Muslim Grad Student Stabs Binghamton (NY) Middle Eastern Studies Professor to Death (updated)

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Hat tip to Thomas Paine and others who sent us the information which has now been updated with the suspects information. Why did this man stab a professor of Middle Eastern studies who has authored “Understanding Fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic, and Jewish Movements,” and other books on Islam over the last 20 years, particularly related to Jordan?

Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani, 46, of Binghamton has been charged with the murder of Binghamton University Professor Richard Antoun (Photo provided)

Suspect identified in fatal stabbing of Binghamton University professor:

VESTAL — Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani has been charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of Binghamton University Professor Richard T. Antoun.

Al-Zahrani was taken to the Broome County Jail at 1:30 a.m. Saturday, said Broome County Sheriff’s Sgt. Paul Carlson. He arraigned in Vestal Town Court Saturday morning. No bail was set.

Al-Zahrani, of Main Street, Binghamton, was charged by Binghamton University Police. Al-Zahrani was a cultural anthropology student working on his dissertation, according to the university Web site.

Professor Passes Away After Stabbing at Binghamton University | WBNG News | Dec 4, 2009

Violence strikes the Binghamton University campus in Vestal.

As a professor passed away after being attacked by a student.

A Binghamton University professor is dead tonight after being stabbed by an anthropology student.

It happened around 1:45 pm Friday in the Science 1 Building on campus.

This is video of the hallway where the incident happened.

A witness tells Action News that an older male graduate student entered the office of professor Richard Antoun and then stabbed him.

The witness also says she saw campus police tackle the assailant to the ground, then emergency service workers rushed to Antoun’s side to treat him.

“We waited, he came out of the office after about ten minutes, they were doing chest compressions, it didn’t really look good. It was an anthropology grad student who was doing middle eastern studies I believe,” said BU Senior Devin Sheppard.

Campus officials say the suspect in custody, but have yet to release his name.


Antoun, who had lived on Vestal’s Murray Hill Road for a number of years, is a published author who has written several books. He published the book Understanding Fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic, and Jewish Movements

A BU biography of Antoun shows that he received a doctorate from Harvard University in Massachusetts in 1963. The bio describes Antoun as an emeritus professor who is a, “sociocultural anthropologist who has conducted research among peasants in Jordan, urbanites in Lebanon, peasant-farmers in Iran, and migrants in Texas and Greece.

His scholarly interests center on comparative religion and symbolic systems, the social organization of tradition in Islamic law and ethics, the sociology of dispute with respect to tribal law in the Middle East, local-level politics, and the impact of transnational migration on education, work, and cultural change.”

SOURCE #2:…ath-by-student

The attack comes nearly eight months to the day 13 people were massacred by a single gunman at the American Civic Association in Binghamton. It also extended BU’s string of misfortune. In the past year and a half, the university has endured the near-death beating of one of its students and the flight to Serbia of one of the alleged assailants — former BU basketball player Miladin Kovacevic; a sexual harassment suit brought by one of its employees; the legal and off-the-court troubles that dismantled the basketball team; and an ongoing SUNY investigation. Unanswered questions continue to swirl around all of those events.

SOURCE #3:…ered-questions

Professor Antoun’s Author Page on Amazon:…/ref=sr_tc_2_0

Update 2: (Note: Warner has updated his original information on Antoun, see update below)

Private investigator Bill Warner has posted information that Antoun was a Jewish convert through his wife, and also had a Muslim grandfather. Warner also provides links to a trail of web comments left by Al-Zahrani using his Binghampton University email address:

Prof. Richard T. Antoun was a Jewish convert, through his wife in Binghamton NY, in the Reform tradition, see preface from his book, click here. Prof. Richard T. Antoun had a Muslim grand-father and a Catholic grand-mother on different sides of his family, his parents were married in a civil ceramony in Brazil and then in a Methodist Church when they came to the USA, he has had varied links to many religions including the Quaker and the Catholic Church but appears to have settled on Judism in Binghamton NY.

Tel Aviv University: “The Arabs are the deeper failure in the history of mankind” ..

If that email is correct, Al-Zahrani also commented on the following articles: Advisory opinion is permissible Misyaar: legalization of zina .. أم مراعاة لظروف الشباب ؟ Or taking into account the circumstances of young people? and How to view Akkad Civilities hidden?

Dinah Lord reports the suspect is an exchange student from Egypt.

Update 3: From

The Broome DA says Al-Zahrani is a Saudi national who is a graduate student in the Anthropology department at Binghamton University.

Al-Zahrani and Professor Antoun knew each other through work in the graduate program.

The DA says there is no indication of religious or ethnic motivation.

Does he mean no indication yet or does he know the motive and not sharing it? Or is he just covering his ass and being politically idiotic?

Update 4: Antoun’s widow speaks.

Rosalyn, a 63-year-old employee of the Jewish Federation, said she prefers to go by Roz. Rich, too, preferred a nickname: Dick. They were married 17 years and spent all of them on Murray Hill Road, which runs adjacent to campus.”It’s terrible and the most terrible thing is that this is happening more and more,” she said. “It’s happening like every other day. We’re seeing it all over the place.”

Update 5: Binghamton University killing: Al-Zahrani asked about a transfer 30 minutes before stabbing

To continue his thesis, Al-Zahrani wanted to study Middle Eastern culture outside of Binghamton, but he had not been able to secure funding, according to director of anthropology graduate studies Andrew Merriweather.

