‘Jihad in America’ on PBS, 1994 (video)


This documentary on Islamic jihad aired on PBS in 1994, not without controversy either. That is significant because by 2007, dhimmitude and fear had swept over America and PBS would not even approve, let alone air a documentary titled ‘Islam v. Islamists’ (will post if we can find).

A full 15 years, and several disastrous Islamic terror attacks and many more thwarted Islamic terror plots on U.S. soil, later, its message is still relevant today. This version was updated after 9/11 to include commentary before and after the original program that kicks in around the 5 minute mark and shows the video creator, Steve Emerson, speaking with the World Trade Centers in the background. An excellent look back for those who might think Islamic infiltration and terrorist planning in the United States is a recent development.

Removed from Google. Added here.

Also removed. Someone doesn’t want Americans to see this.


Interestingly, Emerson – one of the most prolific researchers of Islamic terrorism – was pushing the ‘Islam does not condone violence’ (i.e., religion of peace) meme in 1994.

Check back tomorrow for a most interesting and very telling anecdotal video to this documentary, with a twist you have to see to believe.

Update: Here is the follow-up piece we posted 15 years later to the day.

4 thoughts on “‘Jihad in America’ on PBS, 1994 (video)

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  3. I have heard Pipes talk and I couldn’t figure out where he stood in regards to islam about 5-6 years ago. I stopped listening to him since I don’t really need people’s opinions about islam when I have a brain and can figure it out for myself. If someone is confusing – my rule is to ignore the confusion. Jihadist’s goals are to confuse us about islam – that is what is called islamic deception – islam’s obligation for moslems to do, not for our own to do even though our own seem very happy to confuse others about islam too.

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