Man who recommended Obama to Harvard on behalf of Islamists dies (video)

From Thomas Lifson at American Thinker:

Legendary lawyer and politician Percy Sutton has died at the age of 89, and the major media are omitting mention of one of his most notable acts.

…one of Sutton’s most notable moments is absent from the media hagiographies I have seen: he stated on television that he knew that an Islamic supremacist, Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, and advisor to a wealthy Saudi, had paid for Barack Obama’s education at Harvard Law School.

Exactly how young Barack Obama, a man of slender means, managed to pay for a Harvard Law degree has long been a mystery, and the President has not been forthcoming about any details of his elite education.

See for yourself, Sutton’s remarkable statement, which has been considgned to the Memory Hole, by the major media. Not even a reference to a “controversial contention” or other such euphemism. It simply never happened as far as the media are concerned.

And the video we’ve had on our Videos page since we started (that Youtube keeps removing that exposes one of Obama’s handlers, the notorious Khalid al-Mansour):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Khalid al Mansour, who asked Percy Sutton to recommend Obama, is or was an advisor to the Saudi prince who is still pouring millions of dollars into U.S. universities like Harvard, Georgetown, and Indiana, and tried to give $10 million in blood money to NYC mayor Rudy Guiliani after 9/11. al Mansour also helped to establish the Black Panthers.

5 thoughts on “Man who recommended Obama to Harvard on behalf of Islamists dies (video)

  1. Curious that such notable American Muslims would have taken such an interest in Barack Obama’s education as a young man… What was it that they saw in him that they didn’t see in other bright Harvard applicants?

  2. No, Percy Sutton most certainly did *not* say Khalid Al Mansour, the Saudis, or anyone, paid for Obama’s Harvard education…& it’s that sloppy myth repeated again & again by careless blogs & journalists that may well have prevented scrutiny of what Sutton actually did say, which was far worse, & which could almost certainly would have taken Obama out of contention. In that important election year March 2008 interview of Sutton, after discussing in past tense Al Mansour’s past request that Sutton write a recommendation to Harvard, Sutton switches to present tense and says, “he’s raising money for him”…given wahhabi Al Mansour’s ties to Saudis, Nigeria (where the head of the stock exchange had a fundraising gala for Obama), Libya (he even worked alongside Qadafi in African Summit 2007, on same side), & that he admitted in a video he was on Board of Islamic Centers of America etc…if this had been looked into, election crimes likely would have been found…but no…the blogs foolishly perpetuated a small fish story that didn’t even make sense.

  3. While you are correct that Sutton didn’t say anyone paid for his Harvard education on this video as American Thinker states, no one has proven who actually did pay for Obama’s education. And it is not a stretch by any means to suggest that if Mansour was raising money for Obama’s election, that he didn’t help pay then, as many have questioned.

    To your broader point, again you are correct that the Mansour ties should have impacted Obama’s chances of winning the election. But anyone who thinks Mansour’s ties were not exposed was not paying attention…further, McCain was also connected to Mansour as they sat on a board together, but more importantly, this video, like many others stories (i.e., LAT has a video of Obama it won’t release) and background information on Obama was buried by the MSM.

    Don’t forget also that Mansour has ins with Democrats, heralded by at least one Dem leader on the official record for his work with the Black Panthers; and Obama thru a spokesman denied knowing Mansour, denied any relationship with Sutton, and denied any letter was written – giving any media and Obama supporters who actually heard the story the out they needed.

    Your argument might be compelling if you link to some blogs (big influential blogs) who perpetuated the myth and failed to expose the Mansour/Obama connection, and provide evidence of the election crimes you are purporting related to Mansour rather than just blame unnamed blogs (that a majority of voters never read).

  4. It’s not a matter of why they chose Obama in particular but about selecting someone who was born to a movement in need of future leadership. Progressives plan ahead to the next generation. Clearly, the story of someone born to privilege would not be as impactful as the story of a young man born to a multi-racial couple, raised by mother, grandmother and others and who started his political career as a ‘community’ organizer. That’s the stuff legends are made of and thus inspire people to follow him. Obama managed to engage a good part of the population with his poise and youth. This success has been long in the making; it’s not something done overnight.

    The idea was to make Obama appear to the public as a people’s president when in reality he’s an elitist, incapable of seeing his fellow citizens as equals because he was raised to believe he has a higher purpose. Otherwise, how can he sell such a big lie to so many millions of people if he didn’t believe it himself?

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