Muslim children training for jihad (video)

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Another video from the “Muslim world” and more evidence that Islamic violence and jihad are not some fringe element. Interspersed with readings from the Qur’an and featured on Muslim blogs and boards, nor is it some non-existent extremist or radical version of Islam.

It’s the next generation of mujahideen who are expected to fight and kill infidels to establish global Islamic rule.

If they pass that training, they get a Little Mujahid t-shirt and can practice beheading live infidels, as we showed you in this video. More videos below the fold.

Update: If the video above is not working due to heavy traffic – and/or vodpod have banned the video, Youtube is still hosting it. We’ll link to the Windows Media file shortly. In the meantime, here are some more videos of ROP kiddies training to kill you – the infidels – in the name of Allah:

Many more videos on our Videos page.

63 thoughts on “Muslim children training for jihad (video)

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  2. How do we know that these videos are authentic and are not fabrications and lies by the christian liars who are serving in Afghanistan and else where? Any liar could produce garbage like this and attribute it to any group and/or religion.

  3. The Bible said it best: “Suffer Little Children Unto Me, For As Such is the Kingdom of Heaven”. These little bastards need to suffer. And hire a new director of photography or get a wide angle lens attachment for the video camera if you want to get your militant point across and not look like the amateurs they are. Not to mention needing a sharper knife. Not enough strength in the dear child’s arms to get the head off quickly. How embarrassing! That only goes to show you need a man for the job! But the real critic was the beheaded man: that serene look on his face after such a despicable act said it all. He could leave the Hell of Islam behind. Ready for those 72 virgins now? And who said the virgins had to be young and beautiful? My neighbor died at virgin at 83 years old thanks Catholic inhibitions. The Athesists need to have their own Jihad against all religions and wipe them out. Not Faith. Just organized religion.

  4. Hey Osama Abdallah (there’s an original name), why don’t you check Christian video’s on youtube, and compare them to muslim video’s ?. See the difference ?.

  5. Abundala, Freakosama, You are pissed because luslim have no dignity and get pissed when their lies are catch. But God is great and you will be dissimated from the earth Scum

  6. thank god usa, uk, pakistan, nato, everyone contributing to eraducate these talbian scum, muslims? my ass, these monsters,

    Proud christian by birth. :)

  7. Abdallah’s right, this is obviously a Jewish/Christian/Gay conspiracy designed to discredit Islam (eyeroll). For future reference, there is no jihad, the koran doesn’t advocate killing jews and christians and anything you see about Islam that appears to be negative is simply the work of those pesky Jooooz.

    Is that about right Abdallah? Yeah, thanks for clearing that up.

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  10. I am sick. Sick at heart, sick at my stomach, and soul scorched. What kind of barbarians are we dealing with? Or, in Obama’s case, NOT dealing with.

  11. Im not stupid asshole lance….I just couldnt find it….Screw you,…I know all about how evil Islam and our fraud muslim presiden obama…Thank you for th esite, but fuck u on the insult asshole…bill

  12. People, we had better wake up. This is what kind of enemy we are up against. Make no mistake about it, it is a holy war we are in, and the sooner we call it what it really is, the better off we are. Peaceful religion, my behind. Sorry, I will not look at a person of Islamic faith the same.

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  14. More Obama youth? I have ben stockpiling ammo since Barry the Muslim Marxist got elected (by ACORN fraud I might add) and I’m ready for any towel headed invasion. Got brand new glass on my .308 sniper rife I’d love to try out.

