Another spying scandal at Gitmo

On the heels of More Muslim recruiting at CIA (video), and CIA launches Muslim recruitment drive, and Translator scandals, infiltration, and intel recruiting insanity. From the New York Post:

A number of Arabic and Pashtu interpreters at the terror-war detention center at Guantanamo Bay are under active investigation for omitting valuable intelligence from their translations of detainee interrogations, among other security breaches. This could taint some of the evidence at the “9/11 trial” in New York and proceedings against other detainees.

Remarkably, the Pentagon never cleaned up the “mole infestation” at its highest-security facility after the FBI busted a Muslim spy ring at Gitmo in 2003.

The 2003 probe involved at least two Arabic interpreters with high-level security clearance. Senior Airman Ahmad al-Halabi, a Syrian native, and former Army linguist Ahmed Mehalba, an Egyptian native, were later convicted of stealing or mishandling classified documents.

Six years later comes a new problem with Muslim personnel who have virtually unfettered access to detainees and intelligence at Gitmo. Professional military security and intelligence officials at Gitmo did the preliminary probe, then prepared a classified summary and are now briefing top officials and members of Congress in Washington. An active FBI criminal probe is also under way.

The possible new spy ring involves several Arabic linguists, some also Egyptian and Syrian immigrants. They’re suspected of, among other things:

* Omitting valuable intelligence from their translations of interrogations.
* Slipping notes to detainees inside copies of the Koran.
* Coaching detainees to make allegations of abuse against interrogators.
* Meeting with suspects on the terror watchlist while back in the United States.

Officials say some of the suspected “dirty” linguists — who met privately in a locked mosque at Gitmo — have had access to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and other high-value al Qaeda detainees.

“Three years of investigations have revealed the presence of pro-jihad/anti-Western activities among the civilian-contractor and military-linguist population serving Joint Task Force Guantanamo,” states a copy of a classified Gitmo briefing, prepared in May for the FBI, CIA and Congress’ intelligence committees.

The report explains that dirty Arabic linguists have gathered classified data involving detainees, interrogations and security operations in an effort to “disrupt” Gitmo operations and US “intelligence-collection capabilities.”

It goes on to specifically finger the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization.

Prisoners released from Gitmo are allowed to keep their Korans — and it’s camp policy not to search the holy books. Non-Muslim personnel can’t even touch them. There’s no telling what military secrets have been compromised.

Also in question is just how far the enemy has penetrated our critical foreign-language program — not just at Gitmo, but across the entire national security and intelligence complex. Many Arabic linguists are contractors who rotate in and out of the federal security agencies leading the War on Terror.

Read it all! Paul Sperry, a Hoover Institution media fellow, is author of “Infiltration” and the new book “Muslim Mafia.”

5 thoughts on “Another spying scandal at Gitmo

  1. The al-Qaeda playbook teaches terrorists to immediately claim abuse and torture…

    If/when they are transfered to US prisons, then US prisons will be forced to submit to full sharia compliance and beyond as well…

    Can’t find the link now but it was reported several years ago that Muslims were using envelopes marked attorney-client-privilege-only to pass/share information possibly with translators as well

    Here’s a link that covers it… Note to Gitmo authorities: Top lawyers for detainees are part of terrorist network. Treat them as such.

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  3. There must be background checks on all lawyers,and anyone that has contact with prisinors. Positivitually no information goes to prisoners until read by head warden, that’s had a background check reasontally. All korans, all korans , should be checked. They are prisoners they should have all rights, under our control. If you thank they wouldn’t check your Bible you better thank again. Of course they will lie about anything, they can thank of to obtain leniancy,such as waterboarding,or torture. For our sakes ,treat as prisoners, not royalty.

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