Somalia: man stoned per Islamic sharia law (pics)

A common argument Islamists and their apologists make is that sharia law is misunderstood. That stoning may have been used centuries ago but not today. Well, the scene depicted below was just days ago in Somalia. The same Somalia where the U.S. has imported tens of thousands of Muslims over the last few decades, and where many Somali Americans are going back to wage jihad.

Full story from the Daily Mail.

How much do you like Islamic sharia law? This much.

The unedited version should be available soon

Watch this video to see how Somali’ Americans enforce sharia on the streets of Minnesota.

26 thoughts on “Somalia: man stoned per Islamic sharia law (pics)

  1. No mercy, as it says in the Quran.

    That god of theirs is a bloodthirsty merciless miscreant, a Moloch as described in the bible. The world would be much better rid of him. The only way to do that, however, is to destroy every place of worship devoted to the monster and re-program every worshipper.

    Perhaps I will see it happen in my lifetime.

    • it will come to America and to the hole world this PEST in europe are gaining almost all big cities already and the goverment does nothing…sad really sad to be an extranger in your own land

    • Where is the logic in that one old religion stones people, and a second wants to grab land, so we should support the second? Because we belong to a third one, more related to the second, now that makes sense.

  2. The Quran teaches that all non Muslims are called infidels. Infidels, according to Islam can either be 1. Converted. 2. Subjugated. 3. Killed.

    Sharia law is pure evil — stoning is part of it’s barbaric culture.

    But multiculturalists aka liberals are pushing this disgusting culture on the western world and if anyone dare question it, they are accused of being prejudiced!

    • The Bible says the same thing. 2 Chronicles 15 13 All people (young or old, male or female) who refused to dedicate their lives to the LORD God of Israel were to be killed. Seems
      Christianity holds the same rules for any that do not practice it’s cult’s teachings.

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  4. You Aaebad Cross talking about religion, which reunited, the purity of doctrine and eliminate manifestations of corrupt society, we are told God about you (and will not satisfy you, the Jews and the Christians until you follow their religion) Anzero on your Bible, which Hollis sacred Look to your Lord, Who is the we know that God our Lord and your Lord, and our Creator your Creator and Exalted pain but you think when you go to the pope for Aghafrlkm think of the pain forgive him Vkro ……….

  5. Muslims are purely mother fuckers. They should all be lined up with their Qurans in hand, urinated and then killed.

  6. You and they are wrong to think about the Qur’an. You know very little about Muslims. What you have seen is not a true Muslim. they might say that they are Muslims, but they do not act as Muslims.
    I am sure that you all have never read the Quran carefully. You just heard from a few people about the Qur’an. Then you jump to the conclusion that the Qur’an is false.
    There are some Islamic sects who do not really understand the meaning of the Qur’an, so they are easily compromised by misleading doctrines.
    Whereas in the Qur’an, God commanded to give protection to the Jews and Christians. But people who have political interests ignored these verses.
    All of this would not happen if they run the Qur’an correctly. I as a Muslim was also very saddened by these actions.
    True Muslims that runs straight along with the Qur’an, would never hurt anyone. Because the Qur’an teaches compassion. Not act like animals.
    I can understand the feelings of all of you. Because they are on behalf of Muslims, then you all minded that as that is Muslim.
    But I hope you all can be wise. If you want to know what it is Muslim, I hope you take a little time to read the entire contents of the Qur’an. Then you conclude, who is wrong. Are They or the Qur’an.
    Qur’an has not been ordered to do evil ..

    I am from Indonesia.
    We are the bigest Muslim population in the world. Moslem is not Terrorist. Terrorists are not part of us.. May be they was a Moslems, but they out of Moslem teachings. We hunt down terrorists. Our laws are very tough on terrorists. We shot the terrorists dead.

    May God forgive us all …

    • Oh no, they are not Muslims. Of course not. They are… I don’t know. The Muslim Bible says to stone people, but they are not Muslims.

      • Read the religion’s sacred books before judging their doctrines.
        Because it is translated from old scriptures, they are misunderstood by the world today.

        Even Christians, I believe, has false doctrines. They make statues of saints and Jesus, which the Bible says not to. We do not know, but maybe these scriptures are mistranslated or connected to other writers of different religions/Gods.

  7. “protection” from what? Muslims!!!!! who are like the mafia and expect others to PAY THEM MONEY to have safety in their society- and sorry but you say what all Muslims say- oh that is not Quran.
    …. and yet we show you the verses – we tell you about abrogation- who is a true Muslim, an Indonesian or an Arab from Saudi Kingdom? a sHia from Iran? Both of those think you are not the true Muslims and they think even less of Pakistani and Bangladesh and USA Black Muslims. They hate each other since the day Mohamed dies and consider the other apostates.

    If Muslims are nice and good (and I do know some) it is not b/c of ISLAM and Quran but because they IGNORE it.

    No not all Muslims are terrorists – only the ones who strictly follow their book and use Mohammed as example of perfect lifestyle- which is not from God but Mohammed the illiterate poet who wanted more money from the Mecca haj- and made up some mangled version of Christian and Jewish, lie4d about some visions, who he then killed for not accepting his bastardized, incorrect version.

    What you must understand it is other MUSLIMS you need to tell this to- we DO have a multi-relgious society and no one has to pay the other to be safe or protected. We don;t care if you pray to the spaghetti monster or Krishna- it is ONLY Muslims who are blowing people up and making trouble- trying to conquer the world- NO OTHER faith is imperialistic and apartheid by gender or so pathetic, so cruel on human rights and then declares it self to be superior to all.

    I am sorry for you to have been born a Muslim- Indonesia was not always under Muslims- in ACEH they are forcing ALL OTHERS to submit to sharia not just Muslims- Muslims do not tolerate others nor get along with others- that is a MUSLIM problem – you need to fix it-

    • Thank you for your opinion about Muslim Indonesia.
      Based on my understanding, all the verses of the Qur’an were revealed to Muhammad at different events. Command war revealed when Muhammad and his followers were persecuted in ancient times. But after Muhammad got the victory, dropped another verse which orders to protect all religions. Quranic verses should not be taken some and discard others. all interconnected and there is a sequence of events that must be understood carefully.
      Translating the Qur’an can not be done with the spirit of ambition contained. Translating the Koran must be done with care and a clean soul. Because the devil always utilize the low knowledgeable in interpreting clause, so they are easily influenced by misleading doctrines.

      For the problem of Aceh village, our government is handling this matter seriously. Although the end result is not as fast as we had hoped.

      We are not disregarded in such violence. In our country, it will not be allowed to happen.

      We all face a very complicated problems in other countries. Indonesia is a small country. We were not able to interfere in other countries. For a while we were only able to beat our own country. We can only hope. Hopefully all this violence could soon be over.

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