Islam is creeping in Alaska (video)

The sound of Allah Akbar is rising in Alaska. The Islamic community in Alaska grew from 100+ to 4,000 in the last decade. They also recently bought a 70 acre tract of land for $600,000 and raised nearly $1 million dollars to build a new mosque to go along with Alaska’s first halal grocery store.

Video that pans to Alaska USA sign with the text...

But as usual, it’s not just about a little halal grocery store as the title of the article suggests. It’s about conquering the last frontier. It’s about dawah and conversion of non-Muslims in Alaska. That dawah includes members of the United States military from nearby Fort Richardson and Elmendorf Air Force Base, whom the Islamic Community Center in Alaska claim to be teaching about Islam before deployment to Muslim lands.

Anchorage’s first halal grocery opensmosque not far behind. Hat tip @dominionpundit

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — On an icy winter day when the sun barely rose higher than the peaks of the Chugach Mountains, one store in a sleepy strip mall near the airport was abuzz with activity. The hand-lettered cardboard sign outside told the story: Alaska’s First Halal Grocery.

Inside, owner Lamin Jobarteh was pricing bottles of bright-orange palm oil, a product he was sure would fly off the shelves as soon as he called the Nigerians in town to let them know it had arrived. A group of Somali women in brightly colored headscarves looked through a gleaming white freezer for cubed bone-in goat meat.

Anchorage is now home to nearly 4,000 Muslims, up from a hundred or so when Jobarteh, who hails from the West African nation of Gambia, arrived in Alaska to attend graduate school in the 1990s.

For years, he watched as the growing community ordered bulk shipments of Halal meat and specialty groceries from Seattle and Vancouver, Canada, the nearest cities where they were available.

“I’ve seen the demand for a long time,” he said. “Muslim people cannot live without Halal food, and it’s expensive to ship it up.

Halal, meaning “lawful” or “permissible” in Arabic, is a term for food that is prepared according to Islamic dietary law. Animals must be slaughtered following Quranic guidelines and in the name of Allah.

In December, Jobarteh left his career as a business banker to open Alaska Halal Grocery.

The white-walled shop carries familiar products like Cheetos and Heinz ketchup, but also sells roti bread, fufu flour, a West African cassava-based staple used to make a starchy, dumpling-like dish, and soft Indian paneer cheese. You can get whole cardamom pods and spices for Bombay biryani, a famed Indian dish, along with a Big Texas brand cinnamon roll or a root beer.

Aside from the stocked goods, Jobarteh drives to the Matanuska-Susitna Borough to preside over the Islamically correct butchering of animals at a slaughterhouse in Palmer once a week or so. His shop features a gleaming stainless steel kitchen in the back room where he can prepare custom orders of meat for families.

“I had no experience in butchering or being a grocer before,” Jobareth says. “This is all a new skill for me.”

Anchorage’s Muslim community is growing in number as well as visibility, says Dr. Regina Boisclair, the Cardinal Newman Chair of Catholic Theology at Alaska Pacific University. She has tracked religious diversity in Anchorage for years.

Thirteen years ago, the community was small and fractured into two factions that were barely speaking to each other. But in the past few years, the Muslim community has gained strong leadership and has “come into its own.”

Across the parking lot from Alaska Halal Grocery is the Islamic Community Center of Anchorage, a small rented space where prayer services, classes and lectures are currently held.

That won’t be home for long, Jobareth says.

In 2007, the community paid $600,000 for a 70-acre piece of land in South Anchorage on which they plan to build the state’s first mosque. They raised nearly $1 million from their own community and other U.S. groups — some were surprised to hear there were any Muslims at all in Alaska.

They plan to break ground on the first phase of the planned mosque, school and educational center during the short construction season this summer, an effort that received attention on international news network Al-Jazeera.

Boisclair says the Halal grocery store and the planned mosque “will solidify the community.”

Alaska’s isolation leads to diversity you might not find in other communities, Jobarteh says. The Anchorage masjid, or place of worship, draws people with roots in Albania, Somalia, Gambia, Mali, Pakistan, Palestine, Bangladesh, American converts and others.

“In other places you’d have a Somalian masjid, a Pakistani masjid, and on and on,” he said.

Jobarteh, who left Gambia after a military coup destabilized the country, says that Alaskan Muslims — some resettled by refugee programs, some drawn to high-paying science and engineering jobs — have one thing in common: they want to raise families in a safe, free place.

