PBS delays ‘Dancing Boys of Afghanistan’ over fear for…dancing boys (update: to air 4/20)

Update: PBS’ Frontline will begin airing this on April 20see a preview below or watch the full version of  ‘Uncovering the world of “bacha bazi‘online (click the player window to view Chapters):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A special entitled The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan that was supposed to air on PBS’ Frontline has been delayed.

In Afghanistan today, in the midst of war and endemic poverty, an ancient tradition — banned when the Taliban were in power — has re-emerged across the country: Many hundreds of boys, often as young as 11, are being lured off the streets on the promise of a new life, many unaware that their real fate is to be used for entertainment and sex. They’re the “Bacha Bereesh,” literally “beardless boys,” chosen for their height, size and beauty, trained to sing and dance for male audiences, and then traded for sexual favors among former warlords and powerful businessmen. With remarkable access inside a sexual exploitation ring operating in Afghanistan, an Afghan journalist investigates this illegal practice, talking with the boys and their masters, and documenting how the Afghan authorities responsible for stopping these crimes are sometimes themselves complicit in the practice.

Please note that the January 19 broadcast of FRONTLINE’s The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan has been postponed.

Press Contact: Diane Buxton, Senior Publicist, FRONTLINE, 300-5375, diane_buxton@wgbh.org

Another site provided this explanation:

Frontline producers announced Friday 1/15/10 that due to issues involving the personal security of one of the boys profiled in “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan” (#2807), scheduled to premiere Tuesday 1/19/10, they are delaying the broadcast until those issues can be resolved.

CNN ran a segment on the topic of the beardless boys and there are quite a few videos on jihad tube. A few samples below of another aspect of Islamic piety below.


More on this pious bunch here: The Dancing Boys of the North

‘Some men enjoy playing with dogs, some with women. I enjoy playing with boys,’ said Allah Daad, a one-time mujahedin commander in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz.

Update: And they fight, kill, and behead each other for the young, beardless boys

Beheaded by the Taliban? No, this time it was about sex

The New York Times was quick with the conclusion: the Taliban were behind it. They killed the men “because of their alliance with the Karzai government.” AFP told their readers they were killed “by the Taliban”, for “spying” for the Afghan government. Xinhua made it even more clear: the six beheaded Afghans were “ex-colleagues” from the Taliban who killed them.

A Belgian newspaper presented the story like this: “A group of moderate Taliban held a meeting in a house and a terrorist Taliban group came and beheaded them”, as provincial police commander Juma Gul told the journalist.

“To be honest – they fought about a boyfriend”.

The governor was clear: “No, it’s not extremist Taliban, they were not fighters, just students. We are researching it,” he said, “but yes, the idea is that it was about a boyfriend.”

Here we have a habit of… they fought about misusing a boy for love.”

25 thoughts on “PBS delays ‘Dancing Boys of Afghanistan’ over fear for…dancing boys (update: to air 4/20)

  1. “Please note that the January 19 broadcast of FRONTLINE’s The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan has been postponed.”

    Hello from Montreal, Québec, Canada.
    I would like to know when will you put on the air on PBS

    Long lfe to PBS!

    Robert Houle

  2. Hello Robert,

    PBS says they will air it at some time in the future, it’s not clear when, we’ll update the post when they announce it. If the video is embeddable, we’ll embed it as well.

  3. Middle Eastern men and mass sodomy of children who would have thunk it? Seriously is there nothing these degenerate cultures will not stoop to? Suicide bombers, female genital mutilation, arranged child marriage, honor killings, acid attacks, terrorism, institutionalized child rape, beheading, stonings etc
    One of these things might be enough to condemn a culture but the Islamic world is the epicenter of primitivism and needs a good clean up on a grand scale. Wake up people before you are forced to buy a prayer mat and get your daughters clipped!

  4. Mo wrote: “The perversion and hypocrisy of this so-called religion never fails to astound me.”

    Your ignorance astounds me. If you had done some research you would have known that this practice dates back 5000 years while Islam has been around only for 1400 years. It is strictly forbidden in Islam. but if people ignore Islamic rules, is it the fault of Islam?

    BTW under Taliban regime (which was a CIA backed regime back then) this practice was abolished.

    However thanks to America..now the warlords are free to do whatever they want and sheeple back in the west are astounded like Mo

  5. You’ll never see this story, look up the “Franklin Conspiracy”.
    The video was supposed to be aired by the History Channel and then was suddenly pulled. A pre-production copy can be seen on Youtube.
    It is about pedophiles in the highest level of our government. It was a front page story in the Washington Times in 1989 about a call boy ring midnight tour of the White House. The tour guide committed “suicide” later.
    Many people involved in this story ended up dead.

  6. I started watching this film here in Australia, I watched about a 1/3 to half of the film and I had to turn it off. I am a hard man and pride myself as being a tough Aussie. However I have not seen such a degrading spectacle as the way these creatures as I can’t refer to them as my fellow human beings.
    Treating little boys this way and the Paedophilia and child trafficking are my biggest hate!
    Immediate castration for the perpetrators would be the only solution.
    One can make a final and exact judgement on this matter that if allow to go on the victims think it is normal in their society and carry on the practice in their adult life. It then becomes an insidious circle of life.