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  17. Although this vidio did not show a beheading there was a link to a beheading by a child and it mad me sick… I guess you could call these children MAN MADE DISASTERS… I also understand who and how we will be attacked from here on out… Just send a child to bomb our planes… These are a sick group of people and deserve a hell of alot more than “WATERBOARDING”……. What is it going to take for Americans to wake up and realize like it or not these people HATE US????
    I say get your head out of your ass and smell the coffee, while you still have a nose on your face to smell with…
    God bless America and ALL she stands for… And God bless each and everyone of our soldiers that fight for her…

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  19. Just be careful to take note that it is the RELIGION of ISLAM that is evil – not all who are of Arabic race are practicing Islam. One who calls himself Muslim may not actually believe or practice all that the Muslim religion is teaching him, and may actually be Muslim by culture only or in name only, in order to identify with their race, or out of fear of jihad from their own families. Just like not all who say they are Catholic actually subscribe to all the tenets of the Catholic religion (i.e. a pro-abortionist who calls himself Catholic, when the Catholic Church adamantly stands against abortion), and not all who say they are Christian actually believe that Jesus is Lord as well as Savior (i.e., calling themselves Christian but not willing to follow what the Bible says because they say it’s not politically correct and because science, teachers and government experts know better than God our Creator what’s best for us). It is those who actually PRACTICE Islam who are practicing evil, not necessarily those who call themselves Muslim. Remember – Muslim is cultural, and not just religious beliefs.

  20. This was very graphic. OK, in short OUR ENEMY IS AMONG US there is no doubt, are you prepared? what are you going to do to be prepared? Suggestions:
    1. Get on your knee daily and pray for the correct leadership in our country and against the treatment we just witnessed/ 2. Join the NRA who is fighting for our gun ownership rights, give them a couple $$/ join an resistance group-PEACE KEEPERS-MILITIA to keep this country free.
    3. Purchase a semi aotumatic rifle, fully automatic rifle /shotgun/ pistols, semi autuo style, LOTS OF AMUNITION . (revolvers too slow for beginner) / arm yourselves with wepons that will actually kill an attacker from a distance or short distance, learn how to use the wepon and practic-practice-practice at your shooting range or in hills or mountains practice hitting targets on the move, clean up your mess when done. Be in tune with the groups you join some can be a little TOO radical. Join the local militia and train. ITS UPON US!! AND OUR CHILDREN IF YOU PREPARE THE CHANCES FOR THIS COUNTRY OUR CHILDREN, FAMILYS AND LOVED ONES TO SURVIVE WILL BE GREATER THAN IF YOU DO NOTHING. MEN CHILDREN WOMEN SHOULD ALL KNOW HOW TO DEFEND NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Do nothing and you will be treated like the man in video you just witnessed. The movie Red Dawn had some truth to what it may be like.Freedom has to be earned , for too long the people of this country have been riding on the blood of the forefathers, IT’S NOW OUR TURN ,SUCK IT UP LEARN HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF POLITICALLY AND PHYSICALLY-OR DIE IN A BLOOD BATH. It is comming quickly be prepared!Pray MB

  21. roll on the day our true god reigns down on you muslim freaks. ethnic cleansing should commence as soon as possible.. fuck allah the cock sucker.. infidels forever, no surrender

  22. only a very small amount of muslims are nutters,just like a small amount of you jesus mugs are should get loads of guns and shoot your selves and do everybody a favour.

  23. dont hide behind a false god, hiding behind your kids.. you are trully a brave army.. infidels forever. fuck allah the homosexual.. we are coming for you!!…

  24. psycho i bet youv never had a woman you pathetic little rat,you go on about a false god ,thier all false gods you mug ,have you never herd of everlution,no god of any religion made anything .wake up you mug.

  25. Come on wake up everyone. What is with all this anger and hate talk. It does no good to say stupid things.WE must all just be prepared for the day when an army of non americans run by the Obams regime, a new militant force obama has put together to force the issue of slavery by means of socialism which many americans gladly accept already. Its not so much the muslim people but the radical practicing sharia musilms. Remember many muselims wanted asylum here from that radical treatment, they just want peace and a place to be free from opression . Everyone remember that This country is a Christian Nation, we allow others to practice their religions but The living God that created heaven and Earth and gave his one and only Son to enter the heven where he sits on the throne and his Son is at his side is the Ruler of all that is and is to come, So give reverence to God alwawy do not slander others until you clean your plate . I would like to fight and live along side people that honor life and respect others beliefs. The fight is to perserve Americain any way possible not to create more enemys. Obama, the Liberals , attornys,bankers and politicians have done quite well making our country a toxic dump for us true freedom loving Americans and anyone else that wants to be free. This Country represents Freedom and an entire world sees that, some dont want their people to experience it, some say; go to America and destroy it. PIck your enemies carefully people.