For many of the Alaska Halal Groceries customers, who have left places with oppressive regimes, Alaska is a breath of fresh, cold air.

[CS: Cue the faux and pre-emptive Muslim victimization lines, 3, 2, 1…]

Along with a sense of safety, Jobarteh says that Alaskan Muslims have been largely welcomed by the community at large, a situation that hasn’t always been the case for some members who’ve lived in other American cities post-9-11. Alaskans seem to value a live-and-let-live approach, Jobarteh says, and that includes religious tolerance.

More visible signs of the growing Muslim community — like the construction of the new mosque — could test that tolerance. Jobarteh says the community plans to be proactive: Part of the long-range plan for the mosque is to build a community education center where non-Muslim Anchorage residents, especially soldiers from the two military bases in town that frequently deploy to Muslim countries, can learn about Islam.

“No place is perfect, but you can be safe and comfortable and raise your family here,” Jobarteh said. “You can express yourself. /end


It’s never a good sign when CAIR endorses a mosque – expect the Saudi money, shakedowns of local businesses, and lawsuits to eventually follow.

Nor is it a good sign when al Jazeera is broadcasting news videos of the conquest of the last frontier to the entire Islamic world.

Muslim cemetery opens in Alaska

26 thoughts on “Islam is creeping in Alaska (video)

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    • Im not really worried about Islam.I think it is eventually going to be common everywhere.We hear comments about how as Americans we have freedoms we believe in ,love them or leave them.But really,the worst tyrants in American history by far were the southern baptists. They were slave owners,they declared war on the U.S.A and killed more American soldiers then any other war.Even after their defeat,they denied Americans their rights until 1964,and even then they had to be taken away kicking and screaming. And yet Ive never seen any christians ever say they dont believe in our rights and oppose their churches being built.And Im from the south so I know what Im talking about.You can go right now to downtown in almost any city In the south and see monuments to (our confederate dead).why is there a monument to these people anywhere! Islam is the same religion Moses,Jesus,Abraham, Mohammad,and every other prophet
      practiced.Mecca IS the temple of Abraham. thats where he started it all. I think you anti-Islam people need to realise that times change. People change, the wheel is going to turn,and thats the way it is.
      Western civilization is dying. It falls a little more everyday. My advise is to find a way to make change work for YOU .Lets find in each other the same god we all worship.

      • I wonder , just how tasty is the kool aid bet its an emerald green goodie hand out from the govt. And just in time for elections. the founding fathers would have a name for your your kind…you still there can you concentrate long enough to figure it out? It would have been “turn coat” I look forward to the day they have you bent over tied execution style and make you the offer I know you and your kind will not hesitate to take up “convert or die” And by the way Americans died on both sides and will be remembered as Americans locked in a struggle and not as turn coats.

      • Irish.. You are full of it. History shows that out of all the Christian denominations, the Quakers and Baptists historically were the only ones to not persecute anyone. Irish.. Salve ownership was world wide. It was the christians that pushed first in Europe and then in USA do end slavery. And it was ended.. No christians today take part in slavery eventhough it is bigger than ever these days.. But take note, the chritians have no part in it. Islam is not the same religion. First of all, Christianty is not a religion, it is about a personal relationship with god. Not a religion. Islam does not beleive that Christ is the one and only true god as the bible says and Christians beleive. Again.. Irish.. You have no clue at all !! As for falling.. USA is it.. We have nukes, and if you back the Christians into a corner, we will use them again.. Remember that .. . Christians and Israel for ever and ever.. Axiomatic.

    • Hala meat sounds innocent but like everything around radical muslims it is not in reality, hala is torturing the animal to the extreme limits of its fear before slowly slaughtering it this BARBARIC practice believes this renders the meat tender. These followers are horrorable to animals and stand against our humane treatment of domestic/farm animals. This extreme ideology of Muhammed is evil, anti America so really why the hell are they here?????? SAY CALIPHATE!!!

