Anti-Muslim crimes drop again in 2008, anti-Jew/Christian crimes increased

Updates: picked up the story in January 2010, Myth Of The Anti-Muslim Backlash, and included this graphic:

…and there is this revealing story out of DC:  Discrimination is not an issue, Muslim students say

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The FBI’s 2008 ‘Hate’ Crimes stats are out and like we’ve told you before – Muslims aren’t nearly the victims they, and their lackey’s in the media, portray them to be. Even with full-time ambulance-chasers like CAIR filing frivolous reports, anti-Muslim crimes dropped nearly 10% in 2008, while crimes against Jews and Christians each increased. From the FBI report:

Of the 1,732 victims of anti-religious hate crimes:
~ 66.1 percent were targeted because of an offender’s anti-Jewish bias.
~ 8.7 percent were victims of anti-Christian bias (5.1 percent anti-Catholic, 3.6 percent anti-Protestant).*
~ 7.5 percent were victims because of an anti-Islamic bias.
~ 0.8 percent were targeted because of an anti-Atheist/Agnostic bias.
~ 12.8 percent were victims because of a bias against other religions (anti-other religion).
~ 4.0 percent were victims because of a bias against groups of individuals of varying religions (anti-multiple religions, group). (Based on Table 1.)

*Note: We combined Catholic and Protestant into Christian for a more accurate comparison, then compared 2008 versus 2007 statistics (below). Some observations:

Jews experience almost 10x the number of ‘hate’ crimes than do Muslims, increasing from 2007
Religions other than Judaism, Christianity, and Islam experienced almost 2x more ‘hate’ crimes than Muslims
Anti-Jewish crimes increased 4.5% while anti-Christian crimes increased more than 11%
Anti-Islam crimes decreased 8.7%, after dropping nearly 32% in 2007 from 2006

As Doug Hagmann at the Northeast Intelligence Network noted recently:

Investigation and research by this author into the documentation that comprises hate crime statistics for 2007 found that the parameters used for “hate crimes” against Muslims are exceptionally broad and artificially inflated as a result. These expanded parameters are, in many cases, the direct result of CAIR officials demanding certain dubious questionable events to be included in anti-Muslim hate crime statistics. Examples are plentiful, and include unverified reports of minimal, if not insignificant property damage at mosques and Islamic centers. A trampled flower bed at a mosque, as one example, was listed as an anti-Islamic “hate crime” statistic.

Meanwhile, statistics of crimes by Muslims against Muslims, specifically those involving domestic violence, from Sharia sanctioned spousal abuse to “honor killings” are not maintained. The omission of this statistical classification is not due to its rarity, but by deliberate omission. Although the raw statistics exist within the comprehensive CIUS report, they are not properly categorized within the UCR Program’s hate crime data collection. Therefore, they remain a statistic that does not officially exist, except for the victims of such crimes.

Meanwhile, the media continue to misrepresent supposed bias and backlash against Muslims courtesy of CAIR propaganda, while at the same time ignoring and excusing Islamic involvement in a rapid increase in terror attacks and plots by Muslims in the United States. How will they spin the latest crime statistics?

More updates: Anti-Semitic attacks against Jews ‘rise in the UK’

Attacks on Jews in the UK reached record levels in 2009, according to figures compiled within the community.

The Community Security Trust (CST) said it had recorded 924 incidents over the year, 55% more than the previous high of 598 incidents in 2006.

+/- Change from 2007
Religion: Incidents Offenses Victims Known offenders
Anti-Jewish 44 45 18 33
anti-Christian 13 11 14 16
Anti-Islamic -10 -10 -12 -19
Anti-Other Religion 61 72 74 28
Anti-Multiple Religions, Group 3 3 4 1
Anti-Atheism/Agnosticism/etc. 8 8 6 -3
Total: 119 129 104 56

More: Nearly a year later, TIME magazine pushes the false Islamophobia meme, again proven wrong, this time by Elder of Zion: The myth of “Islamophobia” in America

27 Responses

  1. So much for the phantom “backlash” theory.

    Does anybody doubt that our world would be a million times more peaceful without jihad?

    • Well, I read the study, and it seems to me to be of prtety low quality. In particular, it doesn't seem to control well enough for population sizes, accepting at face value the Islamists' (possibly inflated) figures for Mohammedan population. It comes across as biased and unprofessional, and this criticism is from one who broadly agrees with its bias and conclusions.

  2. I suggest folks Google an article that fully explains our history with Islamic terrorists, Terrorism In Early America: The U.S. Wages War Against The Barbary
    States To End International Blackmail and Terrorism by Thomas Jewett

  3. who thinks the crimes on JEWS are increasing because of ISLAMIC rhetoric & propaganda against Israel Zionism and Jews being embraced by Americans? and by those empowered to act on it because they have new allies like “truthers” who swallowed the Leftist & Arab conspiracy theories?

  4. Are there any figures of Muslim attacks on Jews as well as Muslim on Muslim?

    • It sounds like that data is maintained but not reported or made public due to political pressure from groups like CAIR; keep in mind also that CAIR and other Muslim groups have threatened to ‘not’ cooperate with FBI and also coach Muslims ‘not’ to speak to the FBI

    • half of the venilot Muslims were in Britain. It only seems that way. I think worldwide 150 million potential jihadis is an accurate summary of the real situation. You are free, however, to deny reality all you like.

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    • Taking the law into your own hands is ilagell. They should be arrested and taken to a boat out of here.Round ’em up an’ ship ’em out.

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  13. […] years running. Muslims arrested for plotting to kill Americans almost weekly. And FBI statistics consistently proving that Jews are the victims of “hate” crimes nearly nine times more frequently than […]

    • No one frovas hate crimes against our poor Muslim brothers. Why that would be, well, hateful!No, I just want them expelled from the West. Then I want the West to become energy self sufficient and then we can do business with the rabble from a position of strength. Let them stew in their own hate, which, after all, is the source of the hate in the first place.Expel these odious creatures from our midst.

      • What about those Asian non-muslims who pandered extremely to muslims just to get rich and at the same time caused more horrible islamization. I those rich Asians who caused so much instabiltiy in the world should be deny entry to the West too to prevent further islamization.

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  16. […] to be as out of touch with reality as is Ellison’s belief in a lie. For example, according to the FBI, of the 1,732 victims of religious hate crimes in 2008 in America, 66.1 percent were targeted […]

  17. Got to say how childish it is for a blogger to watermark their name on an articles that actually come from third hand parties. Especially since so many articles are taken from other blogs anyways.
    This is not a contest. We need to encourage people to share this public information wherever they can — not play immature protectionist games.

    • If we were playing “immature protectionist games” we wouldn’t let sites like yours reblog our shit on a daily basis.

      Even 4-year old posts you publish as if they were brand new.

      • Lol. You mean like the submitted reruns on a daily basis to Spencer et al.?

        What exactly DO you write that we ‘reblog on a daily basis’? Or do you mean the standard RSS from news? Have you asked Reuters to add your watermark to them? Lol.

        We don’t serve as a ‘newsagent’. We have a much more focused purpose. We are here to educate people about the actual nature of Islam and we select what fits. It’s a serious threat. Anyone can copy and paste or reblog, whether it is our own or third hand content. People need to know.

  18. What people now know is that you would rather post uninformed complaints about petty nonsense and tell us how to deal with graphics that we created for readers on our own site than educate them.

    Other than Muslims like CAIR, MAS and ICNA, you’re the first to complain.

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