    Years ago I was oblivious to these matters of Islam, but as Islam has come out from under the rock so to speak and the atrocities that seem to come hand in hand with Islam. I have made it my promise, to the day I die to stop this hideous religion from flourishing in my country and around the world.
    PS RTOWI is an acronym for “Rid The World Of Islam”

  7. @Mike, I am an American very aware that this Afghan tradition has roots in ancient Persia, where pederasty and boy brothels were a common and public practice long before Islam existed. I also know that Islam sprung forth to redact the vile practices of ancient times. But many in the west have only been exposed to Islam through terrorism, and out of fear masked as hatred westerners react out of misplaced self-preservation. I’m not condoning ignorance just explaining where it comes from. To unilaterally blame the west, where many people are not exposed to the history you might know, is just as futile and destructive. If we as humans want things to change then instead of slinging blame, from either side, we should educate others on why this evil has reemerged and eradicate hatred together, as a united front. I’m glad Frontline is doing just that. It’s exposing a side of the “War on Terror” that I guarantee you people don’t know about, and since I trust Frontline to explain the root of the problem, hopefully it will open our western eyes to the dark underbelly of the local culture instead of blaming an entire religion.

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  9. Mike and Mary & apologists for ISLAM- if this is considered a SHARIA crime why is it not enforced as LAW like other sharia crimes???- ISLAMIC societies are responsible for turning a blind eye for not allowing victims of sex crimes (RAPE of women included) any JUSTICE. They sure mete out swift JUSTICE when it suits them-
    it is quite arrogant of you to apply the “ignorant savages” cannot do better defense for them- or “it’s their culture” bullcrap-stop making excuses for them- judge them as people like you judge ISRAEL or USA- you know the bad evil satanic nazi nations whose leaders should be tried for human rights abuses and hanged

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  11. Mary:

    Yeah sure, this doesn’t have anything to do with Muslim culture anymore that Female Genital Mutilation or honor killing has to do with Muslim culture. The truth has now become “slinging blame?” Mary, we don’t need your “explanations” we know the truth.

  12. My cousin, deployed twice to Afganistan, says sex with young boys by older men is preferred by most older men. SICK!!! He says 80% of population is illiterate and most prefer to sit or rear and let Americans defend them build the schools, roads, hospitals, i.e. do the work etc.
    So, are they stupid?
    No, they are very smart— they found someone to sucker!!
    HE says our effort is a huge waste and be better off if we left.
    People in our services— Why go there and possibly die for a group of perverts in the name of FREEDOM????
    Another line our US politicains are trying to sell us!!!
    US politicains— send your own family to die for a bunch of homosexual pedifiles!!

  13. what can i say, just one more thing to add to the list of ” the world must be ending soon” t his is of course is not limited to afghanistan, its the commercial aspect of it that’s particularly frightening. and i wonder about all these children worldwide who are submitting to these horrors, about their futures, about their feelings, about their hopelessnes, i can’t even imagine being apart of something like this, and worse, the horrors many of them will unleash upon us, some of these people will emerge hollow, bruised shells, no empathy, no feelings. it’s a cycle.

  14. Lets be privy to the fact that this happens ALL OVER the world. Yes, this brings light to the atrocities that are happening to our children, but let us remember that we must be diligent in our fight to eradicate this barbaric, YES BARBARIC, and despicable behaviour in every country, religion, and or region. Let’s not label this as “Islamic ” ie; the Catholic Priest issues, this is predatory men that need to be arrested and thrown into jail to rot for the rest of their lives. For the poor children that have been affected are sure to be held within their own prisons, without bars, for the rest of their poor broken lives. The death penalty is perfect for certain crimes, especially agains innocent, helpless children.

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  16. Jed, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Read the book “Three Cups of Tea,” by Greg Mortenson

    Mustatiion, and the rest of you who who keep catagorizing Afghanistan as in the “middle east” pick up a geography book. Afghanistan is in Central Asia, not the Middle East.

    Someone mention Persia, but Ancient Greece and Rome were just as fond of sleeping little boys. Sickness isn’t limited to a specific religion or culture, or ethnicity.

  17. It’s amazing to see so many so called ‘educated’ people on here lay the blame on Islam. How stupid are you people!

    Islam forbids sodomy just like Christianity. It is a major sin to do what these evil people are doing.
    Do some unbiased reseaerch and you will find that it was the taliban who eradicated this evil practice and beheaded these sickos!! It was your governments who got rid of the taliban and brought these b*****ds into power…

    Just use your feeble brains for once..This is not ISLAM so stop blaming it..blame your goverments..

  18. Mike and Mary are missing the point, the fact that women are locked up under Islam makes this a much more prevalent issue than if women where treated as 1st class citizens. Females of any age are clearly stated as ‘inferior’ in the KORAN. I am afraid the influence of the religion aggravates this situation,.the religion influences the other abuses that are committed in muslim countries. The proof is obvious, in african nations, christian girls ARE NOT circumcised, only muslim ones are. Therefore your argument that it is not related to Islam patently falls APART. I am hoping you have enough IQ to understand HOW it influences these practices. As to the slitting of animals throats for halal, going on next door to the RSPCA in our countries, I am filled with great rage and indignation that we are expected to allow this. It is extremely unjust and outrageous that we are told we have to put up with it. I will fight it to my last breath and the religion that is responsible for it. An insult to my conscience and decency.

  19. I blame Alexander the Great for this. It is known that the most socially significant form of same-sex sexual relations in ancient Greece was between adult men and adolescent boys. Alexander the Great through conquering vast portions of Central Asia, including modern day Afghanistan, spread Hellenic culture to this part of the world – the good and the bad.

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