Somali Muslim gangs videotape attacks on infidels in Minnesota (video)

More attacks by Somali Muslims, including on very young children and older people. As can be expected – you haven’t heard a peep from cowards like Holder or Ellison, or thugs like Obama, CAIR, and the ACLU. We just posted on this same Somali Muslim street jihad happening in Maine – Muslims beat, rob, and steal from infidels – for the thrill of it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Strib yanked the vid. This is the only version left on Youtube.

Story from the Star Tribune:

Minneapolis police Sgt. Jesse Garcia also called the video “disturbing” and said the city’s investigators are cross-checking it against reports of attacks. One Minneapolis incident, in addition to one on the Greenway, may have taken place near the light rail repair station below Interstate 94.

Garcia compared the video with one shot in June, in which several young people followed and taunted a gay man as he walked home from the Minneapolis Gay Pride festival. That video was posted on YouTube, but police were unable to identify the taunters, Garcia said.

Although the most recent video has been removed, whoever posted it hinted that more videos were to come. The posting caused a backlash from commenters on the site.

Several of the perpetrators in this latest case have been arrested as victims come forward. The other video Garcia mentions is the video we posted in July 2009. Is it lazy or shoddy police work that makes them unable to identify any of the taunters on that video? Where are all the Muslims who are so eager to help law enforcement?

Hat tip to The Lambeth Walk – a blog monitoring the devolution of England.

31 thoughts on “Somali Muslim gangs videotape attacks on infidels in Minnesota (video)

  1. Unbelievable, not a word in the press. Now if they were singled out the press would be crying the blues for the poor muslims. Nothing will change until the public takes charge and demands an end to this both in real life and in the media.

    R Anderson

  2. Houston we got a problem

    Minnesota you GUYS have A BIG problem. Where are the parents ??? they are guilty as well. Fight back is the only option be prepare assssssoooole

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  4. As any Londoner knows the Somali variety of Muslim is one of the worst. The only question at this point is does Minneapolis have concealed carry? That’s the only things these creatures will respond to, brute force. They are truly subhuman beings.

  5. So much for “the religion of peace.” Personally, I’d like to see these up and coming young street thugs try this in my home state of Texas. Then we’d be seeing videos of young “Mooz-lims” being shot in the commission of their crimes! Today, they’re doing it’s assault, battery, and robbery. Tomorrow, they’ll be kidnapping, and gang raping white women like they’re doing in Australia. Where is the public outcry against these crimes?!? This is not just going to go away, Minnesotans!

  6. a bunch of street thugs mugging innocent people!!! What does that got to do with ISLAM?? That is what thugs do regardless of their ethnicity or religion . They mug people and that is what these kids are doing…so again, What does this got to do with ISLAM???

    • guess you could call Mohammad a street thug too then…among many other things he did that would be considered illegal today…at least in the Western world

  7. There are dozens of notorious gangs in the US that don’t just push people off their bikes, but kill, rape and rob them. guess what most of those gangs are. They are Christians with the cross tattooed on their bodies. So what does that say about Christianity????
    So i ask you, again. What does these got to do with ISLAM??

  8. You are pathetic, and full of lies. you are so desperate that you are trying to gangs in the US an Islamic problem..PATHETIC

    • No Abdi – you are pathetic trying to suggest there is no Muslim problem in the US and particularly in Minnesota

      this post is not about gang problems in the US as you have attempted to hijack it into… it is about Muslims who have no regard for US law and attack infidels, as they are taught

      here is another example:

    • Abdi,your Muslim mum is a WHORE ,your dad is a peadophile who rapes your sisters,,,I wish these Muslim scum would attack me ,I would stab them in the neck and enjoy it,,,wake up white idiot ,all muslims must die

  9. This harassment and abuse has become the norm throughout South Florida.

    Miami Jews and Christians alike have been threatened, robbed, beaten, followed and taunted, spit on and even have had feces thrown at them by Muslim street gangs.

    Latino gangs have even reported having to watch their backs and there is increasing chatter of gang wars.

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  11. This is a Muslim problem in the US. Somali Muslims are taught to hate infidels(non-Muslims) and participate in the inner jihad. They are brainwashed since young to hate non-Muslims.

  12. We cannot deny that there isn’t a Muslim problem in the US. Similar events like these have taken place in The Netherlands, involoving Somali Muslim immigrants. Muslim immigrants there even genitally mutilate their daughters on kitchen tables.(6000 small Muslim girls worldwide are excised everyday.) Stats. p.348, Infidel

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  14. I just wish, some of them would come on out here,Montana, and try their crap.! Muslim crap would make good bear bait. They stay where the people (Americans), can’t carry and protect theirselfs! Bring your Mohammad loving asses out here! We will protect ourselfs and others! Speaking of the craphead Mohammad, how can any person in their right mind, believe the crap he said! He was a rapest. Even young girls and boys! And your stupid enough to believe him? Well, try your crap here! I will say one thing good. The Koran works real good in the outhouse. That’s las it is good for!

  15. When their is an infiltration of gangs like what is happening in Florida & Minnesota their needs to be military intervention & the death penalty for gang members and it needs to be done before it gets to be a larger problem.

    But of course this will not happen under our current administration.

    The media does not display this news because they our trying to run the country without even being elected officials.

    They may be being told from homeland security that they cannot tell these stories as them being muslim perpetrators because of the fear of vigilante riots.

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