  2. Great just what we need i wounder if there going to have thair prayer blastin from thair Mosque towers or what ever the hell you call them when will America wake up ship all of them back to what ever country thay come from even the ones who where born here if thay repent and come to the real Elohim and not that pagan BS.oh by the way allah is a pagan repeat after me allah is the moon god and mahamad was just a man nothen more a pevert. and you say you are a peacefull religen BS what ded mahamad do to the Jews i beleve he killd 4 thousand at madena killd the men cut there heads off that was mahamads faveret thing to do and took the woman jn the karan it says we can liy to soot there agenda if they come to YAHSHUAband ask forgevnes good and i hope thay do but if not thay will meat the one who is waiting for them and that is satan not allah or mahamad i will be praying that dam mosgue cant be b oh and by the way our founding fathers when thay said freedom of Relegon it was to worship YAHWEH AND YAHSHUA not the pagans

  3. The practice of Islam,like any other religion is welcome in Alaska.The only striking difference between Islam and other mainstream religions is the rule of sharia law ,the Qur’anic guideline to life as a Muslim and the Islamic quest for a worldwide caliphate under Sharia law.The Constitution of the United States of America,our bill of rights and our Republics values of individual freedom are in direct opposition to any form or imposition of Sharia law.We welcome Muslims to Alaska,just please,realize that as Americans and Alaskans,we will not accept,nor tolerate Sharia law or any practices that imperil our freedoms of choice.
    Wild Bill

    • I think there are some questions that need to be answered. Such as what is Sharia Law? and what freedom’s are being imposed.I for one think the Unaltered Constitution of the United States is one of the greatest documents created. It was also a foundation for other countries. Personally I believe in the law of god, the same laws that Christians, Jews or any person of god should follow.

  4. Islamists have no comedians and no fun, as we Infidels know. Once they become 10% populace of anywhere, their drum beating for special rights starts. Violence follows when they demonstrate and demand what accords to their sensitivities and nobody else’s. Worse, local politicians will say “it’s only a minority starting the trouble.” Yet the silence of the supporting muslim factors makes no complaint about their fellows. This makes the question of ”compliance’ arise when so-named “moderate” muslims – an oxymoron to some ears – say nothing to defend their own claims to be embarrassed by bad-boy Islamist’s behaviors. Don’t say they’re violent or else they’ll get violent !

  5. Watch out for the amazing development of violent “No-Go” areas
    in our major cities, as is already the cases in Europe. Then listen to the amazing extreme Left call these no go areas,
    “Autonomous Muslim Enclaves” and all replete with sharia law too I’m tellin’ ya. Keep an eye on that Soft-Jihadi spokeman talking all ‘milk & honey’ to your face and the media, while planning to islamise government, locally, Statewide and National. Islamists have an agenda, a global agenda, to take the world over. “Islam” is not a race. “Islamophobia’ is not a word.
    “Taqiyaah’ is the islamist art of full-time deceiving of the Infidel by managing perceptions, experience in their irrational favor.

  6. Isalam is a wonderfull religion /read the QAURAN and judge for yourself
    please look at the website provided and look under the catagory ruling aginst terrorism.
    if you know one true muslim the view will change .

  7. The muslim immigrant banker I believe of African origin, gave up his banking job, why ? Because his ‘brethren’ wanted halal meat ! So he makes a point of heading North to a twon called Palmer where he can regulate the gory halal deaths of animals. This halal method involves hanging the creature pitilessly upside down by its feet, and thus rendered helpless, the throat is then slit by a barbarous pitiless, mercenary, feelingless, empathy free muslim butcher, The bulging eyed, terrified animal is then pitifully left to bleed to death and all in the name of that “peace-less” Aztec styled sacrifice killing system we know as Islam. These actions de-humanise and afford our civilised world with these throat cutting, beheading, IslamoBarbarianNazi’s who we have come “love” so dearly…not.

    • If any halal butcher torches a animal the meat is not halal. The animal must be prayed over in the name of god…..and in the arabic language the only name for god is allah. Remember Jesus did not eat just any kind of food he ate halal/kosher, which both say the same words of prayer just in different languages.Jesus did not believe in eating pork or other unlawful food. Jesus said “i came to affirm the law , not to change it (Mathew 5:ver 17-18) .I promise if you follow jesus to the T you will be more Muslim then I.

