US Treasury removes all but one Hamas member from terror list (updated)

Updates below.

Remember in April 2009, Barack Obama requested a new law that would allow U.S. funds directly to a Hamas-Fatah “government.” The latest via US Terror Blacklist Whitewashes Hamas, Enables Funding (

The United States Treasury has taken all but one member of Hamas off the international list of terrorists, thus enabling funds from the European Union to enter Hamas-controlled Gaza.

It is an open secret that large sums of money from the EU flow into Gaza in the guise of humanitarian aid and salaries for officials, but are actually funneled into the coffers of Hamas, which controls Gaza with an iron grip. This method of transferring funds into terrorists’ hands could have been blocked by an international lawsuit, but according to journalist Avi Tarango, the United States Treasury has made this impossible by removing all but one Hamas man – Deputy Chairman of the Political Bureau, Musa Abu Marzouk – from the list of international terrorists.

The updated terrorist list, published last week, takes up 443 pages. However, according to Tarango, who went over the list, none of the tens of thousands of people who form Hamas is mentioned – other than Abu Marzuk, who resides in Damascus. The terrorist list is meant for distribution in the world banking system, where the transfer of funds to anyone on the list is prohibited.

“Musa Abu-Marzouk’s presence on the list means that whoever tries to transfer money to him personally will be rejected by the world banking system and be accused of funding terrorism, but the transfer of funds to any other Hamas man will not arouse suspicion,” he explained.

By not investigating groups like Viva Palestina and Al Maghrib who openly raise money for Hamas-controlled Gaza, the U.S. has left loopholes large enough to drive aid caravans through.

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The updated list can be found and reviewed at:

David Nordell reports that Marzouk is in fact the only Hamas member on the SDN list. Other Hamas members are on a different list:

Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) list – (This list is NOT part of the Specially Designated Nationals [SDN] List)

Section (b) of General License 4 issued pursuant to the Global Terrorism Sanctions Regulations (31 C.F.R. Part 594), the Terrorism Sanctions Regulations (31 C.F.R. Part 595), and the Foreign Terrorist Organizations Sanctions Regulations (31 C.F.R. Part 597) authorizes U.S. financial institutions to reject transactions with members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) who were elected to the PLC on the party slate of Hamas, or any other Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), Specially Designated Terrorist (SDT), or Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT), provided that any such individuals are not named on OFAC’s list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN List).

The individuals in the following list are PLC members who were elected on the party slate of an FTO, SDT, or SDGT. They do not, however, appear on the SDN List. As indicated above, transactions involving these individuals must be rejected.

In order to uniquely identify these names, OFAC has created the program code [NS-PLC]. The prefix “NS” stands for “non-SDN”.

What all this means, it seems, is that all the Hamas leaders named in the NS-PLC list are actually completely benevolent, or at least morally neutral, individuals who are only banned because of their association with Hamas, which actually is recognised as a terrorist group. This is clearly nonsense, since Ismail Haniya and his merry men continue to preach the violent destruction of Israel on every possible occasion, even if for tactical reasons they are currently keeping to a minimum the level of rocket fire against Israeli civilian targets.

No worries. The ACLU Has Already Found a Way to Avert these Lists and Can Now Accept Money From Terrorists Anyway.

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