Somali Muslim shot trying to assassinate Mohammad cartoonist (updated)

Update below.

Starting the new year same as the old year, with jihad. The watered-down AP story floating on this claims a man tried to break in to Kurt Westergaard’s home, the police shot the intruder and Westergaard’s life is not in danger.

Huh? An al Qaeda-linked Somali Muslim who is part of al Shabaab attempted to assassinate Westergaard with a knife and an axe or hatchet with a five year old present. In his own home. No danger? Here’s the AP version from the NYT:

COPENHAGEN (AP) — Denmark’s intelligence service says police have foiled an attempt to kill cartoonist Kurt Westergaard — the artist who drew cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, causing outrage in the Muslim world.

Jakob Scharf, who heads the PET intelligence service, says a 28-year-old Somali man was armed with an axe and a knife when he entered Westergaard’s home in Aarhus.

Scharf says the attack was ”terror related,” adding the suspected assailant has close contacts to the Somali terrorist group, al-Shabaab.

The Somali man was shot by police in the knee and the shoulder during the Friday attack. Preben Nielsen of the police in Aarhus, where the attack took place, said the suspect was seriously injured but his life was not in danger.

Here’s more detail from a Danish site, translated via Google:

Jyllands-Posten’s 74-year-old cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was Friday evening face a violent assassination attempt.

It happened in character’s private home in Viby J, near Aarhus, where a 28-year-old man with a Somali background broke into the home and tried to beat Westergaard death with a knife and hatchet.

The offender was subsequently shot by police, but survived. Han er nu anholdt og indlagt på et hospital. He is now arrested and in hospital.

Attempted murder of cartoonist Kurt Westergaard is in police intelligence assessment (PET) terrorist-related, and the offender has “close ties to the Somali terrorist organization al-Shabaab” and part of the “Al Qaeda” states PET.

The offender also suspected of having been “involved in terrorist related activities” in East Africa and to be “part of a terrorism-related network linked to Denmark”.

Kurt Westergaard apparently survived the violent attack because he hid in the bathroom, which is converted to a so-called sikringsrum.

His granddaughter in just five years was present during the attack. A shaken Westergaard have no doubt that the perpetrator would try to kill him.

“That was close.  It was really close, “he says to

According to PET has the man as ‘close relationship’ with the Somali terrorist organization al-Shabaab and al-Qaida leaders in East Africa, and he is “suspected” of having been involved in previous terrorist attacks in East Africa.

According to PET is the man also part of ‘a terrorist network associated with attachment to Denmark, which for a long time has been the subject of PET’s investigations, but without the context of the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.


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Update: AP has decided to provide more details, much the same as above. From

COPENHAGEN — Danish authorities say a Somali man has been charged with two counts of attempted murder for an attack on an artist whose cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad ignited riots and outrage across the Muslim world.

Jakob Scharf, head of Denmark’s intelligence agency, said the 28-year-old Somali man with ties to al-Qaida broke into Kurt Westergaard’s home in Aarhus on Friday night. The 75-year-old artist pressed an alarm and fled with his 5-year-old granddaughter to a special safe room.

Police say they then shot the attacker in the hand and knee when he threatened them.

The 75-year-old artist, who has received previous death threats for depicting the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb-shaped turban, pressed an alarm and fled with his visiting 5-year-old granddaughter to a specially made safe room.

Officers arrived two minutes later and tried to arrest the assailant, who wielded an ax at a police officer, said Preben Nielsen of the Aarhus police. The officer then shot the man in his knee and his hand, authorities said.

Westergaard could not be reached for comment. However, he told his employer, the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, that the assailant shouted “Revenge!” and “Blood!” as he tried to enter the bathroom where Westergaard and the child had sought shelter.

“My grandchild did fine,” Westergaard said, according to the newspaper’s Web edition. “It was scary. It was close. Really close. But we did it.”

It is being reported also that the Cartoonist Attacker Also Plotted Clinton Hit (

(AP) – The Somali man who attacked a controversial Danish cartoonist had been previously arrested in Kenya in September on suspicion of plotting an attack against US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Denmark’s Politiken newspaper reports today. Citing unnamed sources, it said he was later released due to lack of evidence. Clinton visited Kenya as part of an 11-day-tour of Africa in August.

Denmark’s ambassador to Kenya told the news agency Ritzau that the Somali man was arrested for having incomplete travel documents. He said Kenyan authorities never told the embassy he was suspected in any terror plot and that the newspaper misunderstood the situation.

From Zombie at PJTV who notes:

…the animator got one detail wrong in the re-creation; he shows Westergaard carrying his young granddaughter into the panic room with him, while in reality he had become separated from her during the attack and was locked in the room alone; luckily, the attacker didn’t notice or care about the granddaughter hiding elsewhere in the house.

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