shari’a” has less and less value when one realizes that the first thing is that Shari’a legal systems are in fact a minority in the real Muslim world. How about that.

    What, you going to call that a lie? I invite every one of you to simply do the maths and look it up, do not consider me or the blog-owner as perfect sources of information – just look it up yourself. Very quickly you will find that the majority of nations do not have Shari’a legal systems but secular legal systems like in the West. In fact most of those systems are copies of western systems. Then, you will notice that of those that do have Shari’a, the majority have chosen only Shari’a Family Courts and the rest are secular courts and that shari’a court is subject to control and appeal by a secular High Court of Appeal Tribunal.

    “creeping”, it is easy in your own blog to simply say “lies” as some form of defence but it is a hallow and easy way out than to face realities.

    So let us start by your telling me what lie is there in my statement above?

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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