Atlanta: mosque expansion denied, women threatened by Middle Easterners after vote

An update to this previous Creeping Sharia post about the Atlanta-area mosque who wanted to buy the mayor’s property to build a bigger mosque slash shrine to an Islamic warrior. The plan was denied and as warned, litigation jihad will follow. But first, some real jihad. From CBS Atlanta:

LILBURN, Ga. — The Lilburn City Council voted against a proposed mosque. Dar-E-Abbas is planning to take the decision to Federal Court. They say the decision violates their religious rights.

The Council’s decision was unanimous. They cited nine reasons to reject the proposal including: spot zoning, effects on the land and traffic. Religion was not on the list.

And from via Gwinnet Daily:

LILBURN — A Lilburn woman said her family was threatened and harassed as they traveled home from a City Council meeting about a controversial mosque.

Janie Hood, whose family once farmed the area where the mosque was proposed, said “Middle Eastern” men who seemed to be associated with the congregation “boxed” her daughter’s car in as they traveled down U.S. Highway 29 on Wednesday night.

She said the men began calling threats out their windows and drove erratically, keeping her daughter from turning off the highway from the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center in Lawrenceville, where the meeting was held, until Lilburn police stopped them inside the city limits.

Hood had spoken at an earlier hearing on the issue, but she said she did not know if the men targeted her because she wore a red shirt to express her opposition to the proposal, which was defeated by the council Wednesday.

“It put me, it put my two grandchildren and it put my daughter in danger,” she said. “They were trying to hurt us.”

While Lilburn police took statements from the victims and the suspects, no one was arrested.

Hood said she was trying to pursue a warrant, although because the incident crossed three police jurisdictions, there are questions over which police force would pursue the charges.

Sgt. Stephen Weed of the Lilburn Police Department said the criminal investigation will be handled by either Lawrenceville or Gwinnett police.

Hood said many of her neighbors witnessed the incident and called 911, as both she and her daughter did during the ordeal.

In the police report, the driver of one vehicle said he left the courthouse and was driving slowly because of foggy conditions.

Paging Eric Holder, paging Eric Holder.

16 thoughts on “Atlanta: mosque expansion denied, women threatened by Middle Easterners after vote

  1. Keep up this unwarranted behavior, and some good old Georgia boys will send these stone age assholes to Allah faster than they can believe. We will protect ourselves from this culture of death with justice more swift and sure than Sharia law

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  10. Islam is an tyrannical/parasitic ideology that uses religion as a cover. Sharia law which ruined the middle East & central Asisa is not meant just for muslims but for Christians as well. Using Sharia law, the Muslims will dominate through intimidation and violence. Already, they are starting their BS and they aren’t even a sizable minority. Keep in mind, they are not here to breathe free but to dominate. they are not our friends and never will be. We are not their equals but their future slaves and Dhimmis. They hate and they kill with impunity. We have to have the same attitude toward them or else this country has no future. Keep your weapons close to you. Make sure you lean how to use them.
    There is no peace with Islam.

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