  26. Really? And they’re giving these kids T-Shirts printed in ENGLISH??? Rubbish. The folks serving in Afghanistan are hardly “christian liars.” To believe that belief in JHC will save us from this is shallow. They are killers, they believe that anyone not a Muslim is unclean and an Infidel, and they intend to kill all of them – er, us. It’s been that way for centuries, and won’t change.

    The only thing new is simple transportation and communication, ergo enhanced capability. Would the next person who believes that the way to rapprochement is to “share meaningful dialogue” please stand up? Perhaps we should pray together. Either we tolerate their intrusions and killing on our soil, or we go to theirs and annihilate them. Not pretty, not my fault, but I don’t intend to sit around wringing my hands hoping they don’t come back or that they will of a sudden adopt western values. They will, and they won’t.

    I perceive this site as the work of rabble-rousers who’ll stoop at nothing to sell their agenda, and won’t be back.

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  28. Osama Abdullah and NSC London need to read their own Koran The ideology of jihad was formulated by Muslim theologians from the eighth century onward. It separates humanity into two hostile blocks — the community of Muslims, and the infidels. According to this ideology, Allah commands the Muslims to conquer the whole world in order to apply Koranic laws. Hence, they have to wage a perpetual war against the infidels who refuse to submit. Its principle is based on the inequality between the community of Allah and the infidels. The first is a superior group, whose mission it is to rule the world. The second must submit.”
    I think this is accurate proof enough supporting what I’ve always personally said and felt…that yes it does mention not once but various times throughout the Koran that you must kill the infidel at all costs just because you dont follow in the muslim faith or belive in allah. And islam is the peaceful religion?? How can a father or mother teach their child to have so much hate toward another human being that they would cut his/her head off at an age of 8-10 as in the video. This robs the child of his life of innocence. As a mother myself, I have always wanted better for my kids than I had and have done everything in my power to give that to them…not take it away. That is what parents do. It is so sad that there is so much dispare in the world that the right to life is in jepardy.

  29. I’d like to hear from professionals,doctors,soldiers, emergency workers ect.., if a mans throat is cut as the video suggests,is the amount of blood shown consistent with the individual being alive and conscious or alive and unconscious or maybe he was already dead before the knife to the throat. The reason that I ask is because I saw NO knee jerk reaction (as I think that there would be, although I’m guessing)from the initial cut of the blade.

  30. But guys, Islam is the religion of peace, right? That’s what I was told. Like when King Obama says we’re not a Christian nation. Islam is peace and we are non-Christian so I guess we have nothing to worry about. Whew, thanks Obama.

  31. @ ohiobruce

    “As the video suggests….” WTF? That’s a real guy, getting his head cut off by a real F_ing kid with a real F_ing knife. Already dead or not, who cares.

  32. Hey JoAnne, the reason bamaboy is soft on the terorists is because they be kin folk of bamaboy.. Why else are they being prosecuted in a civilian court, and not a Military court?

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  35. And they say that Atheists are immoral. One of the many examples why religion is just bat shit insanity. Not only is the insane religious mentality installed into the adults but they pass it on to their offspring.

    I hope for a better world without religion. Any religion.

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  37. I donot believe in these fake videoes. these children are actualy those whose elders were killed brutely either in drone attacks or friendly firing see the other aspect of picture also

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  39. Christianity does not condone lies like Islam. Islam clearly states that lying is a must for its survival. The world is a better place without Islam. And Aetheists, religion is the source of all morality.

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