Atlanta: Mosque plan fails zoning, Muslims file fed lawsuit

More of the same. When Muslims don’t get their way, they wage litigation jihad, just as they threatened. The mafia never had the luxury of hiding behind a religious facade.

It started with Shia Muslims outside Atlant seeking to build a new mosque:

…a 20,000-square-foot mosque, gymnasium and cemetery on about 8 acres of land — some of which is currently owned by Mayor Diana Preston — at U.S. 29 and Hood Road.

…the two-story mosque — a replica of a shrine of the Islamic hero Hazrat Abbas in Karbala, Iraq…

The congregation owns 1.4 acres of land and is looking to buy an additional 6.5 acres. Preston, the mayor, owns four of those acres.

Not just a mosque, but to a replica of a shrine to a Muslim holy warrior in Iraq, where more than 4,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed – many by Shiite’s. The mosque was also preparing to wage legal jihad before the vote.

…if city leaders reject the plans, “our recommendation would be to file a lawsuit, challenge it as arbitrary, capricious and unconstitutional.”

Fast forward. The mosque plan was denied.

The Council’s decision was unanimous. They cited nine reasons to reject the proposal including: spot zoning, effects on the land and traffic. Religion was not on the list.

Some members of the Muslim congregation were not too happy with the vote and chased and threatened a car carrying several women and children, including one woman who spoke against the expansion:

Janie Hood, whose family once farmed the area where the mosque was proposed, said “Middle Eastern” men who seemed to be associated with the congregation “boxed” her daughter’s car in as they traveled down U.S. Highway 29 on Wednesday night.

She said the men began calling threats out their windows and drove erratically, keeping her daughter from turning off the highway from the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center in Lawrenceville, where the meeting was held, until Lilburn police stopped them inside the city limits.

Hood had spoken at an earlier hearing on the issue, but she said she did not know if the men targeted her because she wore a red shirt to express her opposition to the proposal, which was defeated by the council Wednesday.

Now, the litigation jihad begins. But David Beasley of Global Atlanta fails to report any of the interesting facts above:

A Muslim congregation has filed a federal discrimination suit against the city of Lilburn, Ga., in suburban Atlanta for denying a rezoning request for a new mosque.

The Lilburn City Council on Nov. 18 turned down a request by the Dar-e Abbas Shia Islamic Center to build a mosque, gymnasium and cemetery on 7.9 acres on Lawrenceville Highway. Under the property’s C1 zoning status, churches, temples and synagogues are restricted to sites of five acres or less.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S District Court in Atlanta, claims the five-acre restriction constitutes religious discrimination, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, because it does not apply to other institutional buildings such as community centers, lodges and meeting halls, the suit alleges.

“The zoning ordinance, as applied to plaintiff, treats religious organizations and institutions on less than equal terms with non-religious assembiies and institutions,” the suit states.

And the IRS treats religious institutions with more favorable terms than non-religious institutions. But this is the Islamic way. Supremacy. How dare they require Muslims to follow infidel zoning laws. If the mayor doesn’t sell her personal land it’s a moot point isn’t it? How long before the mayor or city crack and give in to the thuggery?

Update: Was the mayor planning a deal to sell the land to the mosque?

Preston owns four of those acres and has maintained she had a right to sell the property.

7 thoughts on “Atlanta: Mosque plan fails zoning, Muslims file fed lawsuit

  1. Thank god someone is standing up to these radical extortionist. They are building these mosques all over to bring this radical way of life into our country to destroy democracy. I wish New York had the kahone’s to stop the mosque being built just down the block from ground zero.shameful slap in our face.

  2. i think it is about time that we start standing up for our selfs our fore fathers did not die so we have to cow down to peaple that is in our country who hates our way of life and use our laws to in slave us to get there way at all costs thank you my openion

  3. If we were to go to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, how easy would it be for us to erect a church wherever we wanted there? If we screamed discrimination, we’d probably be killed before it had a chance to go through their courts. Even if it did go to court there, what do you think the verdict would be? We let these barbarians in, they are spreading like fleas, and now we can’t get rid of them…lovely. Say goodbye to freedom as we knew it.

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