    • I have witnessed this as you rightfully said barbaric horrific acts during one of my convoy trips thru Hell a place called Numaniyah, Iraq. I might add that when the Vietnamese first came to San Diego they would buy a pig and kill it in their front yards in front of horrified neighborhood children. They soon quit that practice. Good luck with the muzzies. Our tolerance of them in our country is only seen by them as a sign of weakness. You can debate try to explain to them or plead with them till your blue in the face and in the end it will not change a Damned thing. They expect and later will demand that we “convert or die” and that is their ultimate bottom line and if they denied it now it is only because their “scientifically proven” Allah approves of lying to Infidels.
      PS good comment Wild Bill

  8. For added “sensitivity” muslims in Alaska have opened another halal torture-meat shop right slap-bang next door to a Christian Church at Gambell St. and 15th Ave. north-east corner. Howzat ! readers !! Further, some graffiti is seen on a wall of a school’s footway under and at A street and 9th Ave depicting a head-covered jihadist sporting an AK-47. One of two suspicious stencil sprayed images seen in Anchorage, Alaska

  9. Wild Bill said,
    “We welcome Muslims to Alaska,just please,realize that as Americans and Alaskans,we will not accept,nor tolerate Sharia law or any practices that imperil our freedoms of choice.”

    Pleading with these people gets you nowhere. Saying please is a sign of weakness to those who still live with 7th century barbaric values.

  10. If any halal butcher torches a animal the meat is not halal. The animal must be prayed over in the name of god…..and in the arabic language the only name for god is allah. Remember Jesus did not eat just any kind of food he ate halal/kosher, which both say the same words of prayer just in different languages.Jesus did not believe in eating pork or other unlawful food. Jesus said “i came to affirm the law , not to change it (Mathew 5:ver 17-18) .I promise if you follow jesus to the T you will be more Muslim then me:).

  11. Islamo nutcase, how exactly did ‘Jesus’ eat hala-kosher foods ? ‘He’ didn’t even exist ! and you cannot prove ‘he’ did. Prove ‘allah’ exists..I mean by using scientific cannot.

  12. Mohammed was a child molester.
    Women have no rights.
    Israel has no right to exist.
    The Qaran proclaims all non-Muslims as infidels and according to the Qaran, Muslims don’t have to speak the truth to any non-believer. Islam is love until they are the majority. They will eventually outnumber the local residents and seek political representation. Good luck with the problem then. Cut off the foot before it turns into a leg and more. Get a clue before they get you:)

    • Dear brother Matt (and other non-Muslim brothers & sisters),

      Those are just some misconceptions about Islam.
      Instead of relying on the media why not directly read The Qur’An?

      Try it here:

      And, have you ever pondered about why so many people are entering Islam now-a-days? It’s not happening by the Sword, rather only by the Word! In the last few decades, the West has also produced so many Muslim scholars (thru conversion) that you can’t even imagine!

      Just Google your questions. There is a lot to learn, but no end of learning. :-)


      • Here it is 2016 and Americans have been attacked over and over again mass shootings by Islamic killers across our country is increasing yearly over 100 attacks prevented by the FBI. Our freedoms and rights are slowly disappearing verses muslim protections increases by odama’s pen. Schools across our nation have lost our traditions replaced with muslim ways, freedom of speech is only a dim light now when we speak against criminal activities by islamics as in sexual assaults were are told we are the racist a hate crime but muslims call out for all non muslims to be beheaded. Ya it’s really bad here in America all USA enforcement has been infiltrated as well as our congress people are slowly waking up to this truth but I fear it is too late…Wild Bill you were wrong we should of said NO not welcomed.

      • They enter islam mostly because they are thugs looking for an excuse to be violent and to commit murder. If they didn’t join the satanic cult you could find them getting into brawls at the local pubs. islam gives them the excuse they need to be foul-mouthed, hate-filled and violent. It even gives them an excuse to rape children.

        • #kellann. I would hate to think what Alaska is like today–since this article was first posted in 2010, with 4000 muslims already in Anchorage then! I’d say you’re wise to look elsewhere to relocate! I truly believe that Pres-Elect Donald Trump will afford Americans a window of reprieve from the ultimate impending islamic holocaust which now threatens the whole world, which will probably cause WW3 and an all-out nuclear inferno! I have no idea where to suggest that you move to, but I think, if it were me, I’d stay clear of large population centers! Just sayin’…..

  13. I am an American citizen wanting to leave Germany (had decided to go to Alaska) because of the unwanted Islamic hordes invading Europe. Don’t let them infest Alaska! My God, they will never leave and they breed at our expense! They are parasites.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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