National Counterterrorism Center’s de-radicalization expert on terror watch list! (video added)

By Patrick Poole at Pajamas Media, Shock: Government ‘De-radicalization’ Expert on Terror Watch List:

How incompetent is the National Counterterrorism Center? They invited a notorious hatemonger to speak on de-radicalization.

Following the attempted bombing of Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day, the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) has come under fire for failing to connect the dots concerning bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. But new information concerning the NCTC’s de-radicalization expert, Yasir Qadhi, raises questions about how far the rot of political correctness extends within the agency most responsible for connecting the dots.

Qadhi’s association with the NCTC came to light late last week in a report by CNN that Abdulmutallab had attended a 16-day conference in Houston sponsored by the AlMaghrib Institute, where Qadhi is a featured instructor. The report also noted that Abdulmutallab had attended two other AlMaghrib events in the UK.

Qadhi spoke to CNN on behalf of AlMaghrib, attempting to explain away the terrorist’s repeated attendance at his organization’s events. Towards the end of the CNN report came a disturbing revelation:

Qadhi, of New Haven, Connecticut, has been involved in de-radicalization efforts in the United States and was a leading participant in the U.S. Counter-Radicalization Strategy conference organized by the National Counterterrorism Center in the summer of 2008.

To say that Yasir Qadhi has been involved in de-radicalization efforts in the U.S. is a sick joke. That he was a leading participant in the NCTC’s conference on counter-radicalization is a step into the surreal. Was al-Qaeda cleric Anwar Al-Aulaqi not available to attend? When it comes to Islamic radicalization, Yasir Qadhi is the problem, not the solution. And the NCTC only had to consult its own records to know exactly who they were dealing with.

An August 8, 2006, article in the Houston Chronicle reported on a meeting in Houston with Department of Homeland Security officials where Yasir Qadhi complained openly that he was on the terror watch list.

How might have the NCTC’s de-radicalization expert ended up on the terror watch list? Was his placement on the terror watch list some kind of mistake and an example of rampant Islamophobia? Hardly. Just last week, in response to the CNN report, a post at the Jawa Report observed that Qadhi’s Ilmquest media company had been selling more than a dozen audio CD sets by al-Qaeda cleric Aulaqi, even after the cleric had been tied to the Ft. Hood shootings (the post included a screen shot of Ilmquest’s Aulaqi products — all since removed from the Ilmquest website). Aulaqi’s sermons have also recently been sold at Al Maghrib seminars. These sales of Aulaqi’s sermons continued while Qadhi criticized Aulaqi on his MuslimMatters website.

Additionally, Qadhi has been one of the most outspoken advocates for convicted “Virginia jihad network leader” Abu Al-Tamimi, and his MuslimMatters website openly champions the cause of captured al-Qaeda operative Aafia Siddiqui.

Qadhi has not reserved his special brand of hate just for infidels. In 2006, Qadhi took to the AlMaghrib online forum to denounce prominent Sunni Islamic scholar Sheikh Alawi al-Maliki as a polytheist (and thus deserving of condemnation to hell). After Muslim bloggers began calling for a boycott of AlMaghrib in response to Qadhi’s takfiri ideology, the post quickly disappeared from the AlMaghrib forum.

And just last April, the UK-based Islamic group Quilliam Foundation issued an alert noting Qadhi’s anti-Jewish tirade, and also noting statements he had made attacking Shia Islam as “the most lying sect of Islam,” including: “The Shias are allowed to lie and it is their religion to lie.”

Again, this is the NCTC’s “de-radicalization” expert.

If Yasir Qadhi represents what the NCTC believes to be an example of a leader in de-radicalization — and it quite clearly does — then Congress should begin an immediate investigation into the usefulness of the agency. In this instance, Qadhi had already connected the dots for the NCTC, admitting in a meeting with top Homeland Security officials that he was on the government’s terror watch list. By representing that Yasir Qadhi is a partner in de-radicalization efforts, the NCTC has been outwitted by a two-faced, low-level ideological Islamic thug — proving that it is no match for the likes of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and al-Qaeda.

Read it all. NewsRealBlog points out that CNN also tried to sell Qadhi as a peaceful, moderate Muslim:

CNN Portrays Hamas-Supporting, Self-Described Terror List Watchee From “Jihad U” As Peaceful, Moderate Muslim Who Pushes Back Against Extremism

This is the same competent news network which tried to talk to peaceful, moderate Muslims who push back against extremism back in November after the Fort Hood shootings, so they interviewed an al-Qaeda-linked leader of ICNA’s Young Muslim Jihad Camp. Perhaps it was not CNN’s intention to whitewash the story of Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab’s attendance at 2008’s “Knowledge Fest” in Houston, but it certainly seems like it.

By the way, the November CNN story NewsRealBlog referenced is the one we here at Creeping Sharia exposed in CNN exposes NYC jihadis by interviewing terror-linked imam (video).

Unrelated to the above, however we also exposed CNN’s use of CAIR and other known Islamists in a story on jihadi “de-radicalizers” here, Terror-linked U.S. front groups creating jihadi hotline website to deradicalize youth.

Another shocker. Qadhi is a CAIR crony too.

CBN picked up the story as well, video below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Newsbusters is on it too:  CNN Trots out Jihad Teaching Extremist, Calls Him Instructor of Islam

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