Antoun, a 77-year-old professor emeritus, was connected to Al-Zahrani as a member of the three-person panel that would ultimately evaluate Al-Zahrani’s dissertation.

As a professor emeritus, Antoun continued to conduct research and held an office on campus. He did not teach many classes, nor could he be the chair of Al-Zahrani’s dissertation committee, because of his emeritus status.

Three days prior to Antoun’s death, one of Al-Zahrani’s apartment-mates told Price, and later a university psychologist, that Al-Zahrani had threatened him and was acting irrationally.

Update 6: Antoun did not have a Muslim grandfather nor did he convert to Judaism as reported by Bill Warner; an update from Bill Warner:

Prof. Prof. Richard T. Antoun is not Jewish, his wife is, he never was a convert to Judaism, his funeral is this Friday December 11 at the  Unitarian Universalist Church in Binghamton NY, see below.

Prof. Prof. Richard T. Antoun parents  (mother’s side) are Christian Arabs with their roots in Lebanon, there are no Muslims here, as per Rev. David J. Miller his brother in law.

The correction is that there are no Muslims in the immediate family. The Antouns (father’s side) and the Haddad’s  born in Lebanon.)

Latest in new posts here:

Binghamton Univ officials knew killer was a threat (also, read Al-Zahrani’s thesis)

Muslim students tried to avoid Binghamton killer, others say he ‘acted like terrorist’, felt persecuted

OTBR to Binghampton: More on the Serb who is being harbored in Serbia, mentioned above:

23 thoughts on “Muslim Grad Student Stabs Binghamton (NY) Middle Eastern Studies Professor to Death (updated)

  1. Soon you will have to change the name of your blog to “Galloping Sharia.” The West needs to wake up. There isn’t much time left, two decades at most.

    • Yeah, in terms of speed it is cruising right along. In terms of acknowledging and fully recognizing all the areas it is infiltrating and affecting, being reported, and countered – it is still creeping. But yeah. Leaping Sharia maybe?

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  3. I’m a student at Binghamton University, and the police have stated that the psycho didn’t do it for religious or ethnic motives. It’s tragic, I knew of the professor, I wish I had taken a class with him. He was quite the respected professor in both our school and in the Binghamton community :(

  4. Wake up? Obama says we are one of the largest Muslim countries in the world, he got it wrong on all matrices but he really was SERIOUS as he put his hands/fingers in that steeple position he enjoys. Someone told him if he leans forward and does that with his hands he looks VERY studious and intent. So he likes to do that as often as he can when he is lying.

  5. Broome DA: Motive Not Religion-Based, HUH, Saudi Arabian Sunni Muslim Abdulsalam Alzahrani Had To Deal With His Sworn Enemy, a Jew.

    Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani (his email address)the murder suspect at Binghamton University is a Sunni Muslim from Saudi Arabia he is of the Wahhabism strict interpretation of Islam. Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani was to be graded in his PhD dissertation by Prof. Richard T. Antoun a Jewish convert at Binghamton University. Abdulsalam Alzahrani had to deal with his sworn enemy, a Jew.

    Prof. Richard T. Antoun was a Jewish convert, through his wife in Binghamton NY, in the Reform tradition, see preface from his book, click here.–lSwA&sig=VRt6KrMWsYh6yKiTp28RyfBNAk0&hl=en&ei=5ooaS4eZA4-0tgeg2v3TAw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CA4Q6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=Richard%20Antoun%20jewish%20community%20center&f=false

    It appears that Prof. Richard T. Antoun was murdered (stabbed 6 times) by Abdulsalam Alzahrani. Prof. Richard T. Antoun had a Muslim grand-father and a Catholic grand-mother on different sides of his family, his parents were married in a civil ceremony in Brazil and then in a Methodist Church when they came to the USA, he has had varied links to many religions including the Quaker and the Catholic Church but appears to have settled on Judaism in Binghamton NY

    Roommates and Neighbors Speak about Al-Zahrani

    Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani lived in a three bedroom apartment in downtown Binghamton. His roommates say police searched their home for two to three hours Saturday.

    “The police they came and when they were allowed to enter into his room. They took all his stuff,” said Jules Sakho, Al-Zahrani’s roomate. Including a knife that was found in the trash.

    Sakho also says Al-Zahrani’s behavior was strange. “He was all the time shouting in Arabic, shouting threats, insulting this country for no reason. Sometimes when we talked here, he said he wanted to destroy the world. Sometimes, for no reason, asking if I am afraid of death or not, ” said Sakho.

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  8. So in fact there is no evidence at all that this was a Fort Hood like killing. The US and many other countries have seen that people like to take out their problems on the rest of the population, from high school massacres to uni killings – Going Postal.

  9. Show us your evidence Frank – or are you just defending Islam again, like in your post defending the Muslim who raped his step-daughter who was under 12 and possibly killed his wife who reported him? You have a stellar record Frank, do you work for the ACLU? Or CAIR?

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  11. What is worse is that we out on the west coast (CA) have heard absolutely NOTHING about this heinous jihadi murder. And where is the uproar from the Jewish community? I certainly don’t expect any from academia because they are probably too busy apologizing for him

  12. It is irrelevant whether Professor Antoun had converted to Judaism, as a Christian Lebanese he was already a favorite target of a Radical Muslim Arab; that he may have been married to a Jewish woman just gave the sociopathic Islamic radical an extra thrill. Radical Islam is a worldwide plague against humanity which threatens Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians , Jews and all freedom-loving people. We must unveil the truth about this deadly menace so America, the world’s last hope, can stop this terrible bigoted nihilistic movement.

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